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discussion 3 Tips for Designing the Best Brand Collaboration Emails [GFX]

Collaboration is a good thing. When two brands come together, they each benefit in plenty of ways. There’s the synergy of working together, the fun of creating something you couldn’t or wouldn’t have alone, and the added exposure of accessing each other’s audiences. Hopefully, a bump in sales is a benefit, too. Working together = good for everyone. So it’s no surprise we see tons of brand collaboration emails in our inbox. Today, we’ll look at some stellar examples and offer design tips for how to [...] [more]
beefree.io    Gallery

tactics Design an Excellent Onboarding Experience for Travel & Hospitality Customers [GFX]

Engage customers from the first day they subscribe. Campaign Monitor shows email marketing strategy through the onboarding process and customer life cycle. [...] [more]
campaignmonitor.com    Automation, Gallery

tactics 10 Examples of Teaser Email Campaigns [GFX]

Promo and announcement emails look similar and do not work, as customers get used to and bored with them. We are going to tell you how to become interesting to your customers. See how to enliven your promo campaigns by creating high-performing teaser emails. What makes them work? They intrigue and build anticipation for your … Continue reading "10 Examples of Teaser Email Campaigns" [...] [more]
stripo.email    Event, Gallery

discussion Banana Republic’s Purchase Email & Unboxing Experience [GFX]

Even though transactional emails see 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email — and can generate 6x more revenue — it’s shocking to see how many companies fall short. In our unboxing blog series we take a look at the transactional emails of the biggest and most popular retailers. Join us to see what’s working, what’s not, and apply these learnings to your own transactional emails. Thoughts on Banana Republic The Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company was a safari-themed [...] [more]
mailcharts.com    Gallery

tactics How to take advantage of transactional emails to increase sales [GFX]

They have a very high open and engagement rate. So why not optimize them to promote, upsell, and cross-sell? The following are 7 practical examples of transactional email marketing. [...] [more]
mailup.com    Automation, Gallery

discussion Erfolgreiches E-Mail-Marketing: Sechs ausgezeichnete Kampagnen [GFX]

Wissen Sie schon, wie Ihre nächste E-Mail-Kampagne aussehen wird? Sicherlich lassen Sie sich von anderen Kampagnen inspirieren. Sie suchen im Web nach erfolgreichen Kampagnen in Ihrer Branche und studieren zahlreiche Whitepaper und Praxistipps. Wir möchten Ihnen heute 6 Kampagnen vorstellen, die durch ihre herausragenden Ergebnisse beim E-Mail-Award 2018 von einer fachkundigen Jury ausgezeichnet wurden. [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Event, Gallery

discussion 5 GDPR Emails We Love [GFX]

We’ve all had standard issue GDPR compliance emails flooding our inboxes. You know the type: a few paragraphs copy and pasted directly from a legal department, without a trace of a brand voice or [...] [more]
movableink.com    Gallery, Law

tactics Transaktionale E-Mails als Marketing-Instrument [GFX]

Wird der Kanal E-Mail im Online Marketing betrachtet, beschränkt sich dies meist auf Newsletter und andere Marketing-E-Mails. Der große Bereich der transaktionalen E-Mails wird damit zu Unrecht vernachlässigt. Dabei bieten gerade diese E-Mails ein hohes Potenzial, denn sie können im Durchschnitt deutlich höhere Öffnungs- und Klickraten vorweisen. Grund genug, sie als wichtiges Instrument der Kundenbindung und Markenbildung zu verstehen und einzusetzen. [...] [more]
email-marketing-forum.de    Automation, Gallery

discussion GDPR Affects Open Rates [GFX]

To comply with GDPR, email senders across the globe sent out millions of privacy updates last week. See our favorites and learn how GDPR affects open rates. [...] [more]
sparkpost.com    Gallery, Law

discussion Inspiring Activation Email Template Examples Worth Experimenting [GFX]

Signing up for services isn’t what it used to be. The internet economy has resulted in more and more new online services popping up daily. Users are constantly signing up for new tools, services, newsletters, content and other services online. What this means for you as a business owner is, even if the user has signed up for what you offer, it isn’t necessary that they’ll start using it now (or ever). This is where activation funnels and activation emails come in. [...] [more]
chamaileon.io    Gallery

discussion WTF Just Happened To Your Inbox? (Looking at you, GDPR) [GFX]

Mine looked the same, and I bet yours did too. Yesterday (May 24th) at Mailjet, we processed and sent over 100 million emails in one day for our clients. That’s the most emails we have EVER sent in [...] [more]
medium.com    Gallery, Law

discussion Email Marketing Design Trends For 2018 [GFX]

Email marketing is changing, and with support for interactive elements, the new email looks much more appealing. According to Litmus’s research, 85% of all email respondents have not experimented with interactive email yet. Here are some trending elements of interactive emails: [...] [more]
juvlon.com    Gallery, Design

law 10 Good GDPR Repermissioning Emails [GFX]

As the 25th May GDPR compliance deadline gets closer, we look at some of the best emails send out to contacts and customers to repermission people and notify them about changes to their privacy policies. [...] [more]
enchantagency.com    Gallery, Listhygiene, Law

discussion 15 Sites Full of Email Design Inspiration [GFX]

What I have also found with other Email Design Galleries is not just new techniques and features within Email Marketing but also many fantastic email newsletters to subscribe to and interesting new projects that I have found interest in. So below I have listed and linked to 14 Email Design Inspiration websites for you to check out, if I have missed any out that should be on the list, please comment below to share with other readers. [...] [more]
emaildesigninspiration.com    Gallery

strategy Profiling: steps for sending relevant, one-to-one emails [GFX]

A complete guide to developing an organic profiling cycle: from the collection of different data clusters (personal data relating to interests and behaviors) to segmentation, up to personalization and automation. In today’s world, simply reaching a recipient’s inbox is not enough. Relevance has become the main factor of a campaign’s success. In email marketing, relevance means delivering messages that meet the interests, habits, needs, and characteristics of the individual user. [...] [more]
mailup.com    Gallery, Customization, Intelligence
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