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 discussion The Year in Email 2018

The Black Friday emails are deleted, marketers’ email lists are checked twice, we pretty much know which senders have been naughty or nice. Another year in email is coming to a close, and boy, what a ride. While most thought leaders are busy making predictions about 2019, we like to learn from the past to [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Marketing automation has swooned the world of digital marketing. But even though it might feel alluring to dive in head first to conquer the advanced flows; it’ll be your detriment. Because in all honesty: We need to get off the hype train. Even though the possibilities of marketing automation are endless, you need to learn how to walk before you leap. In reality, this means that you need to get back the basics and nail your welcome flows. That way, you’ll ensure that you get off to the right start [...] [more]
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discussion We curated 1000 emails [GFX]

Well, that took longer than we thought! However, we’re proud to announce that we finally hit and surpassed 1000 handpicked emails that we think rock in terms of email design and/or content. As you can imagine, handpicking the best email designs is a time-consuming process. We look for designs that are eye-catching, have a clear call to action, a good mixture of HTML text/images, look great across all devices and have relevant content or interesting content. Many of the emails we receive are just [...] [more]
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discussion Twilio Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire SendGrid

Bringing SendGrid and Twilio together can empower all of our customers to better reach and engage more of their customers in-context, driving engagement and business growth. Together, we power more than 600 billion annual interactions every year for more than 100,000 customers. [...] [more]
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discussion But what ARE the new Gmail features?

Surprise! We split this Gmail redesign launch into two parts, for easy digestion (yum). Here we’ll look at the actual changes from a features perspective. If you want commentary on its potential impact, head over here for my thoughts. Now, on to the good stuff… Offline mode: Replaces the Gmail Offline Chrome app. Users will be able to search, compose, reply, delete, and archive up to 90 days worth of messages offline. It’s supported by the Chrome browser only. Simply type in “mail.google.com” in [...] [more]
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discussion Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Rebel

We are excited to join Salesforce and accelerate our mission of reimagining the inbox by enabling marketers and developers to create beautiful, seamless, interactive email experiences. With Rebel’s Mail and API solutions, brands, including Dollar Shave Club, L'Oreal and HelloFresh, turn emails into an extension of their website or app - collecting data, removing friction from the conversion process, and enhancing the customer experience. Rebel will enhance the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and [...] [more]
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discussion Adobe & Marketo: 1+1 = 0.5 (sometimes)

Congratulations to Adobe for its ~$4.8bn purchase of Marketo - big news in the marketing automation space. Marketo was trading for about $1.8bn when Vista Private equity took it private, only to flip it for >2.5x that value just a few years later. Adobe has impressively continued to build out quality assets in its portfolio – Omniture, Day Software (now Adobe AEM), Neolane (now Adobe Campaign), TubeMogul and most recently Magento. All of these acquisitions frame Adobe as the clear leader in the [...] [more]
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stats Umsatz, Konversionen & Kundenbindung: Wichtige Kennzahlen erfolgreicher Marken

Das Geschäftsziel mit der höchsten Priorität ist – wenig überraschend – die Umsatzsteigerung. Wenn Sie nicht wachsen, ist Ihr Unternehmen nicht gesund. Investoren, Vorstandsmitglieder und Führungskräfte sowie Marketing-, E-Commerce-, Betriebsablauf- und Technik-Teams sind sich über die Bedeutung dieser Schlüssel-Metrik einig: der Umsatz. Wie entwickeln sich die Geschäfte im Jahresverlauf und was ist eine „gute“ Umsatzsteigerungsrate? [...] [more]
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stats 2018 Deliverability Benchmark [PDF]

Email marketers have had a busy time the last 12 months. With GDPR coming into effect and mailbox providers like Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo making changes to their platforms and infrastructure, there has been no shortage of challenges. Despite this, overall deliverability is improving. Globally inbox placement has risen five percentages points compared to the previous 12 month period to a new average of 85 percent. [...] [more] 
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discussion 8 Jahre nach Gmail: GMX & Web.de stellen sortierten Posteingang vor

Acht Jahre nachdem Gmail die “Priority Inbox” eingeführt hat, ziehen nun GMX und Web.de nach: Bei den hiesigen Webmail-Anbietern lassen sich künftig E-Mails wie bei Gmail automatisch in bestimmte Kategorien, wie beispielsweise “Termine” oder “Verträge”, einsortieren. Auch E-Mails von Online-Snops sollen automatisch erkannt und Sendungsverläufe künftig in Echtzeit angezeigt werden: Das Testprogramm mit zunächst einer [...] [more]
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stats Dialogmarketing-Monitor 2018, Studie 30 [PDF]

Deutscher Werbemarkt wächst um 2 % auf 41,6 Mrd. €. Dialogmarketing ist Wachstumsmotor mit 4 % Zuwachs, Klassikmedien wachsen nur moderat Budgetstärkste Medien sind Onlinemarketing, Anzeigen, Werbesendungen und TV Lediglich Anzeigenwerbung erleidet Verluste. Alle anderen Medien verzeichnen Zuwächse: am deutlichsten Onlinemarketing und Werbesendungen Beliebtestes Medium sind weiterhin Anzeigen Werbeaktivitäten sind branchenabhängig; Top Medien sind: Handel: volladressierte Werbesendungen, [...] [more] 
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discussion 3 Ways To Use Interactive Email In E-Commerce [GFX]

Email doesn’t have to be static. Bringing interactivity to your emails can spice up your program and provide the lift of engagement you’ve been looking for. Last summer, I was caught in a sudden thunderstorm while walking to the train[...] [more]
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stats Studie: Berufstätige erhalten durchschnittlich 21 E-Mails pro Tag - Email Marketing Blog

Social Media und Chat-Tools wie Slack zum Trotz: E-Mails sind für viele Berufstätige die wichtigste Form der Kommunikation. 21 Mails gehen durchschnittlich pro Tag im beruflichen Posteingang ein – drei mehr als noch vor vier Jahren. Das geht aus einer repräsentative Befragung im Auftrag des Digitalverbands Bitkom hervor. Laut der Umfrage erhalten drei von zehn Berufstätigen, die dienstlich E-Mails nutzen (30 Prozent), mehr als 30 E-Mails pro Tag. Bei 8 Prozent sind es sogar 50 und mehr. [...] [more]
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stats Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey 2018 [PDF]

Today’s marketers think and behave differently from marketers from only a few years ago. They have a different perspective and are deploying different tools and skill sets to achieve results. There is a major shift underway driven by technology, highly competitive markets, and more empowered and connected customers. As the survey data show, today’s marketers are focused on capturing and analyzing more data and effectively using new tools, technology and methods to integrate cross channels and measure [...] [more]
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stats Email Client Market Share Trends for the First Half of 2018

Email analytics insights don’t just help you track email performance, they also are a powerful tool to help you improve your email campaigns. It’s simple: If you know what clients and devices your audience uses to read your email, you can focus your design and optimization efforts on exactly these environments. That means a better experience for your subscribers—and a more efficient process for your team. Over the course of 2017, we analyzed 15 billion email opens to see where subscribers read emails [...] [more]
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