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tactics Emojis in Email Subject Lines: Advantage or Impediment?

Our research shows that emojis in subject lines increase negative sentiment toward an email and do not increase the likelihood of an email being opened. Emojis are small visual representations of an object or a concept. They first started popping up in text messages, but it wasn’t long until they evolved into a set of mainstream and highly recognizable pictographs used across almost every digital channel, including email. [...] [more]
nngroup.com    Subjectline, Study

stats Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020

In our 23-criterion evaluation of email marketing service providers, we identified the 13 most significant ones — Acoustic, Adobe, Bluecore, Braze, Cheetah Digital, Cordial, dotdigital, Epsilon, Exponea, Iterable, Oracle, Salesforce, and Zeta Global — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2C marketers select the right one for their needs. [...] [more]
forrester.com    ESP, Study

stats Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, 12 May 2020

Digital marketing leaders use multichannel marketing hubs to orchestrate contextually relevant experiences across complex journeys. Vendors emphasize unified customer profiles supported by predictive insights to drive personalized interactions. Use this research to evaluate suitable MMH solutions. [...] [more]
gartner.com    Study

stats The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report 2020

Get conversion intelligence insights for 16 major industries based on a machine learning analysis of millions of visits, conversions, and landing pages [...] [more]
unbounce.com    Conversionrate, Study

stats Brutto-Werbemarkt im April eingebrochen

Am stärksten betroffen von der Corona-Krise ist die Mediengruppe Kino – bedingt durch die Schließung aller Kinosäle – mit einem Rückgang von 99,8 Prozent im April, gefolgt von Radio mit einem Minus von 42,1 Prozent (Privat Radio -40,4 Prozent, öffentl.-rechtl. Radio -47,4 Prozent). Mit -29,6 Prozent verzeichnet die Mediengruppe Direct Mail die dritthöchsten Rückgänge. [...] [more]
marketing-boerse.de    Study

stats Cheetah: 2020 global consumer report [PDF]

French consumers rank email as the #1 channel for receiving offers, incentives, and rewards from brands and retailers. Email is still a key driver for consumer action including sales. Adding personalization ensures your messages resonate when sent. [...] [more] 
cheetahdigital.com    Study

stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 [PDF]

Die Reports desInxmail E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 geben Aufschluss über den Mailingversand, Öffnungs-und Klickraten sowie die effektive Klickrate. Zudem untersucht die Studie Merkmale zur Listenhygiene anhand der Bouncerateund vergleicht die Lesegewohnheiten auf Basis der verwendeten E-Mail-Clients. Der Benchmark geht dabei auf Unterschiede der Zielgruppen B2B sowie B2C ein und liefert einen umfassenden Branchenvergleich. Zudem enthält die Studie zahlreiche Tipps für Marketer, um ihre Kampagnen [...] [more] 
inxmail.de    Study

stats mail & Mobile Benchmark Report Q1 2020

Email volume usually slumps in February, only to bounce back in March. But this year, it rose more slowly than it did in the same period in 2019, reflecting the impact of COVID-19, according to Email & Mobile Benchmark Report Q1, a study by Cheetah Digital. Based on an index value of 100, February volume dropped by 5.5% from January in each year, then rose by a lesser degree than the 7% reported in 2019, reflecting metrics The overall click-to-open rate fell to 11.1%, a 5.7% decline from the same [...] [more]
mediapost.com    Study, Trend

stats eco: Digital Marketing Trends 2020 [PDF]

E-Mail-Marketing ist auch in diesem Jahr der Kanal, welcher am Wenigsten von Budgetkürzungen betroffen ist. Nur drei Prozent der Befragten geben an, dieses Jahr weniger in ihre E-Mail-Kommunika-tion investieren zu wollen [...] [more] 
eco.de    Study, Trend

discussion Ever wonder why Gmail doesn’t put your newsletter in subscribers’ primary inbox?

Google’s black box algorithm controls which political emails land in your main inbox. For 2020 presidential candidates, the differences are stark. Pete Buttigieg is leading at 63 percent. Andrew Yang came in second at 46 percent. And Elizabeth Warren looks like she’s in trouble with 0 percent. These aren’t poll numbers for the U.S. 2020 Democratic presidential contest. Instead, they reflect which candidates were able to consistently land in Gmail’s primary inbox in a simple test. [...] [more]
themarkup.org    Study, Deliverability

stats BIMI Up, Scotty! A look at Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) Adoption with R and the Alexa Top 1m

Amazon had stopped updating the Alexa Top 1m sites for a while but it’s been back for quite some time so we can use it to see how many sites in the top 1m have BIMI records. We’ll use the {zdnsr} package (also on GitLab, SourceHut, BitBucket, and GitUgh) to perform a million default._bimi prefix queries and see how many valid BIMI TXT record responses we get. [...] [more]
rud.is    Study

stats E-Mail Studie: Kennzahlen & Clients nach Branchen 2019 [PDF]

Wir liefern Ihnen die aktuelle mailworx Studie zum Jahr 2019 kostenlos direkt in Ihr E-Mail Postfach und somit auch die ideale Grundlage sowie perfekten Vergleichswert für alle, die professionelles Newsletter Marketing betreiben wollen. Neben den klassischen KPIs, wie zum Beispiel die Öffnungs-, Lese- sowie Klickrate, wirft man einen detaillierten Blick auf die Ergebnisse der unterschiedlichen Branchen - getrennt nach B2B und B2C-Sektor. [...] [more] 
mlwrx.com    Study

stats Email Geeks Salary Survey & Open Data

How does your pay stack up? We at the Email Geeks Slack community want you to know if you're being paid fairly and give you the knowledge you need to do something about it if you're not. Fill out the form then find similar responses in the spreadsheet to see how you compare. If you're comfortable, please share the following link with colleagues, friends, and social media to help us increase submissions to improve the data. [...] [more]
airtable.com    Study

discussion Email open rates are actually up to three times lower than reported.

Verizon Media found in their research mail clients using IMAP to fetch emails that are plugged into a charger and connected to Wi-Fi aggressively prefetch all content in an email, prompting nearly all open pixels to report as “opened.” Those emails could truly be deleted by the user without being opened, but since the pixel was prefetched (not even rendered, yet still considered “open”), your data tells you otherwise. [...] [more]
250ok.com    Openingrate, Study

stats Research: Do Bounces Reengage over Time? It depends.

Given all of the interest in how senders should react to bounces, two of our data-minded experts set out to find the answers. Covering a data set of nearly 20 billion attempted deliveries, we analyzed the likelihood that a recipient would re-engage with a marketing brand after a bounce was registered to that address. For this analysis, we disregarded transactional messages since those may not have been in the same vein of communication (e.g. password resets versus marketing messages). [...] [more]
messagegears.com    Listhygiene, Study, Deliverability
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