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discussion Why It’s Time To Say Goodbye To “The Fold” In Email Marketing

Before the rise of the Internet and everything mobile (now up to 56% of opens in September), the news used to take time. We’d have our coffee and read the paper page by page. And we knew exactly what to focus on: what was above the fold. That’s where the biggest stories broke each day. If you weren’t sure you wanted to buy the paper, what was above the fold would also serve to entice you to buy, since most newsstands displayed them like so: [...] [more]
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tactics Above the Digital Fold

Fast paced lives, filled with impatience, little time and shorter attention spans have changed marketing techniques to accommodate one technique known as Above the Fold. 4 seconds is generally the time you have to grab the viewers’ attention to your advertisement. One successful technique in the digital and print world has been to show [...] [more]
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 strategy Joining the Digital Dots (IAB UK & Return Path) [PDF]

The quest for subscriber engagement is a multi-faceted one that draws on a wide range of disciplines. This new guide from the IAB UK is an invaluable resource for email marketers, providing practical advice on all aspects of how to manage a successful email program - from strategy and planning, to design and execution, and through to the measurement and reporting, that ultimately creates a virtuous cycle of ongoing improvement. [...] [more] 
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tactics Pizza Express get creative with images off [GFX]

The team over at Pizza Express have been having a bit of fun with their emails making them more interesting with images turned off. Of course it’s not technically that difficult to achieve this kind of effect but sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. I’d love to know what uplift it gave on subscribers downloading images and clickthroughs. [more]
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tactics 381789 "likes" can't help this email [GFX]

No design for imageblocking, missing a clear and prominent call-to-action, a noreply@-fromline, an impossible registration-form, ... This Dove-email-campaign would have had more potential with some fixes. [more]
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