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discussion How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago

If you wanted to pick a single date to mark the beginning of the modern era of the web, you could do a lot worse than choosing Thursday, April 1, 2004, the day Gmail launched. Scuttlebutt that Google was about to offer a free email service had leaked out the day before: Here’s John Markoff of the New York Times reporting on it at the time. But the idea of the search kingpin doing email was still startling, and the alleged storage capacity of 1GB—500 times what Microsoft’s Hotmail offered—seemed [...] [more]
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discussion How to Program Your Job

In 2016, an anonymous confession appeared on Reddit: “From around six years ago up until now, I have done nothing at work.” As far as office confessions go, that might seem pretty tepid. But this coder, posting as FiletOFish1066, said he worked for a well-known tech company, and he really meant nothing. He wrote that within eight months of arriving on the quality-assurance job, he had fully automated his entire workload. “I am not joking. For 40 hours each week, I go to work, play League of Legends [...] [more]
theatlantic.com    Automation, Marketing

discussion Marketoonist: Marketing Automation

Brands are increasingly adopting marketing automation, with email marketing as the most common application. Marketing automation has great potential to help deliver personalized useful messages to an audience that wants them. Yet a recent Econsultancy study found that 37% of brands say their marketing automation efforts are not successful. I wonder how much of the failure rate relates to how the tool is frequently used. [...] [more]
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discussion How Trello’s One-Man Email Team Manages to Make Email Magic

What did you learn from running tests? One of the older newsletters had this huge graphic on the top. And it was this thing where one of our marketing team members would spend like an hour just making this graphic every week. We ran a test, and in a version we sent that didn’t include it, the conversion rate was close to 5% higher. So, it saves her a couple hours a week and helped us focus on the content side. We do a lot of things like that?—?CTA testing, etc. [...] [more]
reallygoodemails.com    Marketing

discussion The 10 different hats email marketers wear

Getting into email marketing occurs almost by accident. There aren’t any organized degree programs that teach you all that you need to know about email marketing. Most practitioners I know, including [...] [more]
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discussion Dmexco: 15 Experten verbessern die Customer Experience

Auf der Dmexco trifft sich einmal im Jahr alles, was im digitalen Marketing Rang und Namen hat. Wir haben die Chance genutzt und ausgewählten Experten fünf Fragen gestellt. Die Namenskürzel lassen Sie erkennen, wer die jeweilige Antwort gegeben hat. Am Ende des Artikels befindet sich eine namentliche Zuordnung der Kürzel. [...] [more]
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tactics Email at Stack Overflow

The UI pattern library for the Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow Careers, and the Stack Exchange Network. How to create consistently-designed, properly-rendered email. Templates Starting points for creating new emails. Short Transactional: Great for emails with a single message like “Forgot password”, “You’ve been removed from a Team”, or “Cart abandonment”. [...] [more]
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discussion BIMI discussion in email marketing [VID]

Florian and I are joined with Sven Krohlas, having written an article about BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) in the latest iX Magazine, about the status and opportunities of this new technology. What should we know about it? What’s next and how does this apply for Senders. [...] [more]
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discussion “Newsletter mit Opening-Rate von 50% - wie geht das?” [MP3]

Der “Tagesspiegel Checkpoint” gehört zu Berlin wie der Fernsehturm und die Currywurst. Zu verdanken ist das keinem Geringeren als dem Tagesspiegel-Chef, dem Newsletter-Papst Lorenz Maroldt. Hinter der einmaligen Erfolgsgeschichte steckt die Bereitschaft und Leidenschaft, Neues auszuprobieren – und das gelegentliche, nächtliche Entgleiten bei Wein oder Bier auf der Dachterrasse, abgerundet mit einer feinen Prise Berliner Schnauze. Von diesem Erfolgsrezept, dem politischen Einfluss, davon, wo die [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo's Interested In You: Email Scanning Draws New Fire

Oath’s practice of scanning emails to feed advertising received new attention on Tuesday with the publication of a story in The Wall Street Journal. The Journal reports that Yahoo is now “actively pitching advertisers on its ability to plumb Yahoo Mail inboxes for valuable information,” despite the fact that Silicon Valley largely frowns on this activity. [...] [more]
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discussion What Dangers Are Lurking in Your Tech Stack? [PDF]

Some marketers wear a complex, towering tech stack as a badge of honor. A giant stack is nothing to be proud of, though. In fact, it’s inefficient, expensive, and introduces immense organizational risk. In this whitepaper, we’ll get into why you should use caution when constructing your tech stack. We’ll also propose some ways to avoid the common mistakes today’s marketing leaders make when it comes to technology. [...] [more] 
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tactics 25 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (From Real Brands) [GFX]

Get inspired for your product launch email campaign by these 25 email design examples. This post will help you to come up with the product launch or new features announcement email design following the latest best practices. [...] [more]
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tactics Optimising your email marketing - moving past A/B testing

To truly improve on your results and drive engagement you need to look even further than those two classic KPI’s. Quantitative data only goes so far! Any product manager/owner will tell you that you not only need to look into the data but also ask your users for feedback constantly! Net Promotor Scores and tools like Hotjar, Intercom, Usabilla or a good old fashioned interview give product owners the qualitative feedback they need. These product owner practices are practices us marketers can also [...] [more]
medium.com    Design, Marketing

discussion The ROI for Email Marketing: The Good News and the Bad News

Marketers who described their email marketing programs as unsophisticated reported an email marketing ROI of 44:1 on average. Programs of average sophistication reported an ROI of 40:1. And sophisticated email marketing programs reported an ROI of 38:1. The more sophisticated programs show a clear shift in focus from maximizing return rates to maximizing overall returns, which is what you want from a business standpoint. Who cares if the next $500,000 investment you make in your email program [...] [more]
litmus.com    Marketing, Study

discussion 8 Jahre nach Gmail: GMX & Web.de stellen sortierten Posteingang vor

Acht Jahre nachdem Gmail die “Priority Inbox” eingeführt hat, ziehen nun GMX und Web.de nach: Bei den hiesigen Webmail-Anbietern lassen sich künftig E-Mails wie bei Gmail automatisch in bestimmte Kategorien, wie beispielsweise “Termine” oder “Verträge”, einsortieren. Auch E-Mails von Online-Snops sollen automatisch erkannt und Sendungsverläufe künftig in Echtzeit angezeigt werden: Das Testprogramm mit zunächst einer [...] [more]
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