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stats Research: Do Bounces Reengage over Time? It depends.

Given all of the interest in how senders should react to bounces, two of our data-minded experts set out to find the answers. Covering a data set of nearly 20 billion attempted deliveries, we analyzed the likelihood that a recipient would re-engage with a marketing brand after a bounce was registered to that address. For this analysis, we disregarded transactional messages since those may not have been in the same vein of communication (e.g. password resets versus marketing messages). [...] [more]
messagegears.com    Listhygiene, Study, Deliverability

law 10 Good GDPR Repermissioning Emails [GFX]

As the 25th May GDPR compliance deadline gets closer, we look at some of the best emails send out to contacts and customers to repermission people and notify them about changes to their privacy policies. [...] [more]
enchantagency.com    Gallery, Listhygiene, Law

tactics GDPR: The Upside

There has been a great deal of focus on the challenges for data owners in general,—and marketers in particular—that Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will pose. However, there has been less focus on the potential upside that better data quality, more robust consent, and greater transparency will deliver improved program performance. Consumers will [...] [more]
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strategy In With the Old for a Happy New Year

With the increasing focus on engagement, it's time to dust off a few tried and true email marketing strategies to help you and your subscribers have a happy 2018. [...] [more]
bronto.com    Customization, Listhygiene

tactics Kickbox's Open API: Detecting Disposable Email Addresses

One of the services we offer is a free API endpoint for checking if an email address or domain belongs to a disposable email provider. Using this endpoint does not require authentication. We've recently made a couple tweaks to our open API to make it a bit more useful. We've added a landing page at open.kickbox.io to better describe the open API and make it more visible and accessible. [...] [more]
kickbox.io    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Tool

discussion Email Marketing Append: A Primer

20% is a good benchmark for response to a permission request. You usually have 20% or fewer people opt-out of receiving email. But with an opt-in, you typically have 20% or fewer people that opt-in. So from a list of 15,000 names a negative option opt-out will leave you with 12,000 or more email addresses to add to your database. An opt-in on a list of 15,000 will typically leave you with 3,000 or fewer net new email addresses on your file. [...] [more]
jeannejennings.com    Listbuilding, Listhygiene

discussion Verizon, Wanadoo etc. - Damage limitation over the death of ISPs

There’s a change afoot in the email provision sphere as the announcement that four free email domain services are shutting shop; Verizon, and the EE owned Orange, Wanadoo and Freeserve, are bidding farewell to their customers and (hopefully) advising them on their next move. We want to make sure our readers have the insight and the practical tools they need to thrive during this period of shift. [...] [more]
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discussion [Podcast #52] Interview with Amanda Litman [MP3]

(31:09) What steps did you take to keep your lists clean? The campaign had great reporting on list health and used Return Path. They created segmentation by engagement with yellow (hadn’t opened in 60 days), red (hadn’t opened in 120 days), and green. They also set up automatically triggered campaigns for re-engagement. (32:57) What other types of segmentation and personalization did you use? The number one way the campaign knew if you were going to donate today was if you donated yesterday. They [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Listhygiene, Marketing

discussion When should you use confirmed opt-in?

As an email marketer, I would rather have 100 customers who open and engage with my messages than 10,000 who don’t. (I’ll pause a moment here while you imagine your CMO’s head exploding if you ever said that in a team meeting.) Kidding aside, we marketers have always focused our acquisition efforts on adding massive quantities of email addresses to our databases. Today, we’re finally beginning to understand that the focus must shift to quality as well. A strong database isn’t just numbers but what [...] [more]
clickz.com    Listbuilding, Listhygiene

mobile iOS 10 Update: Puts ‘Unsubscribe’ on Top in email

In this fast-paced world, everyone is always on the move. Most emails are read on mobile devices; most emails are opened during the 8:00pm – 12:00am timeframe and most importantly an average person spends 15-20 seconds reading an email. If an email marketer doesn’t have enough hoops to jump through, Apple’s new iOS 10 update has been making waves in the email marketing world. [...] [more]
emailmonks.com    Unsubscribe, Listhygiene, Mobile

mobile iOS 10: What it means for email marketing

With the recent release of iOS 10 comes a new “feature” to the native mail app – a grey bar at the top of every email that tells consumers if an email message is from a mailing list, with a link to easily unsubscribe. This isn’t the firsappe1t time Apple has made moves to limit the amount of marketing messages iPhone users see. In 2015 with the introduction of iOS9, Apple sparked controversy over allowing users to download ad blockers for Safari. Apple also introduced a “Limit Ad Tracking” feature [...] [more]
emailexperience.org    Unsubscribe, Listhygiene

antispam Spamhaus and subscription bombing

September 16, 2016 by laura in Industry Spamhaus released a blog post today discussing the recent subscription bombing: Subscription bombing COI captcha and the next generation of mail bombs. As I mentioned in my initial posts, this abusive behavior goes beyond spamming. This is using email to harass individuals. Spamhaus even mentions a potential service that can be used to do these kinds of mailbombing. Things folks need to know is that this is not just about ESPs and commercial mail. One of the [...] [more]
wordtothewise.com    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Spam

 antispam Subscription Bombing: COI, CAPTCHA, and the Next Generation of Mail Bombs

Internet harassment is becoming an increasingly ugly and widespread issue, and over the weekend of August 13-14 it spilled into territory we could do something about. After a few weeks of low level activity, over that weekend some unknown cyber criminals launched a targeted attack on over 100 government email addresses, using bots to create mailing list subscription requests at the rate of over 1000 per minute. Effectively, this was a denial of service attack, rendering the government mailboxes [...] [more]
spamhaus.org    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Spam

law The perfect Double-Opt-In (DOI) email [PDF]

It’s often recommended, but how does an double-opt-in email actually work in practice? And why is it recommended in the first place? Senders of commercial emails must be able to show (and prove) that they have consent to use an email address and that the consent was given by the actual owner of said address. Numerous legal decisions have shown the following: [...] [more] 
certified-senders.eu    Listbuilding, Listhygiene, Law

discussion Dead email domain: facebook.com

A representative of Facebook confirmed for me that the email service handling mail for facebook.com email addresses is no more. PC Mag had previously shared that FB was warning users back in April that this was coming. Thus, it is now safe to block, reject, unsubscribe or otherwise filter out all mail to the facebook.com domain. I have no clue what they'll do with it in the future, but if it was me, I'd let it bounce for a while, then turn it into a spam trap domain, feeding spam filters or blacklist [...] [more]
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