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law Post GDPR Dark Patterns - A Study of Cookie Consent Notices

We found that dark patterns and implied consent are ubiquitous; only 11.8% meet the minimal requirements that we set based on European law. Second, we conducted a field experiment with 40 participants to investigate how the eight most common designs affect consent choices. We found that notification style (banner or barrier) has no effect; removing the opt-out button from the first page increases consent by 22–23 percentage points; and providing more granular controls on the first page decreases [...] [more]
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law Effective Consent for Sponsoring Taking Recent German Case Law into Account [PDF]

On the topic of naming sponsors, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt explicitlyelaborated on the necessity of informing the user clearly and precisely about whichsponsors will later send the recipient advertising / information about what kind ofproduct or service. Industry designations which require interpretation would beclassified as insufficient. The Federal Court of Germany also confirmed in 2017 that theproducts and services which are to be [...] [more] 
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tactics Verteilerwachstum: Mit einem Empfehlungsprogramm in 18 Monaten von 100.000 auf 1,5 Millionen E-Mail-Abos

In einer aktuellen Story auf OMR.com gibt es spannende Einblicke in die Wachstumsstrategie des jungen Medienunternehmens „Morning Brew“, das einen gleichnamigen Newsletter mit aggregierten und kommentierten Wirtschaftsnachrichten veröffentlicht: Dank eines Weiterempfehlungsprogramms ist der Verteiler von 100.000 im Jahr 2017 auf aktuell über 1,5 Millionen E-Mail-Abonnenten angewachsen. LeserInnen, die den Newsletter empfehlen, erhalten je nach Anzahl [...] [more]
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tactics 9 Awe-Inspiring Email Popup Examples [GFX]

Having a relevant email list packed with potential buyers and returning customers is crucial if you want to ensure continuous growth for your online store. But what makes a good email popup? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ll show you 9 email popup examples from top brands and share why they work. Let’s get started. [...] [more]
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antispam M3AAWG Position on Selling Email Address Lists [PDF]

The practice of selling, buying or sending to lists of purchased email addresses – whether business to business (B2B), business to consumers (B2C) or other categories, is in direct violation of M3AAWG core values. There are many reasons why buying and selling of email address lists is an abusive practice. It leads to a high volume of non-permission based email and creates a drain on corporate resources. [...] [more] 
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social How to add a newsletter sign-up to your Facebook page

When it comes to email marketing and social media, these two mediums work better when you bring them together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. When they’re alone, they’re nice to have. But when you bring them together, they create a classic sandwich that everyone enjoys. Well, in this case, an unstoppable marketing strategy. There are many ways to integrate email marketing and social media to increase your reach and customer engagement. Adding a newsletters sign-up form to your Facebook page is a [...] [more]
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tactics How to Use Gmail Actions in Your Email Program

What are Gmail actions? We’ve all seen them in our inboxes–those little grey buttons on the right side of email subject lines that provide a direct route to that email’s call to action without having to open the actual email. We see call outs like, “View order” or “Track package.” Gmail actions enable recipients to interact with your product or service from right within the inbox and without opening the email if they don’t need to (fewer steps means less friction). Gmail actions are a small advanceme [...] [more]
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stats Mehr Einwilligungen gewinnen

Die meisten Kontakte mit potenziellen Interessenten hat ein Unternehmen auf der Unternehmens-Website. Daher ist das auch der effektivste Weg, neue Einwilligungen zu gewinnen. Dazu bieten sich zwei Wege an: Ein öffentlicher Newsletter für alle Interessenten oder einen geschlossenen Mitgliederbereich mit Online-Registrierung. Wie viele Einwilligungen gewonnen werden, hängt nicht zuletzt davon ab, wie deutlich auf das entsprechende Formular hingewiesen wird. Online-Händler überzeugen bis zu fünf Prozent [...] [more]
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tactics Double-Opt-in-Verfahren optimieren: So erhöhen Sie die Conversion-Rate bei DOI-Mails

Viele Unternehmen verschenken Potenzial im E-Mail-Marketing – weil sie schon mit der DOI-Mail unnötig viele Interessenten verlieren. So lässt sich das DOI-Verfahren optimieren. [...] [more]
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stats What We Learned Analyzing The Website Email Acquisition Strategies Of Total Retail's Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers

Total Retail released the second annual ranking of 100 publicly traded retailers based on their omnichannel capabilities and programs offered, as well as the execution of said programs. The report scores 100 retailers on their ability to sell online, pick up in store, search for in-store products, and many more criteria. What they didn’t analyze, however, is the website acquisition strategies of these retailers. So we took it upon ourselves to do some analysis of our own, and share our thoughts about [...] [more]
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tactics 4 Successful Email Opt-In Strategies (And Examples)

Getting someone to opt-in for your email list is tough. On average, a person gets 121 emails every day. People are swamped with offers, coupons, and promotions. It’s becoming harder to convince people to give you their email address when they’re receiving messages from so many sources. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are four proven ways to increase your email opt-in rate and grow your list. [...] [more]
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tactics GDPR Re-permission Campaigns: 6 Tips for Making Them a Success

GDPR, the European Union’s new privacy law that goes into effect on May 25th, 2018, has been keeping email marketers on their toes. One of the biggest areas of change—and the one that’s been causing email marketers the biggest headaches—is the question of how to collect and store consent. We’ve written in detail about how GDPR raises the bar to a higher standard of consent, and how you can ensure your email consents meet the new requirements going forward. But GDPR not only applies to new consents [...] [more]
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law 6 neue Regeln zur DSGVO-konformen Newsletter-Anmeldung

Integrieren Sie in Ihre Anmeldeseite eine Pflicht-Checkbox, die auf Ihre Datenschutzerklärung verlinkt. Diese Checkbox darf in der Voreinstellung nicht aktiviert sein. Nur wenn der Interessent sie aktiviert, sollte die Newsletter-Anmeldung erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden können. Begründung: Artikel 13 der EU-DSGVO fordert, dass betroffene Personen schon bei der Erhebung von personenbezogenen Daten (also z.B. die Daten im Newsletter-Anmeldeformular) umfassend informiert werden müssen. Zu den [...] [more]
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tactics Double-Opt-in Reminder versenden? [VID]

Die Hälfte oder mindestens ein Drittel bestätigt die Newsletter-Anmeldung nicht. Das kann vielen Gründe haben: Die Checkmail wurde nicht gefunden, der Prozess nicht verstanden etc. Sollte man nun Double-Opt-in-Reminder verschicken, um die Ausschöpfung zu steigern? [more]
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stats Email marketing report: Email volume was up 18% in 2017

Among the many findings, brands are sending more and more emails, but new subscribers’ share of their lists continued to shrink last year. “Throughout 2017, the share of new subscribers in marketers’ databases consistently declined, falling to its lowest point in Q4 when new subscribers accounted for just 3.5 percent of marketers’ mailable audience,” reports Yes Lifecycle Marketing. [...] [more]
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