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tactics Unopened emails are undervalued

The third option is what people do rather than what’s measured. People make a review of the email. That review may lead to a technical measurable read and/or an open. Real people review the from name and subject line and decide if this is something they want at the moment. They saw the email, they considered their interest this time and in the majority of cases decided to pass over further action. Its wrong to think an email has no value unless opened. [...] [more]
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mobile Infografik: Darstellung von Betreffzeilen und Absendern auf Smartphones und Tablets [GFX]

Mass Transmit hat in einer Infografik zusammengestellt, wie viele Zeichen auf den wichtigsten Smartphones und Tablets dargestellt werden. A/B Tests zeigen allerdings regelmäßig, dass auch überdurchschnittlich lange Betreffzeilen zu hohen Öffnungsraten führen können – der Rückschluss, das kürze Betreffzeilen zwingend zu höheren Öffnugnsraten führen, ist dementsprechend nicht zutreffend. Entscheidend ist allerdngs, den für Ihre Kunden wichtigsten Begriff möglichst weit vorne in der Betreffzeile zu [...] [more]
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 stats For Emails, Name Recognition Drives Opens

Among US internet users, seeing a recognizable name in an email subject line has a strong influence on whether that email will be opened. But it seems that emails have thus far had a small impact on driving purchases among mobile device users. [...] [more]
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tactics 9 Critical Components for Optimized Marketing Emails [GFX]

As a marketer, email marketing should be one of your favorite tools. Not only is sending emails a great way to communicate with your audience and keep your list warm, but email marketing can (and should!) also be used as a channel for generating leads. But in order to convert more leads from your email marketing, you have to first get your readers to open your emails, and click through on them. This is why, as email marketers, we’re all but obsessed with our open rates and clickthrough rates [...] [more]
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tactics The Most-Missed Email Marketing Fail

Email marketing is fast. Email marketing is cheap. Email marketing is fast. Email marketing is cheap. (At least, comparatively). Email marketing is targeted. And email marketing is incredibly simple to mess up. After all, emails are among the easiest marketing materials to get rid of. A direct mail piece has to take a trip to the trash—but with one click, an email is gone. [...] [more]
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tactics Sonderzeichen im Betreff von Newslettern und E-Mails

E-Mails und Newsletter mit Sonderzeichen im Betreff sind aktuell voll angesagt. Durch die Symbole hebt sich das Mailing von den restlichen E-Mails im Posteingang ab. Die Neugierde des Empfängers wird geweckt, was eine gute Voraussetzung dafür ist, dass er das Mailing auch öffnet. Betreffzeilen mit Symbolen haben demnach einen positiven Effekt auf die Öffnungsrate Ihrer Mailings. [...] [more]
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tactics Change of Sender’s From Address campaign (CoSFA) [GFX]

Well it’s not a store you can bulk buy in or a leading high street coffee shop. CoSFA is the term that Communicator Corp gives to Change of Sender’s From Address campaigns. It is best practice and highly recommended that you inform subscribers that your From Address is changing so that the subscriber can save the new From Address and aid future email delivery. Without this type of campaign, you could find that any emails sent from your new From Address end up going into the junk folder, or being [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Tests to Improve your Email Marketing

While subject lines are important to entice people to open an email, the "From" line is equally so. With more people previewing emails on mobile devices, the From line is often displayed first, in a much larger font, than the actual subject line. Although the From line is typically a company name, it can be a variation or a person's name. Testing between the two — a company name or an individual's name — on different types of messages may show a considerable difference in response rates. For [...] [more]
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strategy From-Address Dos and Don’ts for your email newsletter

Many people think of the email address as the “unique identifier” for the list. You have more than one kind of email from the same brand, eg: events, newsletter, product updates, or you may have separate lists for different departments or sub-brands, eg: men, women, kids etc. It is very beneficial to have the email address different for each, this way if someone unsubscribes from one department and then gets an email from the other, they can tell the difference. [...] [more]
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tactics Höhere Umsätze für I‘m walking

Beim Absendertest untersuchte „I‘m walking“ die Auswirkungen auf die Öffnungsquote, wenn der Wohnort des Empfängers im Absender dargestellt wird. Der Test ergab, dass diese Personalisierung zu einer deutlich höheren Öffnungsquote von rund 70 Prozent sowie zu 13 Prozent mehr Visits im Onlineshop führt. Im zweiten Szenario experimentierte „I‘m walking“ mit der Gestaltung der Newsletter: Ein sehr erfolgreicher Newsletter aus der Vorsaison wurde gegen eine Version einer neuen Agentur getestet – ein [...] [more]
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 stats promio.net Inbox-Studie 2013 [PDF]

Das Thema „Zustellbarkeit von E-Mail-Kampagnen“ hat daher in den letzten Monaten ein regelrechtes Revival erlebt. Das Ermitteln einer Zustellbarkeitsrate ist nicht schwierig und Strategien wie Whitelisting, Senkung des Spam-Faktors, Zertifizierung etc. sind einigermaßen bekannt. Die Provider, z.B. Googlemail, Yahoo oder Hotmail, entwickeln stetig neue Tools, um den Empfängern einen noch komfortableren E-Mail-Empfang zu ermöglichen. Für die Versender bedeutet dies, dass sie nicht nur technisch stärker [...] [more] 
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tactics Email Marketing: Why don’t you want to hear from your customers?

Note: This email was automatically generated from a mailbox that is not monitored. Ouch! How often have you seen this line in an email you’ve received from a company? Even worse, are you guilty of including this line in your own email marketing? When your customer sees that line, she basically hears, “Dearest Customer, We don’t really care.” Customer response is marketing gold! [...] [more]
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 tactics Seven not-so-sexy email marketing tasks for 2013

This is the time of year when we bloggers sit down to write about all the exciting developments and innovations expected over the next 12 months. You know, those game-changing technologies and trends that will represent the “2013 Email Challenge”. It’s either that or write about “5 things The Hobbit can teach us about email marketing”. Actually, there are a few things the hobbit can teach us, here you go: [...] [more]
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tactics 137% increase in open rate from personal note approach

As you can see, this email is different from the Template Version in the following ways: * Personalized with full name, * Comes from an actual person (from field), * Signed by an actual person, * Template is more straightforward, looking more like a personal letter. (Note: The webinar has already taken place, and was quite good. To receive the wrap-up article and replay, please sign up for the free MarketingSherpa Inbound Marketing newsletter). Results. Jon Hosier, Senior Marketing Specialist, [...] [more]
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tactics Praxistipps und Studien [PDF]

Dos and Dont's im E-Mail Marketing - Teil 6. Dos and Dont's im E-Mail Marketing - Teil 5. Dos and Dont’s im E-Mail Marketing - Teil 4. Dos and Dont’s im E-Mail Marketing - Teil 3. Dos and Dont’s im E-Mail Marketing – Teil 2. Dos and Dont’s im E-Mail Marketing - Teil 1. [more]
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