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discussion Retailers’ Emails Are Misfires for Many Holiday Shoppers

Many retailers that were once data pioneers, with mailing lists and catalogs, now have fallen behind in the race to personalize digital messaging to consumers using purchase and browsing history. [...] [more]
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discussion Google’s Gmail Blocked in China

Google’s popular Gmail email service suddenly fell offline in China, a reminder of the challenges that U.S. Internet companies face even as they kick up their efforts to do business there. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Get Meryl Streep to Open Your Email

Dan Moskovitz, a rabbi based in Vancouver, used simple flattery to grab the notice of Amazon Inc. chief Jeff Bezos with the subject line, “Thank You! You’re Awesome.” Though the note was unsolicited and of relatively small concern to Bezos—some praise for a little-heralded Kindle feature—Rabbi Moskowitz received a personal reply, according to a recent account of their correspondence in Marketwatch. [...] [more]
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 discussion Stores Smarten Up Amid Spam Flood

Retailers have started to wear out their welcome in customers' email inboxes, forcing stores to rethink their spam strategies. Last year, the nation's top 100 retailers by e-commerce revenue sent recipients an average of 177 emails apiece, up 87% from 2007. Some of the most aggressive emailers sent each recipient more than 500 emails apiece in 2011. Amid signs that the sheer volume of email is starting to turn customers off, some retailers have begun pulling back, reducing their mailings and fine-tuning the [more]
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