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tactics Don’t want to be marked as Spam? Support one click unsubscribe!

We are on the final leg of migrating AOL and Yahoo mail to the Verizon Media infrastructure and one great thing about that is we can leverage features from each platform and introduce them to a larger audience. One of them is one-click-unsubscribe. Our mission is to provide the best consumer email experience. That means making sure spam and other unwanted mail is out of our users’ mailboxes, while also giving them the best tools to help communicate their changing needs to senders. [...] [more]
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discussion Introducing Reminders and Unsubscribe features in Yahoo Mail

Implemented as an easy-to-find button when opening a message, the Unsubscribe feature lets users easily stop receiving emails without ever having to leave their Yahoo Mail inboxes. An option to unsubscribe from an email sender appears in each email. And in case users erroneously clicked the Unsubscribe button, they can reverse the unsubscribe action, up to three seconds after the initial click. Our Unsubscribe feature helps keep inboxes clean and filled only with relevant content, making the entire [...] [more]
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discussion A Cleaner, Faster and More Powerful Yahoo Mail

Whether you use Yahoo Mail to communicate with friends and family around the world, as a place to keep your photos and memories from years past, or as a way to organize coupons and receipts from recent purchases – your inbox captures your life online. Today, we are happy to introduce big improvements to Yahoo Mail on desktop including a refreshed design, and a fast, reliable, and intuitive opt in experience. [...] [more]
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discussion Yahoo Mail App Now With Travel & Event Notifications

Yahoo Mail App Now With Travel & Event Notifications By Pranav Ramkrishnan, Associate Product Manager With the latest Yahoo Mail update for iOS and Android, we’re making sure you don’t miss your next [...] [more]
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antispam Yahoo DMARC Policy Change - What Should Senders Do?

We recently changed our DMARC policy to proactively protect our users from increasing email spam that uses Yahoo users’ email addresses from other mail servers. This is an important step to secure our users’ email identities from being used by unauthorized senders. It also interferes with some long-standing uses of identities that are authorized by the user but not verifiable. [...] [more]
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 discussion SPOTTED: Sender brand logos appearing in Gmail for...

Due to my recent rapid adoption of many things Google like my HTC One X and even a Samsung Chromebook, I’ve found myself using Google Chrome more and more. It’s been ages since I cared, but it turns out that the web browser race is now a 3.5 horse race between Internet Explorer (54%), Firefox (~19%), Chrome (18%) and Safari (5%). To my surprise, I am now seeing sender brand logos next to the sender name in my Gmail inbox when I use Chrome (I checked Safari and Firefox and neither were showing brand [...] [more]
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mobile Gmail for Android - Ice Cream Sandwich vs Gingerbread [GFX]

On the left, you see that in Android 4.0.3 (HTC One X), Sender Name shows up first in a larger bold font, subject line follows in a smaller bold font on the next line and then preview text (preheader) appears in gray soon thereafter unless the subject line is really long. On the right, you see that in Android 2.3.6 (Motorola Atrix), subject line comes first in a larger bold font, sender name on the 2nd line in smaller bold font and no preview text. Takeaway: Your subject line is the most important. [more]
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 discussion Fluent.io - The Future of Email

The three of us left Google to form Fluent out of a desire to create a communication product that is design-led, fast moving and — most importantly — pushes email into the future. A tool that accurately reflects how people communicate today and will adapt to what they want tomorrow. To fulfil this vision we’re building a product based on six principles: Simple conversations, Streamlined workflow, Access anywhere, Beautiful design, Seamless experience for desktops, small screens and touch devices [...] [more]
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tactics The Non-Email Designers Guide to Designing Email in 8 Easy Steps

1. Use Photoshop 2. Set the Canvas size to 600 pixels wide 3. Set the resolution to 72 dpi 4. Use safe sans-serif fonts for body copy 5. Design on a grid 6. Leave white space 7. Avoid using gradients 8. Include one rectangle button that draws your attention [...] [more]
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tactics Please confirm your email address

Please confirm your email address Just a quick post to share something that seems obvious in retrospect, but took a while to notice and fix. A mailing list for those wanting to follow Bvckup and... [more]
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