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law CCPA is Coming

The most comprehensive consumer data privacy law in the United States – the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. But marketers in every state, and in other countries as well, must get up to speed now so they understand how the law affects them and whether and how they need to change, how they store, protect and share data. [...] [more]
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law California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The CCPA will take effect January 1st, 2020 and applies to any organization that conducts business in the State of California & satisfies one of three conditions: 1. The organization has an annual gross revenue in excess of $25,000,000; 2. Annually buys, receives, sells or shares for commercial purposes the personal information of 50,000 or more consumers or households; 3. The organization derives 50% or more of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information [...] [more]
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discussion Artificial Intelligence & Email Marketing - Part 2

We work on some of the most complex and advanced email programs in the world. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve our customers’ programs. After working with OneSpot for years, we believe the personalization technology company is changing the game with machine learning and its practical application for email programs. I recently sat down with several members of the OneSpot team to get their perspective on the AI landscape and what their technology offers the modern marketer. [...] [more]
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tactics Why Should You Care About Inbox Clipping?

Inbox clipping occurs when an email is sent to a Gmail domain and is larger than 102kB, at which point Gmail “clips” the message and requires the recipient to click on a “View entire message” link to see the full code. This size restriction includes anything within the email itself, including text, images, links, tracking codes, responsive elements, and anything else within the HTML. This can happen with other domains in a similar fashion, but we’ll focus on Gmail due to overall consumer adoption [...] [more]
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discussion How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Email Marketing Agency?

One of the questions I consistently hear during the first call with a prospective client is, “How much does an email agency cost?” or “How do email agencies structure their fees?” In reality, price is an important screener for both parties. For the buyer, it’s important to know if the budget is enough to hire a full-service email-marketing firm. More importantly, they should investigate the value and experience they can expect for their investment. Options exist for marketers seeking email help at [...] [more]
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tactics 7 Preview Text Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

Preview text is the copy that follows the subject line in many email client inboxes, both mobile and desktop. It’s another tool for recipients to screen their emails and determine which are worthy of an open. This is also provides savvy email marketers an opportunity to stand out in the inbox, engage the recipient, and build brand awareness even if they don’t open. But if you don’t control your preview text, it may harm your open rates. [...] [more]
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discussion Customer Testimonials and Social Proofs in Email

If your company enjoys a generally favorable reputation online, this technique could be a very effective tool. If you have a decent amount of “rabid fans” willing to evangelize on your behalf, especially if they’re already doing so undirected on social media, this type of social proof email could provide exactly the type of convincing necessary to convert shoppers into customers. Envy (and envy’s cousin, FOMO [fear of missing out]) can be a great motivator. [...] [more]
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discussion 2 companies that should be on every email marketer’s radar

As 2015 kicks into high gear and we begin to think about what’s next for our industry, I’m focusing my efforts on the technologies that will impact the email-marketing world in the next 10-24 months. In particular, there are 2 companies that I’m insanely curious about: [...] [more]
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 social Follow Me On Twitter... So Say You In That Email [GFX]

If your brand is looking for new ways to promote your twitter presence in email, look no further than @CallawayGolf ‘s email and what the do towards the footer of their email. The key takeaways here: * Make it more than just about your main twitter handle, * Make it human by including the avatars of those that are featured, * Lead the subscriber with a clear and conspicuous “follow” button, [...] [more]
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tactics The Power Of Being Human In Email

Being human in email is hard. Brands struggle to find the perfect combination of a value proposition, voice and their desired call to action in email. For years smart marketers have been trying to leverage social media and what it has taught us in email. When I speak with clients, or conferences and even webcasts I always reference the desire for companies to add a more humanized approach to email marketing because that is what social taught us. I often bring up examples of what brands do to move [...] [more]
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mobile Operation: Touch-Friendly Mobile Email Design Test

The crazy thing about the cluster above: the 2 links have drastically different consequences. One moves you closer to conversion, the other might automatically remove you from the list. Insane! If I asked you to tap either of those links with your finger, knowing you would get an electric jolt if you touched the other one, would you feel confident in that? Me neither. [more]
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 mobile Launching iOS apps from an Email Newsletter

The app launcher shortcut is what the the url’s redirect to when the user agent detects an iOS browser (vevo://http://www.vevo.com/watch/lmfao/party-rock-anthem/USUV71100390). Linking to specific content inside apps, and passing the tracking from the email to the app is more advanced. We here at Trendline have tested app launching url’s and the results are positive. Conversion tracking is a whole other story. App developers need to register a custom URL scheme with Apple for this technique to work. [more]
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