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discussion Advanced Email Conference Recap: AI, extensive personalization and e-mail geeks

On November 16, I went to the Advanced Email Conference in the heart of London. My expectations: discover new speakers, gain inspiration and see which topics live in the enamel landscape in the UK. Interested? Critical notes, self-reflection and new learning moments coming your way! [...] [more]
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discussion What doctype should be used in an email?

The doctype is the first line of any HTML document. But do you know which doctype use and why? Here is my attempt to explain everything you need to know about doctypes for HTML emails. [...] [more]
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tactics Why you shouldn't use HTML tag names as CSS class names

Like most webmail, Outlook.com adds a prefix to the class names of our emails. Thus, a class test will be transformed into ecxtest Just a few months I had however noticed that this did not apply prefixing some class names, such as button menu label or nav. [...] [more]
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stats Dutch Direct Marketing Association: Nationale E-mail benchmark report [PDF]

Per EDM zijn de onderstaande metrics aangeleverd. De metrics zijn conform de internationale standaard SAME gedefinieerd. - Accepted Rate, - Hard Bounce Rate, - Soft Bounce Rate, - Unique Confirmed Open Rate, - Unique Click Through Rate, - Click to Open Rate. [more]
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 tactics DDMA iLounge - Real Time Marketing in practice

The transmission of real-time e-mail campaigns is watching all these elements. This data is then analyzed in real time and in the mail carried out. The content of the message is always up to date. For example: the location where the mail is opened. An interesting example of the possibilities in the field of real-time e-mail, the e-mailing for a webshop. In the mailing, several products from the webshop presented, including the stock status. This status was recorded as the day progressed. [more]
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