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discussion 2019 Email Marketing Conference Preview

One of the most common questions I see in every email networking and membership group I belong to is “If I can only attend one conference this year, which one should it be?” It’s a valid and critically important question! Considering that most companies budget for marketing team members to attend just one single event per year, and taking into consideration time out of the office and travel costs, the decision isn’t easy. And feedback can be soooo biased! [...] [more]
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tactics Using Machine Learning for Email Marketing Optimization

Your fellow email marketers have been putting machine learning to work in their own programs. Here are a few examples: Subject line optimization: Machine learning and marketing automation come together to help marketers choose the best subject lines with less time lost in testing. Here are two ways email marketers can use this technology: Touchstone uses a proprietary algorithm to predict likely open, click and bounce rates using a simulation of an actual email database and comparing results to [...] [more]
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 strategy Annual Email Marketing Program Planning Step-by-Step

Step 1: Starting with a blank calendar for 2016, your first step is to slot your continuity emails into it. Your company may have multiple newsletters; or quarterly newsletters and weekly digests, or even other types of digital publications delivered as email; regardless, schedule them all and identify the target audience for each. [...] [more]
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discussion Email List Segmentation: Too Much or Too Little?

You probably know by now that segmentation improves email marketing performance significantly, so if you’re still operating primarily in “batch and blast” mode it’s time to start slicing and dicing your subscriber file. Marketers who practice list segmentation see better open and click-through rates, fewer unsubscribes and better deliverability. The reasons are obvious: segmentation creates discreet audiences we can laser-target with offers, creative, and information crafted specifically for them, at [...] [more]
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discussion Email Marketing Career Advice

What talent gaps have you observed in the marketing field over the past year? What can CMOs and executives within the supplier/vendor/provider community do to bridge these gaps in their companies in the year ahead? The biggest talent gaps are in two areas: Marketing analytics. This is the ability to not just think analytically but to analyze data. There are more and more data available to us as we use more marketing channels — and it’s available to us faster. So we need people with more statistical [...] [more]
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discussion Game Changing 2015 Email Marketing Insights

Inspiration from the 2015 Email “To-Do” Lists of Leading Brands. I’m just back from the MediaPost Email Insider’s Summit at Deer Valley in Utah ski country. Boasting record attendance and the active participation of big brands, the event is always a nexus for email marketing growth, expansion and innovation ideas. With attendees from Wendy’s, Office Depot, Amazon, Bank of the West, Angie’s List, American Airlines and countless other marquee brands, this time didn’t disappoint. In short: everyone’s [...] [more]
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strategy 4 Content Marketing Approaches for Email [VID]

If you haven’t yet embraced Content Marketing, you’re missing a huge opportunity to create powerful, continuous inbound lead generation and ongoing, lasting customer engagement. Content Marketing isn’t a channel, it’s an approach which leverages an integrated mix of channels, and it definitely has a place in your email marketing. [...] [more]
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strategy What’s A New Email List Member Worth?

I was just paid $16.56 for my email address. You read that right: CVS, the drug and pharmacy chain, paid upwards of $15 to acquire my email address. There I was in my local store buying about $40 worth of health and personal care items when they offered me an instant 20% savings on my purchase in exchange for my email address. So I gave it to the clerk, resulting in a discount of $8.28, which somehow (likely by mistake) was applied twice for a total savings to me (and cost to CVS) of $16.56. [...] [more]
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strategy Should You Ask for Email Permission or Forgiveness?

This month’s email marketing conundrum explores the problem of how to begin sending to a “never-been-emailed” list, especially if it contains email addresses that may have been obtained without clear permission or were gathered offline such as from business cards, membership lists you have access to, contest entry forms, prize drawings at events, LinkedIn, etc. [...] [more]
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strategy Keep More Email List Members

Over the next several posts I’ll be addressing a series of email marketing conundrums. A “conundrum” is defined as a puzzling question or problem, and in email there are a few persistent ones I have been asked about on a regular basis since the channel’s earliest days. In fact, these challenges seem to keep so many people up at night that I believe they’re always worthy of discussion and a fresh perspective. [more]
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tactics Three Tried and True Email Creative Tactics

1) Compelling, Colorful Headlines stand out and are easily readable in preview panes. They immediately draw the reader into the main point of your message. Don’t rely solely on a graphic header like one that may be topping your blog or site to do the job of a headline; they’re two different things. While a graphic banner or “masthead” may be fine for e-newsletters, other marketing messages require more punch and relevancy. Each deserves a unique headline. Take a look at this example from restaurant [...] [more]
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