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stats The Best Time to Send Emails

Soundest has recently analyzed more than 92,000 email campaigns from 9,500 brands to see what is the best time to send emails to increase conversions. Table of Contents: The best day to send emails. The best day of the month to send emails. The best hour to send emails. The best time to send emails. [...] [more]
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tactics Psychology of Email Marketing: 7 Examples for Better Sales

Why does it seem that no matter what you do, your email marketing campaigns are just not converting? The open rate is low, the click rate is lower, and the sales are almost non-existent. That can be really frustrating, especially when your sales are beginning to slump and you really need to kick your ecommerce into high gear. [...] [more]
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tactics 20 Exit-Intent Popup Examples for Small Online Businesses [GFX]

Find 20 exit-intent popup examples and learn how Soundest ecommerce business clients use this kind of popup to their advantage. [...] [more]
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tactics How Organic Aromas Boosted Newsletter Signups by 150%

Soundest has been collaborating with Organic Aromas and has just completed a four-week experiment in building a contact list. With only an hour invested (and zero financial input), this online store captured 661 new leads and ended up with 40 extra orders. Four different Soundest signup forms were involved in this experiment for one week each. We found that circumstances when the pop up appears, matter. Let’s find out which one has performed better. [...] [more]
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stats The Best Email Frequency for Small Business Marketing

How often should I send my email campaigns? This is one of the most popular questions that we receive during conversations with email marketing beginners. Indeed, the right email frequency has an impact on your email campaign success. There is a challenge to finding the balance between staying at the front of your customer’s mind and becoming too spammy. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Convert Website Traffic into Paying Customers [GFX]

It’s quite rare for a shopper to arrive on your site for the first time and immediately make a purchase. Turning visitors into paying customers takes effort and that effort must start with engaging your traffic. So why do we continue to spend all of this time, effort, and money on driving traffic to our site with little to no focus on actively converting these visitors? We’ve been doing it all wrong! [...] [more]
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antispam Gmail DMARC Policy Can Destroy Your Email Marketing. Avoid This!

Only a few months remain till the strict Gmail DMARC policy comes into force. From June, 2016 Google will start to apply the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance standard to reduce email fraud. It will affect not only malignant spammers but all email marketers who use Gmail addresses for sending bulk emails. [...] [more]
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tactics 6 Ideas for Spring Email Campaigns [GFX]

Highlight The Most “Spring like” Items In Your Store. Send An International Women’s Day Email (March 8th). Introduce Top Season Trends. Organize A Winter Clearance / Garage Sale. [...] [more]
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tactics 15 email marketing tips for Valentine’s day

Some people love the Valentine’s Day. Others – don’t. But all of us have to admit, that is a good occasion for sale. Retailers promote it and the customers do not mind to shop cheaper as well. On the contrary, they sweep the shelves like being madly in love! [...] [more]
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 discussion 13 funny animated GIFS about email marketing

People laugh at well familiar things. Those are the most funny. This time Marketing Shmarketing GIFs, a collection of funny marketing GIFs, has brought hilarious animated images about setting up a new email campaign, waiting for new subscribers, dealing with spam, etc. I hope you’ll find these reactions as familiar as I do. Have a great time LOLing! [...] [more]
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discussion 99 Ecommerce Email Marketing Resources - Ultimate List [PART 1 of 2]

Everyone should find something useful here, regardless of their level of expertise. This list is a must read if you match at least one rule below: You are new to email marketing and want to know "What is email marketing?"; You are not sure if email marketing is right for you; You own online shop and want to know how to drive traffic and increase sales; You own a blog or other website and want to increase traffic; You are already doing email marketing and want to improve. Due to length of the list we [...] [more]
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tactics Best Performing Subject Lines For Black Friday Campaigns

How to stand out in customer inboxes with your Black Friday Campaigns, what worked last year and how to avoid going straight to SPAM. [...] [more]
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