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discussion Email marketing trends 2021 - 5 trends to watch

In 2020, email marketing has, like so many parts of our work and personal lives, had to undergo a rapid transformation. As the pandemic continues to lead to wide-ranging changes to the way consumers perceive brands and consider purchases, email marketers have adapted in many innovative and inspiring ways. In this blog, five of the brightest minds from the world of email marketing provide their key trends for 2021. With email continuing to play a vital role in nurturing, acquiring and retaining custom [...] [more]
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social The double impact: combining Email and Facebook

Despite the infamous belief that email is dead, any other marketing channel is unable to boast of the tremendous 3800% ROI that email keeps bringing to those who practice this marketing channel in a proper way. Analyzing from where the rumors about the dying email usually arrive, the social media come to mind as a logical assumption. Indeed, many may recognize the social media as a direct and more powerful competitor of email. Such a misconception is grounded in the fundamental confusion of different [...] [more]
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discussion Email marketing trends 2018

Email marketing continues to be a vital communications channel with the DMAs latest Email tracker showing that email receives 30 times return on investment on average. 95% of respondents rated it as 'important' or 'very important' to their organization. Yet competition in the inbox for attention from email subscribers remains fierce as social media remains important and competitors optimise their approach. [...] [more]
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discussion Email Marketing benchmarks summary and tips

6 tips to get the most out of the highest-performing digital marketing channel We see emails every day. But few manage to make an impact and imprint on our. Marketing topic(s):Email communications strategy. Advice by Expert commentator. [...] [more]
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discussion How agencies are paving the way forward with marketing automation

Agencies are among the most enthusiastic adopters of new marketing automation tech With the launch of another mind-boggling Martech Landscape by ChiefMartec.com (now deservedly renamed the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic or Martech 5000), it’s safe to say that there is [...] [more]
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discussion Is Email still relevant to Millennials?

At Benchmark Email, we are particularly interested in the importance of emails in the life of millennials as well as whether email marketing will continue to remain one of the marketing mix’s most efficient instruments for this group or whether they will turn away from this communication channel completely. Numerous studies suggest that millennials believe in email, checking their inboxes daily – perhaps several times – for new messages and giving the channel a high priority in communication with [...] [more]
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tactics Examples of 4 Automated Email Campaigns Every Online Retailer Should Send in 2017

ehavioural emails can generate millions in online sales yet most retailers struggle to get it right. Time and time again, digital marketers grapple with the existential question: How important is email marketing, really? Email tends to have an astronomically high ROI of 3800%; for every $1 spent on email marketing, retailers make an average of $38 and it's one of the best sales online retail sales channels. Itís no surprise that there are hundreds of email marketing software solutions that offer [...] [more]
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stats What is the best frequency for email marketing?

The DMA's National Email Client Report 2016 now known as the 'Marketer Email tracker' shows us that, generally, there is a trend over the past four years where companies are contacting individuals less on a monthly basis. Email Marketers look to be becoming more strategic in their approach, recognising that content needs to be relevant and are moving more towards behavioural and triggered based marketing, rather than programmatic timed campaigns. It's very apparent that irrelevant, low quality emails [...] [more]
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discussion Why mobile is no longer in focus - it's all about the journey

Email strategies must recognise users are now constantly moving between devices. A typical email journey will involve a subscriber using their device; converting from a form, receiving an email, clicking a button in the email to go through to your website, (in a best case scenario) purchasing something, receiving another email, clicking through to track the delivery and so on, in a loop between the email and the website. [...] [more]
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discussion Interview with Uber's Email Marketing Manager

I’m an email marketing manager for Uber in the UK and Ireland, with a focus on communicating with our drivers. Prior to this, I spent seven years at a small app startup in Southwest London, where I ended up doing a lot of email. I’ve been at Uber for almost a year - since last September. One of my major achievements here has been winning an award for customer obsession. I guess it’s my thing - caring about our users and what their inbox looks like, when they get messages, what those messages are, how [...] [more]
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tactics The Truth about Cart Abandonment

According to research recently released by Britain’s Retail E-mpire, the UK will become the world’s leading ecommerce exporter, with online sales generated by UK retailers from international markets expected to soar sevenfold to £28bn by 2020. However, according to our latest research, on average 84% of people who visit a site abandon their purchase before checkout, costing retailers billions in lost sales. So what can we do about this problem? Well first of all – let’s switch it around and look at [...] [more]
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discussion SimilarTech - A new tool for comparing marketing technologies

New 'SimilarTech' service from SimilarWeb promises to help marketers compare martech stacks We love any tool which helps marketers do their jobs better, wh. Marketing topic(s):Web analytics strategy. Advice by Robert Allen. [...] [more]
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tactics What's the right length for blog or newsletter content?

I’d dump Q and maybe J. Because if attention spans continue shrinking, we’ll need to cut down the alphabet to make words shorter (shrtr). Given the online ADD epidemic, it surely makes sense to go short if you’re producing articles for a newsletter, blog or website? Not necessarily. [...] [more]
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tactics 1999 called. It wants its boring email strategies back

Email is the most misunderstood tactic in marketing. We’ve all heard the oft-referenced statistic that email’s ROI can be as much as $130 per dollar spent. That idea gave rise to the perception that email is a cheap, easy way to generate high returns. And that’s why so many brands treat email as a money button: Press send, get cash. Of course, that attitude doesn’t leave much room for creativity. Email does present enormous earning potential, but that potential often remains untapped because so many [...] [more]
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tactics What marketing email heat maps can teach us about creating eye catching emails [Infographic]

Simple messaging, clean design and the use of white space to steer the eye are key to effective email designs. While many companies do email marketing effe. Marketing topic(s):Email creative and copywriting. Advice by Robert Allen. [...] [more]
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