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tactics The Art of Email - Redesign as strategy [PDF]

Radu Neag's Email Insider Summit Europe presentation (Austria 2019). Radu Neag is an EmailGeek & CRM Manager @ Travian Games, breathing email marketing daily - from strategy, design & coding to automatization and implementation. Do you think only Personalization, Segmentation, Reactivation & Subject lines are important? What about Email Design? [...] [more]
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discussion LashBack Presentation at Mailcon January 2019 [PDF]

On January 5th, LashBack CEO Peter Wilson delivered an impactful presentation entitled “Building Long-Term Value in Email” at Mailcon in Las Vegas. Utilizing LashBack’s unique insights on email, the presentation focused on how the market is evolving -- with a clear need to focus on the consumer experience and what actions deliver long-term business value. Prioritizing best practices does not mean focusing only on optimizing message components and inboxing, it has to consider the consumer experience. [...] [more]
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tactics SVG & co. - the future of images in email (Slidedeck) [PDF]

GIF est. 1987 Use for: at colours, animations, etc. JPG est. 1992 Use for: gradient colours, photos, etc. PNG est. 1995 Use for: transparent images, etc. IMAGE FORMATS The Future. SVG Scalable Vector Graphic est. 1999 [...] [more]
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stats Adobe Consumer Email Survey Report 2017 (US) [PDF]

Adobe Campaign released findings from its third annual consumer email survey, focused on consumers' habits and behavior related to personal and work email. The… [...] [more]
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tactics 3 Embarrassing Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid [PDF]

Subject line mistakes that distract and confuse subscribers—and are embarrassing for the brand—are too common. We discuss three such subject line mistakes in [...] [more]
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tactics Creating Beautiful, Accessible, and User-Friendly Forms [PDF]

Forms are often a key part of websites: they allow users to buy things, sign up, participate, communicate, and get things done. But why are so many online form [...] [more]
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stats The Appboy Emoji Study: The Rise and Rise of Emoji Marketing [PDF]

In order to better understand the use of and response to emojis in marketing messages, Appboy performed a two-part study of the world of emojis. Over the past [...] [more]
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stats Slides: How to Make Your Emails Go Viral [PDF]

We tend to associate “going viral” with social media, but email forwarding is a much more powerful action-driver because its sharing is more targeted and more urgent. In this session, presented at Salesforce Connections 2015, Chad White and Justine Jordan shared insights into email virality gained from analyzing 1 million emails tracked through Litmus. Covering benchmarks for email forward-to-open rates, different tactics for spurring email sharing, and real-world examples of highly viral commercial [...] [more]
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strategy Slides: Responsesteigerung im E-Mail-Marketing (von mercateo) [PDF]

Sabine Donix (mercateo) für den Dialog Summit 2015. [...] [more]
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 tactics 100 Inspiring Subject Lines from 2006 to 2014 [PDF]

ou may not have a fantastic deal to tout. You might be using creative language to differentiate your non-promotional messages from sales-oriented ones. You may be newsjacking. You might be tapping into the voice of your customers. Or humor, wit, and pop culture references may fit your brand image. Whatever your reason, creativity in less than half the length of a tweet can give your emails the edge — especially when your subject line is backed up with great email content. [...] [more]
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strategy How To Follow Up: Proven Strategies & Email Templates [PDF]

Whether it's following up after a cold outreach, following up after a meeting, or following up when I get a trigger event ... I've spent a lot of time figuring out what works and what doesn't. The SlideShare below dives into five templates that me and my buddy Bryan from Breakthrough Email have found to work. [more]
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 tactics How A/B testing generated $500 Million in Donations [PDF]

On June 19, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. EDT, join Dan Burstein as he interviews Amelia Showalter, the director of digital analytics team for President Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. They’ll discuss how they maintained a rigorous testing schedule for its massive email program, detailing the thrilling successes and informative failures Obama for America encountered at the cutting edge of digital politics. In this session, you'll learn: [...] [more]
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 mobile Responsive Design for Email - On Demand Webinar [VID]

Go Beyond Responsive Design. Visit Our Mobile Marketer Resource Center Responsive design is only one of many considerations and opportunities for marketers looking to build and optimize an effective mobile program. Visit our Mobile Marketer Resource Center for more: * Information about BlueHornet’s Mobile Email Toolkit. * A Chuck E. Cheese case study that details how BlueHornet’s Text-to-Join program has increased daily sign-ups for the nationally recognized leader in family dining and entertainment. [...] [more]
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strategy 5 tactics to personalize your email message for better results final

Personalization is about striking delicate balance. Using it as a marketing tool for gaining trust and encouraging further engagement requires strategically adding a human element to email content while still conveying an effective marketing message. This MarketingSherpa (www.marketingsherpa.com) webinar presentation will show you: * Creative ways to add a personal touch in copy and subject lines * How to get just the right amount of information from the consumer * Why you should extend [...] [more]
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strategy Jenseits des Newsletters - E-Mail-Marketing für KMU [PDF]

Vortrag von der Update Berlin 2013; Grundlagen des E-Mail Marketings. E-Mail-Marketing für KMUs der Reisebranche. Betreffzeile entscheidet maßgeblich (neben dem Absender) über Öffnungen. Meine erfolgreichsten: "Der Supi-Dupi-Schnappi!", "Wer braucht schon Ballack?", "Unsere Geschäftsführung gratuliert zum Millionengewinn!" [...] [more]
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