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tactics Re-send to non opens because it really works

My plan was to get an email invitation out by mid February (the event was at the end of March) but, as is often the case for busy marketers, time got the better of me and I sent the email on a Friday afternoon which isn’t necessarily an ideal time for an email send. [...] Following the resend to non opens 48 more recipients opened the email and 30 more customers signed up. With the account management team working to promote it as well I actually ended up with an over subscription to the event which was a g [more]
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law An update on the EU cookie law and email marketing

A study on the ICO’s own website, where they asked users for consent to use web analytics, found that only 10% accepted cookies. The implementation has been criticised for not being very prominent or providing a great user experience but it does hint at the impact opt-in cookies could have. A survey by econsultancy found that 82% of digital marketers believed the change would be bad for the web and it is possible that it is not enforceable outside of the EU [...] [more]
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strategy Acting on insight - using big data to deliver big results

The next big thing. There’s nothing more frustrating than a great offer that’s sold out before you read the email. That’s why I think “live email content” will really take off this year. That means content that is correct at the time of opening the email, and updated on subsequent re-opens. That’s a topic I’ll cover in more detail in a future blog post. [more]
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