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stats Consumer Email Tracker 2020 [PDF]

This year’s report reinforces email’s continued position as the core channel around which a customer engagement programme should be built. It remains the preferred channel for consumers across the full customer journey from pre- to post-purchase and for customer service enquiries.This is in spite of findings from the DMA’s ‘Customer Engagement: Acquisition and the Consumer Mindset’ report, which found that social media had overtaken email for the first time among customers aged 18- to 24-years-old. [...] [more] 
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discussion Top 20 emails of 2018 and why they work [GFX]

We reveal our top 20 emails of 2018 and why we picked them. Take a read to learn from a variety of brands who will inspire your email marketing strategy. [...] [more]
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strategy Our top World Cup email campaigns [GFX]

If like me you have recently received more World Cup emails than Messi has taken shots, you’d probably forgive me for tuning many of them out as white noise. That being said, a handful of brands managed to peak my interest when it came to sending out some clever World Cup campaigns. [...] [more]
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social Re-engage with unsubscribers with Facebook‘s new audience tool

Many shops are still failing to capitalise on integrating their online efforts with what they are doing instore, with the exception of Mothercare. In this blog Hannah discusses her positive email experience after shopping in their Brighton store. [...] [more]
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tactics Broaden your horizons with side scrolling emails [GFX]

Have you heard of side scrolling emails? It’s something we are seeing more and more of within the email industry. In this blog Harry discusses the pros and cons of side scrolling emails, and how you can utilise them. [...] [more]
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mobile Progressive Disclosure - should you be doing it?

Progressive Disclosure is a term used within software & web development which defines the technique used to display only the information required at any point to help maintain the users focus. The user is presented with further (often more advanced) options which they can then display, if required. Initially the user will only be given the most fundamental tools to complete the task at hand, which as a result, improves the user-experience. [...] [more]
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tactics Embracing Gmail’s inbox tabs [GFX]

It has been several weeks now since Google made changes to their Gmail inbox. If you haven’t read about it in our previous blog, they have added tabs and category labels to help us Gmail users better manage the priorities of our emails. Several clients of mine have started asking me what impact it’s going to have on their email marketing results. During my research to try help answer some of these questions I realised from reading (and skimming through!) an immense number of blogs already on the net, [...] [more]
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strategy 3 invaluable email automations that will improve results and save you time [GFX]

Email automations can improve results and save you time. Think of them as your behind the scenes, 24 hour workforce who are never late, never off sick and always represent your brand exactly as you want them to. [...] [more]
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tactics How Zombieland helped solve email background rendering issues

My background is that of a graphic designer for both web and print, where the use of background images is pretty standard fare, and simple to do. When I first started working with email, I was provided a list of ‘rules’ by the existing developer that stated what the limitations of designing and building emails were. One of the things that I noticed on the list was that the use of background images in email was a definite “No no”. [...] [more]
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tactics Animation in email - does it serve a purpose?

Recently I’ve been receiving lots of emails with rather snazzy animated gifs within them and as an email designer I must admit they bring a fresh new look to the overall design of the email. However do they serve a purpose in projecting the message of what your email is about? [...] [more]
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strategy Pure360 Re-engagement whitepaper [PDF]

You may be sending your email communications to a list of thousands on a weekly basis but if a high proportion of recipients on that list are not responding to your campaigns then it will affect your open rates, click through rates and consequently the email conversions you’re achieving: size doesn’t matter, it’s performance that counts. [...] [more] 
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tactics Pizza Express: Byepassing image blocking + cinemagraph gifs

Last year I received a birthday email from Pizza Express that really impressed me for a number of reasons; capturing birthday details and actually acting on them, special birthday offer, trackable code and personalisation. You can check out my previous blog here, but this year the pizza giant has gone one better with their birthday email, which my colleague James received earlier this month. Clever use of images off We all want our emails to look as good as possible when someone opens them but this [...] [more]
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tactics Awesome automations on a summer holiday [GFX]

I'm always on the lookout for a bargain and stumbled across the site when planning how to travel down to the West Country. I was already fond of the brand after a nice little discount on the tickets purchased but was even more impressed with them a couple of days before the off after receiving an email from them. [...] Weather (albeit rain). This is possibly the most impressive of all as it’s the only info that’s not pulled from the info I entered in and therefore shows a genuine interest in the [...] [more]
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tactics CSS3 Animation in email

Although support for CSS in email clients is patchy at best (and a nightmare at worst) we can still use some of the newest features provided by CSS3 as long as we can provide suitable alternatives for the less capable inboxes. [more]
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strategy Deliverability challenges & what to do to get in the inbox

However, senders want their emails back into the inbox, so there are a few things you can do to help them on their way and to increase your reputation with Gmail: Ask for white listing, Ask for images to always be loaded, Invite replies, Get forwarded, Get marked as not spam. [more]
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