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tactics 6 Holiday Emails to Send This Season [GFX]

To be successful, you'll have to go beyond emailing a $5 holiday coupon to every subscriber. We dug through a lot of holiday data, and we can tell you that consumers have high expectations this year. To help marketers exceed customer's expectations, we've created a list of six data-backed holiday emails that every brand can send this season. 1. Gift guide 54% of shoppers made a purchase based on a retailer's suggestion [...] [more]
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tactics Text-based vs Image-based Emails - Which One Does Better?

As you can see from the results, the click through rates do not vary as much as the open rates. One thing I found fascinating was Pinpointe campaigns had a higher click through rate on the image-based emails. After seeing these results, I reviewed all of the image-based vs text-based email split tests I had sent out from Pinpointe over the past year and this result was consistent. I have to wonder…is it because I’m sending these campaigns to other marketers who tend to be more visual? That would be [...] [more]
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tactics 7 Examples of Awesome Cart Abandonment Emails [GFX]

Online consumers are a fickle bunch. They browse your site, add items to their cart and then – poof – they vanish. American shoppers abandoned a whopping 73% of shopping carts in the first quarter of 2016 alone, and Americans aren't the only offenders. Worldwide, the cart abandonment rate is 74%. That's a lot of revenue left on the table, or in this case, in digital carts. To try and recapture some of those sales, 51% of marketers launch remarketing campaigns to get customers to check out. [...] [more]
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discussion Why are people unsubscribing from my list, and is it always bad?

Business owners tend to get worried when people unsubscribe from their email list. They typically believe that a smaller list means fewer potential customers, which in turn, means less revenue. Others believe their email marketing strategy is wrong, otherwise no one would leave. [...] [more]
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strategy How to Get to Know Your Customers Better

Imagine having a crystal ball that could tell you everything and anything you wanted to know about your customers. If such a tool existed, you would be able to maximize your marketing ROI while developing an open line of communication with all of your customers and leads. With all of the analysis options available, getting to know your customers better may seem like an overwhelming task. However, we are going to take a back-to-basics approach to analytics that will make you love data and better [...] [more]
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strategy How To Effectively Use Email and SMS Together

Make sure everyone sees your invitations, whether to events, newsletters, or online promotions, by sending a brief text message to SMS subscribers and a more involved email message to your list with a CTA directing readers to the targeted landing page. Cross-channel promotion for your events and other campaigns is important because it helps to extend your reach. American Eagle Outfitters implemented a cross-channel promotion strategy for their 12 days of the Legendary Gifts holiday campaign. They [...] [more]
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tactics 3 Horrific Follow-Up Sales Emails, and Solutions to Fix Them

There’s a lot of talk about welcome emails that set the tone for a relationship, and promotional emails that can increase sales, but follow-up sales emails are often overlooked. Follow-up sales emails shouldn’t be treated as the black sheep of the email family. They’re an extremely vital part of your sales strategy, which can results in increased sales. [...] [more]
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discussion 25 Email Design Resources to Help You Create Stunning Emails

Ever felt like your email design skills were a little weak? You’re not alone – even top email designers often feel like they ought to do better. And while we do have more pressure than ever to create great content that looks awesome, fortunately we also have many tools and email design resources to help us deliver gorgeous email messages. [...] [more]
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discussion 15 Email Designers and Email Design Agencies You Should Know

Want to see what some of the world's finest email designers and email creative agencies are up to? Check our roster of the must-know email design firms. [...] [more]
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tactics Whitelisting Email Addresses - "How To" Guide

Simple instructions on whitelisting marketing emails (newsletters and webinar invites) for different email service providers, email clients, security software, and popular spam filters. [...] [more]
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tactics 7 Clever Ways to Use Video Email Marketing [With Examples]

Email has a bit of a reputation for being old-school. Some people think it’s downright stodgy. But that idea is as outdated as “email is dead”. Email is very much alive, so much so that many social media gurus have launched coaching programs for how to use email marketing. It took them awhile, but they’ve come to realize email is one of the biggest drivers of ROI around. [...] [more]
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strategy 7 Email List Hygiene Best Practices for a Fresh and Clean List

Almost every email marketer worries about deliverability rates. Are they good enough? Could they be better? Are they about to drop because of some small mistake you’ve made or are about to make? [...] [more]
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tactics How to Pick the Perfect Email Subject Line Every Time

Email subject lines are stressful. Get them right, and you’re 80% on your way to a successful campaign. Botch them, and you’re sunk. I used 80% for a reason. David Ogilvy, granddaddy of copywriting and direct response marketing, famously said, “When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” Ogilvy was talking about headlines, but the 80 cents still adds up. Subject lines are headlines for emails. [...] [more]
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discussion 27 Things That Keep Email Marketers Up At Night

We email marketers have it pretty good, all things considered. Our particular kind of marketing generates an insanely great return on investment. According to the 2013 Direct Marketing Association’s Statistical Fact Book, email campaigns generate a 4300% ROI, with marketers earning $42.08 for every dollar spent. [...] [more]
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tactics A Guide To Email Design Basics [PDF]

You’ve worked hard on creating a captivating message for your email campaign. Now you need to compliment it with an engaging email design that looks professional and sends the right message about your company and the offer you’re promoting. By understanding the basic components of what goes into effective design, you'll gain insight into what’s involved in creating an attractive and effective email design that encourages positive action. [...] [more] 
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