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tactics COVID-19 Language and Communication Resource Center

First and foremost, the Covid-19 outbreak is a human crisis and that should be a first order principle guiding messaging. The outbreak is a fast changing and dynamic situation and people are looking to the sources they trust for information, reassurance, and effective communication. Brand purpose – and customers’ experiences with a brand – matter more now than ever. The language you use can reinforce trust or erode it. To help navigate the days, weeks and months ahead, we’re providing these resources [...] [more]
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stats 3 Data-Driven Recommendations for Effective Emails

Capturing the attention of consumers is a challenge marketers face year round, but it becomes even more pronounced during the holiday season. Try incorporating three of our key findings into your 2018 holiday email campaigns.  [...] [more]
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tactics Humana Offers Insight into the Role of Language in Driving Customer Engagement

Humana ran an email campaign with the objective of increasing one-click prescription refill engagement. The high rate at which prescriptions go unfilled, even among those with full coverage, is a public health concern with potentially injurious outcomes. In order to both empower members to lead their healthiest lives and improve efficiencies, Humana partnered with Persado to craft the subject line, email body copy, and call to action of their one-click prescription refill campaigns. [...] [more]
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stats Zen and the Art of the Email Subject Line

We’ve analyzed millions of email experiments that incorporate everything from layout and design to product descriptions and emotional concepts. We’ve found that across all industries, emotions contribute more than 60% of email opens, clicks, and overall engagement. [...] [more]
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stats Subject Line Length: Size Doesn't Matter

The difference between Persado’s study and these others is–to return to the olive oil analogy–we controlled for the “lifestyle factors” of our subject lines. We didn’t test a random set of subject lines written by thousands of writers in hundreds of contexts. We used 20,000 subject lines written by one copywriter, our cognitive content platform. We controlled for quality. Our machine-learning platform optimizes four key subject line components: formatting, emotion, positioning, and description. [...] [more]
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