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stats 2017 Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit [PDF]

Almost 95% are following best practices for handling email unsubscribes and authentication, according to the 2017 Email Marketing & Unsubscribe Audit, a study by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), an Internet Society initiative. Of the firms studied from March to August, 67% received a "best in class" designation this year. While that was down from 69% in 2016, it means they scored 80% or more in analysis of their email trustworthiness. Indeed, nine sites had perfect scores, meaning that they followed [...] [more] 
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tactics Unsubscribe Best Practices - From Compliance To Stewardship [PDF]

Consumers often react negatively to email which they feel is irrelevant to their interests or which may be sent to their inboxes too frequently. Today ISPs are placing added weight on user engagement to make a determination on the placement of email into the user’s inbox, junk or spam folder. With these considerations, it is in any marketer’s best interest to create a trustworthy unsubscribe mechanism for their recipients. The opt-out function should be easily discoverable and useable. OTA encourages [...] [more]
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 strategy 2014 Email Unsub Best Practices & Audit [PDF]

Email is a vibrant channel for marketers to connect with consumers on many fronts providing an important value exchange between consumers and industry. Marketing emails can range from promotional offers and shipping confirmations to user surveys and distributing information tailored to users’ needs and interests. At the same time many consumers are faced with inbox overload ranging from spam and malicious email to excessive email not aligned to their interests [...] [more] 
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antispam Online Trust Alliance: Security Framework for Interactive Messaging Ecosystem

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) today announced the release of its Security by Design Framework and a set of security practices for the interactive messaging ecosystem. As cybercriminals have targeted businesses with increasing malice and precision, interactive marketers, their service providers, and others in the messaging ecosystem need to recognize their valuable data assets are at risk. ... [more]
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