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tactics Email Marketing Must Adapt to Voice-Assistants

The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 prompted a decade-long effort for marketers to make their emails mobile-friendly. The rise of voice-assistants will likely have a similar impact on email marketers, although less tectonic and probably much messier. Let’s look at why, and what marketers should do about it… [...] [more]
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stats Modern Marketing Benchmark Survey 2018 [PDF]

Today’s marketers think and behave differently from marketers from only a few years ago. They have a different perspective and are deploying different tools and skill sets to achieve results. There is a major shift underway driven by technology, highly competitive markets, and more empowered and connected customers. As the survey data show, today’s marketers are focused on capturing and analyzing more data and effectively using new tools, technology and methods to integrate cross channels and measure [...] [more]
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law GDPR & Oracle Marketing Cloud Webinar [VID]

Learn more about the GDPR, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s position on it and how you can prepare yourself for the regulations [...] [more]
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discussion 7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Organization With Data Driven Marketing

1. Embrace Data Science. Businesses like MailChimp, Uber and Amazon (among countless others) have all embraced data science as a way of uncovering hidden opportunities for many different business units, including marketing. As the VP of Product Management (and previously the Chief Data Science), John Foreman says, “The data science team at MailChimp leads from the back in this way — constantly finding ways to serve other teams and our customers using analytics and data-driven products.” [...] [more]
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tactics Uncovering hidden personalization opportunities in retail [PDF]

The headwinds facing traditional and online retailers in 2017 are numerous and well documented. Chief among the challenges: a sustained assault on established business models driven by changing consumer behavior and the competitive might of e-commerce giant Amazon. Large big-box players, such as Walmart and Target, are responding to the threat - and embracing the opportunity of e-commerce - by boosting online spending by hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars annually. [...] [more] 
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tactics Using Link Targeting for Improved Inbox Personalization

Device targeting is the ability to identify the device and email client as the email opens to render specifically targeted content for each device used. Companies are currently using this technology to drive “tap-to-text” functionality. DIRECTV expanded subscription sales by allowing current customers to upgrade their services with a single text message from its email campaign. [...] [more]
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discussion Making the Case For A New Email Marketing Metric

The List Attrition Rate is an intriguing metric because it measures the rate something bad occurred (the Unsubscribe or Spam Complaint) as a ratio to the number of times it could have occurred, remembering that each customer can only exit the mailing list once. Set your threshold List Attrition Rate at a low enough level and you may finally have a tool to push back against other voices in your business trying to get you to over mail your customers. [...] [more]
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stats Key Email Deliverability Insights Into the Big 4 ISPs

I took a look at metrics across the big 4 ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL) for the month of April 2016, and this totaled over half a billion emails in volume. This data included spam folder placement rates, read rates, and deleted rates. Utilizing panel data, as opposed to seed data, means that these metrics are pretty darn accurate. Spam folder placement varied widely across ISPs, with Hotmail being the most aggressive and AOL the least: [...] [more]
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stats A Look at Email Deliverability Across Industry Verticals

Being a curious person by nature, I decided to do some data mining—some email deliverability data mining that is. I was interested in looking at different industry verticals and how they perform against some key benchmarks. I wondered if there was much difference across different verticals in regards to deliverability. While I was not surprised by the findings, there were certainly some interesting conclusions to be drawn from the data. Here is the methodology that I used to mine the numbers and the [...] [more]
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discussion The Politics of Email Deliverability

The second example of the old way of doing things is email certification. Another metric that’s been around forever, but upon further review isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Certification purports to guarantee inbox delivery for “certified” clients, except it doesn’t. We have many examples of certified clients who are within the metric thresholds, seeing bulking at supposedly certified partner ISP’s. How Is That Possible? It’s possible because the ISP’s don’t whitelist customers anymore, period. Why [...] [more]
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discussion I Can Have 100% Email Deliverability?

I don’t even know where to start other than here. 100% Deliverability does not exist, and anyone who tells you otherwise is someone you should not be working with, end of story. Let’s look at why this is true (or not true, depending on how you look at things). [...] [more]
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discussion Are All Email Unsubscribe Services Created Equal?

Due to some great work by the Email Service Providers Coalition (ESPC), the team at Unroll.me has agreed to build a feedback loop platform which is a great outcome for everyone. It does beg a few questions. How did this happen? How should you treat these services? What’s next with these unroll.me addresses? Let’s address. [...] [more]
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 discussion The Verizon Email Update and the Future Impact to Deliverability

Last week I received a notification from Verizon telling me that soon they would be deactivating accounts with no login in the last 180 days. That’s only 6 months of inactivity before they shut down addresses, which should bounce at that point. We’re continuously talking about list quality and how that has such a big impact on Deliverability, and how that funnels to your overall campaign success. Here’s another concrete example of why sending email to unengaged people is not a winning proposition. [...] [more]
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 discussion The Demise of the Deliverability Reputation Score

t’s time that we get real about Sender Score and any other attempt at a singular email deliverability reputation score. The concept of a universal number that you watch on a daily basis to judge deliverability is and has been extinct for quite a while. Most of you just don’t know it yet. [...] [more]
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discussion Look Book 2015 - Showcasing the Latest Trends [PDF]

As Einstein found, often the best and most creative ideas come when we stretch the imagination and push the envelope. Each year Oracle compiles examples of the latest digital marketing trends that do just that. Presenting Look Book 2015: a visual guide to the industry’s best branding and marketing campaigns of the year. Browse the book and see how designs, content and out-of-the-box execution can inspire and transcend. Then get ready to stretch your own imagination! [...] [more] 
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