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tactics 20 Unsubscribe Button Ideas to Prolong the Inevitable

The unsubscribe button is the only button in your email you don't want your subscribers to click. Get 20 free unsubscribe button examples to use! [...] [more]
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discussion Stunning Cart Abandonment Emails with Dynamic Content [GFX]

We collected the most creative cart abandonment emails right now on the web. With our latest feature release, your cart abandonment automations and your product recommendation emails have gotten an impressive upgrade. [...] [more]
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tactics Best Halloween Subject Lines for 2017

Halloween 2017 is closing in! It’s the time of year when the most popular Google searches are Halloween-themed: “DIY costumes”, “last-minute costumes”, “scary makeup tutorial”, “gross recipes“. Unless you are a marketer or entrepreneur. Then, it’s “2017 Halloween best email templates”, or “awesome templates”, “email marketing tips”, and so on. While carved pumpkins are paced [...] [more]
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discussion The world's best abandoned cart email?

Recently we looked around to find the best automated welcome emails that companies have been sending the past few months. There, we covered the importance of marketing automations and the value of automated welcome emails to your sales cycle. Welcome emails is only one part of the story. Cart abandonment emails is another very common flavour of automated customer engagement campaign. [...] [more]
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discussion Moosend Press Release - The Crisis in Greece

In the last few days the inundating rise of problems occurring between Greek companies that operate online and their foreign suppliers, has been made apparent. The situation at hand is leaving social media campaigns stranded in mid-air, while the array of tools and services that are provided online have now become out of reach for all domestic companies. [...] [more]
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