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tactics How to take advantage of transactional emails to increase sales [GFX]

They have a very high open and engagement rate. So why not optimize them to promote, upsell, and cross-sell? The following are 7 practical examples of transactional email marketing. [...] [more]
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strategy Profiling: steps for sending relevant, one-to-one emails [GFX]

A complete guide to developing an organic profiling cycle: from the collection of different data clusters (personal data relating to interests and behaviors) to segmentation, up to personalization and automation. In today’s world, simply reaching a recipient’s inbox is not enough. Relevance has become the main factor of a campaign’s success. In email marketing, relevance means delivering messages that meet the interests, habits, needs, and characteristics of the individual user. [...] [more]
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discussion 8 Promotional Emails That Actually Work [GFX]

1. Go beyond the discount The human psyche is a complex entity. When convincing it to buy a product, the money leverage (savings! more savings!) is just one of the possible options, and oftentimes it is not the most effective. In 1954, US psychologist Abraham Maslow categorized human needs in his famous pyramid. Depending on the type of product, communication strategy and other factors, you can try to play on one of the different levels. [...] [more]
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tactics Tutorial: How to Create A Personalized Image in Email

Step #1: Design your email in the drag & drop editor. Let’s recreate the layout of the Stitch Fix happy birthday email in the drag & drop editor. Begin with a single column layout and add the header, image block, and text blocks below. Next, add the text and customize the CTA button. Let’s also add a turquoise HTML color padding to the image, as in the original email. For now, though, let’s leave the image placeholder blank. Our layout is pretty much complete. We now need to create the personalized, [...] [more]
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tactics 4 Mistakes In Managing Email Images

Still, to achieve optimal performance, having aesthetically beautiful images with good resolution is not enough. There have to be at least two additional steps: A precise brief to the graphic department, so that in creating images for emails they have to take into account the specifications and requirements of the email channel; Post-loading actions on the platform (such as the inclusion of alternative texts, which we will discuss shortly), to minimize the possibility of failure or incorrect image [...] [more]
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discussion The Future of Email Marketing, According To Jordie Van Rijn

Entertainment is another form of teasing. I went to the Efteling amusement park recently – it is like a Disney park, but less corny. The whole experience was so extremely entertaining, that I’d gladly recommend it. I don’t mind to share my data with them. Pretty sure I also did, because I had their app installed and entered my favorite attractions. They were tracking me on the virtual map while I was there. A lot of interesting data comes from that. They send you a preview email inviting you back to [...] [more]
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tactics 15 Unique Ways to Use Animated GIFs in Email [GFX]

Marketers increasingly choose animated GIFs to create email communications. But how can you use them in a fun, useful, different way than usual? Here are 15 ideas (plus a bonus) to experiment with right away. We see GIFs being used more and more often in our inboxes, adding a touch of vitality and cheer to email messages. But animated GIFs are not just decorative: they can serve various purposes, such as illustrating a product’s features, do some storytelling about its origins, describing how [...] [more]
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discussion Valentine’s Day Emails: Design Tips We Love [GFX]

Sweeten up the subject line According to Email on Acid, Valentine’s Day email volume is second only to the Christmas holiday season. That means it’s time to put some extra TLC into a well-crafted subject line. High-performing V-Day subject lines have historically included gift and card ideas, personalized greetings, heart symbols, and the word “sweet.” Here are some fun ones from our inbox: [...] [more]
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tactics Top 4 tips for using animated GIFs in email [GFX]

Even if you’re still not sure how to pronounce “GIF,” by now you certainly know what one is: a popular image format that allows for multiple frames and can provide an animated sequence – that’s what we call an animated GIF. Our inboxes have seen a lot animated GIFs this holiday season as email marketers get creative in showcasing products and communicating in increasingly visual and compelling ways. Here’s a recent example from J.Crew: [...] [more]
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tactics Inspiring ways to use countdown timers in email [GFX]

Countdown email timers are one of the most effective ways to add urgency to your message. And it’s no wonder: when readers open an email with a timer, they instantly see a ticking clock with seconds slipping away in real time. It’s a powerful tool. Countdown timers can be implemented in multiple ways in your email campaigns. Read on to get inspired by this roundup of great timers, and start planning your own. [...] [more]
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tactics Your 2016 Guide to Email Design [PDF]

Every day our inboxes are filled with examples of email design innovations that increase engagement with emails and increase transactions. As everyone who works in digital marketing knows, email is far from dead; it’s one of the leading drivers of online purchasing and website traffic. [...] [more]
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antispam MailUp Adopts Vade Retro’s Predictive Anti-Abuse Engine

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Vade Retro Technology – https://www.vade-retro.com/en/ – to leverage their outbound filtering solution, designed for ESP and senders, and their anti-phishing system. Vade Retro’s heuristic spam filter works perfectly with our abuse prevention systems analyzing the contents of all our outbound emails without delaying our customers’ campaigns. [...] [more]
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discussion When choosing a dedicated IP is right for you

One of the biggest misconceptions (and mistakes made) about dedicated IPs is to adopt one for the purpose of improving deliverablity alone, without addressing all the other parameters involved, such as your domain reputation. Choosing a dedicated IP should be tied to a different motivation to the above misconception. You may have realized that your sending volumes are consistent and high enough for a dedicated IP (more than 50,000 emails per month) and you decide to become Return Path certified for [...] [more]
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 discussion 25 Highlights of the 2015 Email Evolution Conference

Did you miss the 2015 Email Evolution Conference in Miami? Catch up with these 25 highlights and a roster of resources from the email marketing conference. [...] [more]
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 strategy Reputation and personalized deliverability

AOL, Comcast, Gmail, and Outlook.com open up at EEC15 The 2015 Email Evolution Conference (#EEC15) just wrapped up, and the closing act was noteworthy one. Four of the largest ISPs on one side, email marketers on the other. Paul Rock (AOL), Matthew Moleski (Comcast), Sri Somanchi (Gmail), and John Scarrow (Outlook.com) answered questions by Dennis Dayman (ReturnPath), [...] [more]
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