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tactics Transactional email don't have to be boring [GFX]

We all know how transactional emails can look bad or be quite boring. Of course, it is important to know that your payment has been processed or that this new pair of jeans you just can’t wait for has been shipped. But almost everytime, those messages, as important and awaited might they be, are bland and off-brand. Usually, the companies using transactional emails will simply send the relevant information (invoice, confirmation, receipt, password reset…) the simplest way possible (i.e. text only). [...] [more]
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discussion Using Gmail For Email Marketing: Not Such A Good Idea

A few days ago, Loïc Le Meur published a post on the French blog Medium wondering why his newsletter kept being marked as spam in his subscribers’ inboxes. At first glance, he meticulously follows the best practices for sending bulk emails: he uses an opt-in only mailing list, an emailing service and he obviously offers quality content. So, what could possibly be causing his emails to end up in the spam folder? [...] [more]
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discussion 3 Ways the Apple Watch Will Change Email Marketing

With the unveiling of the Apple Watch last week, the upcoming smartwatch from, you guessed it, Apple, CEO Tim Cook showed off a product that is crammed with functionality and is set to change the way we use technology for communicating and interacting with others. One of the apps that was shown off during the keynote presentation was, not surprisingly, email. While not offering a full-fledged email client, the Apple Watch will show new incoming emails and even allow users to respond to them directly [...] [more]
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strategy 5 Psychological Principles for Engaging Emails that Get Opened

Welcome to another edition of Flight School Friday! And today’s topic is email engagement. Email engagement is a fancy way to talk about whether your customers pay attention to the emails you send them. It can be measured in quantitative terms via metrics such as open rates and clicks rates. [...] [more]
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