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law The GDPR and What It Means for Your Email Marketing

Come May 25, 2018, a large and significant new ruling will directly impact email marketing to citizens of the European Union (EU). Here's a summary of what the regulation is and how it will affect your email marketing campaigns. [...] [more]
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stats Email Marketing Metrics Report, June 2016

The data in this year's report was collected from almost 1 billion email messages, comprising 49,000 campaigns sent between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Metrics such as open, click, click-to-open, and bounce rates were measured across 29 different industries as well as cross-sectioned with data related to scheduling, personalization, and subject lines. Here are a few takeaways from the 2016 report: Both halves of 2015 produced higher open rates than their respective halves in all previous [...] [more]
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tactics Outlook’s Maximum Height for Images in Email

If you must use an image taller than 1728 pixels, you can declare an image's width and height using their respective HTML attributes. Keep in mind that these attributes do not require the "px" extension. I have personally had success with this method in forcing Outlook to display images taller than 1728 pixels. [...] [more]
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stats Does the Length of Your Email Subject Line Matter?

There's little doubt of the importance of a subject line when sending an email: it's the front door to the rest of your message. In order for someone to walk through, open and click, strategic consideration needs to be given to its content. But what about its length? Should it be given equal consideration? New research indicates that subject line length may not be as crucial as once thought. [...] [more]
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discussion Google Smart Reply: What Is It and Will It Affect Email Marketing?

On April 1, 2009, Google introduced "Gmail Autopilot," a feature that promised to analyze messages received within Gmail and generate contextually relevant replies. According to the Autopilot FAQ, users could adjust the tone, preferred punctuation, and sentence length/complexity of replies, in addition to the propensity for spelling and grammatical errors. As one might have guessed from the date, this was yet another brilliant April Fool's Day hoax from Google. However, on November 5, 2015, Google [...] [more]
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antispam Gmail Plans to Use Strict DMARC Policy to Protect Users

Google recently announced they will be moving Gmail to a strict DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance) Policy by June of 2016. According to the DMARC specification, incoming messages must satisfy checks for both the Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) validation systems. In other words, if a message uses a Gmail "From address," but did not originate on Google's own servers, it will be rejected. [...] [more]
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stats Email Marketing Metrics Report 2015

This year's report features data from approximately 1.1 billion messages which comprised 56,000 campaigns sent between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Metrics such as open, click, click-to-open, and bounce rates were measured over 33 industries, and also cross-sectioned with data related to scheduling, personalization, and subject lines. Here are just a few takeaways from this year's report: For both halves of 2014, open rates were slightly higher, and click rates were slightly lower. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Use Emotional Subject Lines for Increased Open Rates

Your subject line is one of the first things list members see when your email appears in their inbox. While there are many different strategies for writing successful subject lines, most of them involve appealing to your audience's feelings. According to the Advanced Marketing Institute, the quality of a headline to evoke emotions can be described by its Emotional Marketing Value, or EMV. Research has revealed a direct correlation between EMV and engagement, suggesting that EMV may be a useful metric [...] [more]
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tactics An In-depth Look at Email Client Support of the CSS Border Property

Within my tests, I applied the CSS border property at the following markup levels: body, table, table cell, div, and paragraph. On these elements, borders of various widths were tested: 1px, 2px, 8px, 9px, 20px and 50px. Litmus offers previews in over 40 email clients; I tested the border property in all of them. All border properties were inlined on their respective HTML element. For instance, here is the code used to apply a 50px border to a table cell element: [...] [more]
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law Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Results in More Fines, Less Spam

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, which went into effect in July 2014, has led to both substantial fines and a significant drop in the number of spam messages originating in Canada. Back in March, the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued the first notice of violation under the new legislation. The Commission ordered Compu.Finder, a Quebec-based company that provides executive and management training services, to pay a $1.1 million penalty for 4 separate CASL [...] [more]
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tactics Email as an Art: Why Marketers Need to Tell Stories and Touch Emotions

The "Go Green" campaign clearly appealed to the company's subscribers, since it yielded click rates as high as 44% and convinced a large amount of subscribers to make the switch. The cut in printing costs saved Half Price Books over $40,000, while the campaign generated another $30,000 in sales. Additionally, the green branding tied into other marketing campaigns that the company uses to highlight its environmentally-friendly beliefs. [...] [more]
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tactics Preheader Text in Email Marketing

Simply adding an alternate preheader will not guarantee improved email performance. Preheader text must be thoughtfully composed and complement the subject line. With adjustments to preheader text as the sole variable, Matt Byrd, Senior Email Marketing Manager at Litmus, reports increases of 5% to 30% for click through rate (CTR). In some cases, preheader text has been proven to increase CTR up to 104%. The success of preheader text has been found to correlate with the percentage of an audience [...] [more]
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discussion Amazon WorkMail: A Quick Guide for Email Marketers

On January 28, Amazon announced a cloud-based corporate email offering, WorkMail. Amazon WorkMail provides seamless access to email, contacts, and calendars using Microsoft Outlook, native iOS and Android email applications, and a new, feature-rich web client. Amazon WorkMail competes with some components of Office 365 and Google Apps, but is mainly a replacement for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes). Here are some basic facts that email marketers should know about Amazon [...] [more]
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stats MailerMailer's 2014 Email Marketing Metrics Report

MailerMailer's new Marketing Metrics Report provides you with the latest industry benchmarks and email trends. Read the introduction to our email marketing metrics here. [...] [more]
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tactics Windows Display Setting Causes Outlook Image Bug

One of our customers recently brought an email bug to my attention. When a Windows display setting of 125% or 150% is selected, emails viewed in Outlook 2007 and 2010 will often appear broken because images don’t scale up along with the rest of the email. The HTML Email Boilerplate code, which typically prevents major rendering problems, fails to fix this bug. Thankfully, code posted by Michael Muscat on Litmus Discussions offers a simple fix. [...] [more]
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