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discussion Mailchimp Has a New Look

We’ve updated our logo, wordmark, typeface, colors, and imagery like photography and illustrations. We’ve also evolved from “MailChimp” to “Mailchimp” with a lowercase c. Our name began as a playful metaphor: a chimp who delivers your mail. These days we do so much more than that, and our name stands for more than its component parts. Aside from new colors and illustrations, everything inside our customers’ Mailchimp accounts will be largely the same. We’ve made a few changes to our website that make [...] [more]
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law New GDPR Tools Available From MailChimp: Updated Forms, Improved Subscriber Management, and More

Here’s how we’re helping you manage your contacts and their information. Record consent: Our new GDPR-friendly forms will take a snapshot of the form version when each person signs up—along with the information they provided on the form, the date, the time, and the IP address used to submit it—so you’ll always know exactly what the contact saw and what data they provided. This will be available in the contact profile, and you’ll be able to export, share, and prove consent in a few simple steps. Modif [...] [more]
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law New GDPR Tools From MailChimp

Get consent with GDPR-friendly forms If you’re going to rely on consent to process your subscribers’ data, the GDPR says that you must obtain explicit, opt-in consent, and be clear about how your subscribers’ data will be used when you obtain that consent. We’re building GDPR-friendly forms that you can quickly set up to help you get—and document—subscribers’ consent. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to enable GDPR-friendly fields for all hosted forms (including landing pages and pop-ups) connect [...] [more]
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 stats How Long Should You Run Your A/B Test?

For opens, we found that wait times of 2 hours correctly predicted the all-time winner more than 80% of the time, and wait times of 12+ hours were correct over 90% of the time. Bar chart of data showing that the likelihood of selecting the correct winner in an A/B test based on opens increases over time. Accuracy of results reaches 80% after 2 hours. Clicks with wait times of just 1 hour correctly chose the all-time winner 80% of the time, and wait times of 3+ hours were correct over 90% of the time. [...] [more]
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tactics Does the Perfect Email Template Exist? We Used Data to Find Out.

Use simple layouts. In MailChimp we’ve had as many as 24 different basic layout options to choose from at a time, ranging from 1 to 3 columns, and then combinations of those 3. Over the years, we’ve seen that our simple 1 column layout gets used the most often, with 48% of sent campaigns utilizing it. The second most-used template is our 1:2 column, and it significantly trails our 1 column layout with only 4.8% usage. [...] [more]
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discussion How to Protect Your Email List from Bots

We recently announced that we’re going to support single opt-in signups for MailChimp lists right from our own signup forms. This generated a lot of great conversation about deliverability—some that we expected, and some that surprised us. As the person who’s responsible for deliverability at MailChimp, I love it when people understand why this stuff matters. Building a healthy list is a crucial first step in getting to the inbox, and we have a ton of experience helping our customers do both. We’ve [...] [more]
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discussion Why Single Opt-In? Update for EU Customers

We’ve made an important change for MailChimp users located in the European Union: If your primary contact address is in the EU, your existing forms will remain double opt-in. [...] [more]
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discussion New Popup Modal Forms by MailChimp + defaulting to Single opt-in

These pop-up forms now give you the choice to make your forms single or double opt-in. And on October 31, the rest of MailChimp’s form options will offer that choice, too. Single opt-in has been a popular request from our customers over the years, and we want to provide you with the flexibility to choose the opt-in method that makes sense for your business. To set the opt-in preferences for your lists, log into MailChimp and navigate into your settings. With single opt-in, your subscribers will be [...] [more]
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strategy Our Top Holiday Tips for Small Businesses

Pumpkin spice is back in stores, which means if you haven’t yet done so, it’s time to get cracking on your holiday marketing plan. When it comes to driving revenue, the holidays are often the most hectic—and most important—time of year. There are tons of ways business owners can capitalize on the season, from setting up retargeting ads to acquire new customers, to giving your website a festive refresh, to adding product recommendations into your emails. All of these tactics have varying degrees of [...] [more]
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law Mailchimp Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [PDF]

The GDPR will become enforceable on May 25, 2018, and will set a high bar for global privacy rights and compliance. We are actively preparing our business and compliance processes for the GDPR to take effect, and this guide is intended to help our customers do the same. Please note that this guide is for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. We encourage you to work with legal and other professional counsel to determine precisely how the GDPR might apply to your [...] [more] 
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discussion How to Make the Most Out of Email GIFs

t seems like animated GIFs are everywhere these days. In blog posts, on social media, in text messages from your friends—it’s a GIF-y world out there. And they’re becoming increasingly popular in email, too. We’re big fans of GIFs in a show-don’t-tell sorta way, but they’re also great for conveying complex emotions and filling the void that is a general lack of video support in email. In a world where eyes are drawn to moving pictures but need information quickly, GIFs are here to provide [...] [more]
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social Testing Your Way to Better Facebook Ads

Who you target matters. When you build Facebook ads in MailChimp, you can create an audience with the list of contacts you already send to. According to our data, using your list to find and target similar people on Facebook can more than double an ad’s ROI. For Feminist Apparel, targeting similar people alone wasn’t generating sales; they needed to get more specific. So they used our list segmentation tools to target people with similar interests to their best and most-engaged customers. “It’s incre [...] [more]
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stats Single Email or Series? Choosing the Most Effective Automation for Your Business

On average, an abandoned cart series produces an order for every 43 recipients, as compared to a single abandoned cart email, which yields an order for every 54 recipients. That’s a 24% increase in orders per recipient. Still not convinced? Let’s compare average revenue per automation for the abandoned cart series and the abandoned cart email. [...] [more]
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discussion Great Email Subject Lines & Preheaders

Kasey Wiese knows that belts are often one of the most overlooked fashion accessories on the market. It can be tough, she admits, to get people excited about an accessory that’s “never really seen.” But as the marketing communications manager and graphic designer for Arcade Belts, she’s doing her part to change that perception. [...] [more]
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stats Using Segmentation to Improve Click Rate and Increase Sales

Segments can be based on interest groups, demographic data, e-commerce activity, and other subscriber data. Our research team considered regular campaigns sent during the second half of 2016, then determined which type of segment each campaign used, including none. We used the median rate for each metric to avoid bias from outliers that were extremely low or high. Before we get started, here are our definitions of the different segmentation types mentioned: [...] [more]
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