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discussion Adobe & Marketo: 1+1 = 0.5 (sometimes)

Congratulations to Adobe for its ~$4.8bn purchase of Marketo - big news in the marketing automation space. Marketo was trading for about $1.8bn when Vista Private equity took it private, only to flip it for >2.5x that value just a few years later. Adobe has impressively continued to build out quality assets in its portfolio – Omniture, Day Software (now Adobe AEM), Neolane (now Adobe Campaign), TubeMogul and most recently Magento. All of these acquisitions frame Adobe as the clear leader in the [...] [more]
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law ICO: Legitimate Interest for B2B Email?

My question was: "please answer 'yes/no' to whether legitimate interests may be appropriate to send marketing emails to employees at a corporate body to their personal corporate email addresses (e.g., personsname@org.co.uk) when the person is not an existing customer." ICO's response is: "If you are sending a marketing email to a corporate subscriber such as, firstname.lastname@company.com, then you do not need prior consent before you send the marketing email. You may be able to rely on [...] [more]
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discussion How your attribution model is skewing your subject line tests

When do you stop counting opens or clicks generated by the email? Do you stop attributing after a day, week or when the next email going out? As we showed before, even straight forward and very measurable actions like an open or a click come with a sting in the tail. Open Later Click Later or Buy Later, which begs the question. How late is later? The chart below taken from an attribution audit conducted by Alchemy Worx for a large retailer. We analysed every campaign sent over a 3 month period with [...] [more]
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discussion Google has killed Email Marketing ... Again

Google is going to penalise pages with a pop-up, pop-over or (as they called it) an interstitial on mobile devices. If the popular and marketing press are to be believed, this will kill a popular and very successful data capture tactic. This recent announcement and the subsequent coverage resulted in a flurry of queries from clients about what we thought. Luckily dotmailer is in the perfect position to have an opinion on this as we both came from a website design and build background as well as [...] [more]
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discussion Using Machine Learning to Take the Pain out of Email Marketing

Email marketers have been the victims of their own success. Whether you’re in media, eCommerce, B2B services, or even brick-and-mortar retail, email has consistently proven itself to be one of the easiest, cheapest, and highest-performing channels available today. Add in powerful data analytics and marketing automation platforms, and the potential for optimizing performance and efficiency seems limitless. And it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. [...] [more]
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 discussion Less Is More: Optimizing Email Volume Part 1

In July 2015, we announced that we are reducing email volume so that members receive only the most relevant email communication from us. We have been making a concentrated effort in this direction, the results of which are hopefully already noticeable. In this post, we explain how we achieved those results. In part two of this series, we will discuss our new improved technique for email volume optimization which is being rolled out this year. [...] [more]
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discussion How can Artificial Intelligence help marketers?

The problem is that marketing today is extremely complex. The need to stand out from the crowd, and then aggregate data across channels, unify and make sense it – that is only the beginning. Driving the customer to the next purchase encompasses many variables and decisions we need to make, such as: What time should I send the message? Which channel should I be using? How long should I be waiting if my customer took (or did not take) action? Which device should I find my customer on? At what time of [...] [more]
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antispam CSA Summit 2016 Review: Let's go back to the basics

There is always a lot to gain from attending the Certified Senders Alliance summits, and the 2016 summit was no exception. When I reflect on all that was discussed, it seems to me that the key topics of this year’s Summit could be summed up in just one word: trust. It’s one word, but it represents one of the broadest and most compelling content areas when it comes to email and deliverability, with a whole word behind it! [...] [more]
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discussion Image based emails - still worth fighting over?

I was asked today "since image based email is 'bad' why does some of the largest retailers, Gap, Target, [name your retailer here], still do it"? And it's true, I get hundreds of tile layout image based emails. As we tested for deliverability (less than a half of a percent), the major errors that came back were non-specific for clients like Juno, Aol and other no name clients, no one would ever think to test. [...] [more]
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tactics Linkedin: Sending less email is just the beginning

As my colleague Aatif Awan shared a few months ago, we’ve made changes so that the emails you receive are more infrequent and more relevant. As a result, we are now sending 50% fewer emails and have reduced complaints by more than 65%. But it doesn’t stop there. We’d like to ensure that we only send you messages that you want to read no matter how you hear from us. That’s why we have been working on developing a new email and notifications platform called Air Traffic Controller (ATC). [...] [more]
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tactics Solved: Email Buttons & CSS Gradients

It seemed to me that since making gradients is simple CSS, and still technically is a "background", how hard could it be to use this instead if an image? Harder than I thought. Before we read on the findings are this: yahoo, and outlook 2003 will not render CSS gradients, legacy browsers using outlook.com still are being persnickety about them as well. However you can still choose a solid background color as your fallback so fundamentally it is not broken. Outlook.com and Yahoo, at the time of this a [...] [more]
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discussion LinkedIn group: "Spamtrap problem. Would appreciate some help."

Recently we've had some problems with a hostile entity, don't know whether unethical competition or a disgruntled ex-employee. More exactly it has been feeding spamtrap emails to our frontpage sign up with predictable results. [...] [more]
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discussion Microsoft, It's Time to Address Outlook's Proprietary Email Format

During the keynote at Microsoft's Build Developer Conference, developers were greeted with a new Microsoft mantra: Empower every developer. Microsoft applications now run on competing operating systems and developers can build Microsoft applications using languages from competing platforms.Email developers and designers, however, still aren’t feeling empowered. Here’s why.The Wild West of Email DevelopmentMany Web developers crafting their first HTML email quickly realize how frustrating email [...] [more]
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discussion When to clean inactives? 3months, 6months, never?

I have a double opt-in email database of about 50K. My niche is wireless broadband technologies like WiFi and LTE. I use Mailchimp and ran some recent reports. I noticed about 1/2 of my list have not opened an email in 6 months. [...] [more]
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discussion How do you handle direct responses from email campaigns?

Do you set up a dedicated mailbox and regularly check it for replies (like us) or do you have a more automated solution? Wish I could say we have a more streamlined process but we are using the dedicated inbox solution as well. We initially had it forwarding to our support team, but then their support queue was flooded with out of office replies after an email send, so we stopped doing that. I would be interested to hear if anyone had a more automated method. [...] [more]
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