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discussion Research: The Million Domain Challenge: Broadcast Email Prioritization by Cross-domain Recommendation [PDF]

With email overload becoming a billion-level drag on the economy, personalized email prioritization is of urgent need to help predict the importance level of an email. Despite lots of previous effort on the topic, broadcast email, an important type of emails with its unique challenges and intriguing opportunities, has been overlooked. The most salient opportunity lies in that effective collaborative filtering features can be exploited due to thousands of receivers of a typical broadcast email. [...] [more] 
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discussion Research: Smart Reply: Automated Response Suggestion for Email [PDF]

In this paper we propose and investigate a novel end-to-end method for generating automatic short e-mail responses, called Smart Reply. It generates semantically diverse sug- gestions that can be used as complete email responses with just one tap on mobile. The system is currently used in Inbox by Gmail and is responsible for handling 10% of all mobile responses. It is designed to work at very high throughput and process hundreds of millions of messages daily. The system exploits state-of-the-art [...] [more] 
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discussion Research: Email Volume Optimization at LinkedIn [PDF]

Providers of an online social networking service need to dis- tribute messages to members for a variety of reasons. Com- mon types of messages communicated by a social networking service to its members include membership and event noti- cations, connection requests, promotions, and information regarding other aspects of a member's network. Such com- munication, if used judiciously, can help keep a member en- gaged. However, sending a message for every instance of event, connection update, or the like [...] [more] 
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