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discussion Revisiting the Unforgettable Emails of 2019

We teamed up with Really Good Emails to discuss 2019's most unforgettable emails. Email marketers pushed the creative envelope and we've got the highlights! [...] [more]
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strategy Accelerate Productivity and Collaboration With an Email Design System – Iterable

Ted Goas, Principal Product Designer at Stack Overflow, explained at Iterable's Activate 19 how to bring order to the chaos with an email design system. [...] [more]
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discussion Are You Distracted by the Wrong Email Metrics?

There is a difference between the email metrics aligned with business success and those that manage the campaign process. Here's how to focus appropriately. [...] [more]
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tactics How To Use GIFs Effectively in Emails [GFX]

Two years ago, we suggested adding GIFs to your marketing emails. Have you tried it? Now that it’s no longer a passing fad, we wanted to remind you to give it another shot. Back in the 90s, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) images were uber popular on webpages with all their glittering and flashing glory. Email marketers are now modernizing the tactic to engage users and encourage them to convert. In this post we’ll cover: [...] [more]
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discussion April Fools: Pranking the Inbox 2015 [GFX]

On April Fool’s Day, not even your email inbox is off limits. Here’s a look at our favorite prank emails that caught our attention. [...] [more]
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