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tactics jakerb/ImageTable: Convert images to HTML tables using GD

Convert images to HTML tables using GD, great for email templates. This is an experimental project created to try and overcome the issue of loading images into email templates by replacing them using a table. This project works great with small icons and graphics, it's not recommended for larger images. [...] [more]
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discussion Bug: Gmail currently messes up animated GIF compression

I've seen several reports this week that Gmail messes up animated GIF compression. Consider the following code with an animated GIF (thanks to Thomas D. on Slack for providing a similar example) : [...] [more]
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discussion DoiChain - “Double-Opt-In“ System on the Blockchain [PDF]

This primarily technical document is mainly intended to be understood by blockchain developers. Several chapters are also readable for a non-technical audience. E.g. 2) Summary 3) Background & Motivation and others. Also visit https://www.doichain.org/en/#about . [more] 
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discussion Email Bugs Repository on Github

A repository for documenting bugs in webmails and email applications, inspired by Device Bugs and SVG Weirdness. The goal is to make email designers life easier in order to find and understand weird email clients behaviors. But it's also to try to improve the situation by reporting each bug to the concerned company. [...] [more]
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discussion Measuring Gmail clipping limit

When HTML emails are too large, Gmail clips them with a [Message clipped] notice and a View entire message link. It's been widely shared that this clipping occurs after 102Kb (example: Gmail is clippin my email on Mailchimp). But no one seems to know where this number comes from. And different people have experience different results around the 100Kb mark. So what is going on exactly? Can we figure out Gmail's clipping algorithm? [...] [more]
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