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tactics Segment on Signup: Collect the Data Before You Send [GFX]

One of the many updates to our email marketing best practices guide is tip #30: Segment on Signup. We used Strava as an example. The fitness-tracking tool asks new users if they are runners or cyclists, then tailors onboarding emails to their sport of choice. It’s a simple question with a significant impact on the [...] [more]
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discussion Best Practices: 40 Tips for Better Emails [GFX]

Yes, you need to segment your lists and yes, you should upgrade your transactional emails, but every email marketer also needs to invest time in big picture strategies like positioning, voice, value and conversion optimization. The 40 tips below may seem basic, but you’ll find many at the core of the best email marketing campaigns out there. You’ll also notice that many of the examples employ five or more of these tips in a single email. For best results, apply liberally. [...] [more]
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discussion You Don’t Have to Send So Many Emails [GFX]

Your customers are inundated with hundreds of messages every day. The signal to noise ratio is lower than ever. But somehow, a handful of businesses manage to stand out in the inbox. Some rely on data to monitor behavior and trigger messages. Others invest in good, old-fashioned branding. Still others make their mark with great copywriting. There is no right way but there are plenty of wrong ones. [...] [more]
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tactics Email as Product: How to Deliver Experience and Utility with Recurring Emails [GFX]

Creating great customer experiences is about delivering something useful to each individual customer, when it is actually useful. This is all building a great company is really about: offering something useful to customers, to solve a problem when they need it. [...] [more]
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tactics 9 Great Email Marketing Case Studies (and Counting)

Transparency is hot right now, but not in email marketing. You can see how many Twitter followers a brand has. Lots of businesses blog about their audience growth. And some newsletters share their subscriber count as social proof. But no one talks about open and click rates, ROI or impact on the bottom line. It’s taboo in the email world. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Use Social Proof in Email Marketing

“Billions and billions served.” It may be the canonical example of social proof. We’ve all seen it and most of us are among the billions served. McDonald’s simple slogan connotes ubiquity and community. Some version of that line reaches 69 million customers each day. It’s wise to borrow strategies from companies like McDonald’s. After all, they’ve spent millions on research and advertising to arrive at a four-word slogan. If they believe social proof works, there’s a pile of data to back it up. [...] [more]
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tactics Customer Onboarding: The Evernote Welcome Series [GFX]

How long has “Update the onboarding emails” been on your to-do list? Onboarding is the process of getting new users to “first value” as quickly as possible. The sooner customers use your product’s best features, the sooner they’ll see an ROI on their investment and the more likely they are to stay. Onboarding is especially [...] [more]
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 discussion 15 Retention Emails to Reduce Churn and Keep Customers Happy [GFX]

Email isn’t the only way to retain customers but it’s low-hanging fruit for most businesses. While most customers stay for a great product and exceptional customer service, you must acknowledge that some churn is caused simply by apathy. Most of your customers don’t have time, or simply don’t care enough, to squeeze every last drop [...] [more]
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tactics How to Send Retention Emails That Are Useful to Your Customers

While most marketers are stuck in “batch and blast” mode, Airbnb is doing things differently. The company doesn’t see email as a tactic to drive clicks and traffic – it’s a way to help their customers find a place to stay. It’s actually an extension of the customer experience. That’s why they’ve setting up simple [...] [more]
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 discussion How to Send Behavioral Emails That Will Boost Your Conversions [GFX]

You don't need a massive budget to send great emails. In this post, we'll show you how to start using behavioral emails to increase your conversions. [...] [more]
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tactics The Replenishment Email: An E-Commerce Hack Guaranteed to Drive Sales

Our blog posts are normally loaded with examples and screenshots. Not today. Why? Because hardly anyone is using the replenishment email strategy. If you sell items that need to be replenished, you are leaving recurring revenue on the table. [...] [more]
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 discussion 10 Counterintuitive Lessons We’ve Learned About Email Marketing

There are about six million articles on the Internet that offer email marketing tips. Most aren’t very good. Read a few of them and you’ll come away thinking that a subject line A/B test is the only thing standing between your little startup and an IPO. We have a different take on email. [...] [more]
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tactics How To Write Effective Re-Engagement Emails

You’ve fought hard. You’ve fought hard to get people on your email list. You’ve fought hard to get them to sign up for free trial. You’ve fought hard to get them to your website to make a purchase. Or you’ve fought hard to get them to make that first purchase. So what do you do about those people who stop engaging with your business? Those who stop opening your emails, don’t upgrade to a paid account, don’t complete their first purchase, or don’t return to your website to make another purchase? You [...] [more]
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discussion 26 Email Marketing Tips from the World’s Smartest Companies [GFX]

There are countless elements that can make or break an email. Layout, readability, buttons, and minor psychological tricks are but a few things you need to keep in mind when designing emails that will trigger action. Conversions don't happen by accident and neither do great emails. The following 25 tips are based on emails from some of the world's smartest companies. 1. Let images do the talking. Make the text-to-image ratio lean in favor of images. Custom graphics might convey your message better [...] [more]
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strategy How to Use a Giveaway to Get 2,239 Email Subscribers in 10 Days

This is a post by our friend Bryan Harris that originally appeared on his blog VideoFruit. It was 8:15 a.m. on Monday, September 15th. My day was completely planned out. I was gearing up to launch the Vault in two weeks and was on a tight deadline. And then Twitter happened. I came across a case study by Josh Earl where he showed how he collected over 60,000 emails by hosting a giveaway. 60,000 email subscribers? In 10 days? That completely blew me away. So I canceled all of my plans and set up my [...] [more]
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