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law FTC: Operator of Email Management Service Settles FTC Allegations that it Deceived Consumers About How it Accesses and Uses Emails

An email management company will be required to delete personal information it collected from consumers as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that the company deceived some consumers about how it accesses and uses their personal emails. [...] [more]
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law Candid answers to CAN-SPAM questions

The classic 40s movie An Email to Three Wives, the R&B hit Take an Email, Maria, and C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Emails. The titles would have been different if they had been written recently. Email is an essential part of most companies’ marketing strategy. If you send commercial email – or have others send it for you – are you complying with the CAN-SPAM Act and the FTC's CAN-SPAM Rule? FTC attorney Christopher Brown answers some of the CAN-SPAM questions businesses are asking. [...] [more]
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