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discussion Gmail Promotional Tab Markup Tool for Promotion Card Image Previews

Gmail released a new set of Promotion Tab features yesterday that included a sender customized preview called PromotionCard, custom logos and deal badges. See here for the overview. I’ve created a simple tool to help you generate the markup required to display the features when your email is featured in the Top Promotions section in Gmail’s Promotion Tab (Note there is no guarantee that your email will be featured). [...] [more]
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tactics Full Page Intro Animations in Email

This is a simple technique to show a brief animation of an object or text against a blank page and having the rest of the email “fade in” after the animation ends. This is a follow on of a previous example with fade in text animation. I got the inspiration from Apple’s MacBook website featuring a Macbook appearing over a blank page. This technique is supported by the email clients that support CSS animation – namely the iOS email clients (iPhone, iPad), Apple Mail and Samsung Mail. For other clients, [...] [more]
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tactics Using -webkit no Longer Needed for CSS Animations in Email

Its 2018 and email clients that support CSS animations no longer require the -webkit vendor prefix when using the animation CSS property or @keyframes rule. When kinetic email design started to gain interest around 2014, the primary email client that supported animations was the iPhone email client on iOS 8, which required the -webkit vendor prefix for animations. However later iOS versions (9 and above) no longer require the -webkit prefix. According to this report 99% of Apple devices are now on iO [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail Testing Subject Line Images with Promotion Cards

Earlier today, Return Path’s Senior Email Strategist, Rafael Viana (who lives in Brazil) discovered that an email in his Gmail Android inbox contained an image under the subject line of an email from Booking.com. Upon further inspection, it appears that this image is defined in a special Gmail specific code snippet called Schema.org. Read here for Return Path’s take on this. [...] [more]
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 discussion AMP for Email: What You Need to Know

The email community was abuzz yesterday with Google’s announcement of Amp for Email at Google’s AMP event in Amsterdam. The development was met with excitement because AMP for Email allowed for fully interactive emails in Gmail. This article will go into some of the key information behind AMP for Email. [...] [more]
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tactics Changing the Stacking Order of Elements Without z-index

I recently learned that its possible to change the stacking order of elements without using z-index. This can be done by using other CSS properties to create what is called a new “stacking context”. This article goes into the details of stacking context and how certain CSS properties affect them. [...] [more]
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tactics Apple Mail Sometimes Hides the Last Image in an Email

When you have an email with an image at the very bottom of an email, sometimes that image is not displayed in Apple Mail. This is a very strange bug that is unlikely to manifest in real campaigns because most emails contain footer text at the bottom. However this can be very frustrating and confusing when experimenting with different email designs and techniques. [...] [more]
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tactics Swipe to Reveal Technique

Check out this swipe to reveal technique created by Daniel Sivan from Wired Messenger. This technique overlays a div with an image over a div container and uses left padding on the overlay div to “push” the image to the right of the container – leaving a “handle” that the user can use to drag the content into view. [...] [more]
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tactics Microsoft Interactive Email That Does Not Work on Microsoft Email Clients

I came across this interactive email featuring Microsoft Surface computers. The email uses an interactive accordion to display a list of Surface devices that expand and collapse when the recipient taps or clicks on an arrow within the accordion. I thought that this email was very well executed – it was simple and the interactivity enhanced the experience of the email. [...] [more]
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tactics Outlook.com Removes Placeholder Links in Email

When developing an email design, its common that we use placeholder URLs in links or we leave it blank. However Outlook.com does not like that and will alter your link if the url is missing or contains a bare anchor (href=”#”). [...] [more]
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tactics Interactive Hotspots in Email [GFX]

As you can see from the example above, interactive hotspots, or user initiated information overlays are an effective way to deliver additional contextual information on an image. This article on the Email on Acid blog explains how to build Hotspots in email that will work in iOS Mail, Apple Mail and AOL Mail. If you’re feeling adventurous they can be made to also work on Yahoo! Mail and Gmail Webmail as well as these clients support the :hover pseudo-class. [...] [more]
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tactics CSS Hacks: Falling Basketball With Fixed Positioning

This is a cool interactive email featuring a falling basketball. This email takes advantage of the thin and tall nature of a mobile email client for its effect. Fixed positioning (position:fixed) allows an element to stay at a fixed position in the screen when scrolling over content. This feature has long been supported by iOS Mail (though not Apple Mail). Unfortunately it looks like this feature might be removed in the next iOS version (iOS10). [...] [more]
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 discussion Microsoft’s Slow March To Email Redemption

You might have tuned in to Litmus’ “industry changing” announcement at the Litmus Conference that Litmus will be collecting feedback and bug reports on Microsoft’s behalf for the various Outlook email clients. Its great to see Microsoft taking steps to embrace email designers in their email client development and I applaud the folks at Litmus for taking the initiative to establish a formal channel with the Outlook team. [...] [more]
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mobile Responsive Rollover Images for Email

A while back I wrote an article 3 Steps to Create an Interactive Email Using CSS that demonstrated a method to create rollover images in email using background images. However the old method requires the width of the image to be fixed because the background-size property is not uniformly supported by all email clients. [...] [more]
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 tactics Tracking User Interactions in Email With Google Analytics

This post will cover how to use Google Analytics to serve up the tracking pixel and provide the tracking reports. A not so well known feature of Google Anaytics (GA) is the ability to track email events – specifically tracking email opens. By carefully constructing your analytics pixel URL you can also use that to track user interactions in your kinetic campaigns. If you don’t yet have a Google Analytics tracking ID (UA-XXXXX), follow this link to get one. [...] [more]
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