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stats Umsatz, Konversionen & Kundenbindung: Wichtige Kennzahlen erfolgreicher Marken

Das Geschäftsziel mit der höchsten Priorität ist – wenig überraschend – die Umsatzsteigerung. Wenn Sie nicht wachsen, ist Ihr Unternehmen nicht gesund. Investoren, Vorstandsmitglieder und Führungskräfte sowie Marketing-, E-Commerce-, Betriebsablauf- und Technik-Teams sind sich über die Bedeutung dieser Schlüssel-Metrik einig: der Umsatz. Wie entwickeln sich die Geschäfte im Jahresverlauf und was ist eine „gute“ Umsatzsteigerungsrate? [...] [more]
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discussion What Dangers Are Lurking in Your Tech Stack? [PDF]

Some marketers wear a complex, towering tech stack as a badge of honor. A giant stack is nothing to be proud of, though. In fact, it’s inefficient, expensive, and introduces immense organizational risk. In this whitepaper, we’ll get into why you should use caution when constructing your tech stack. We’ll also propose some ways to avoid the common mistakes today’s marketing leaders make when it comes to technology. [...] [more] 
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tactics 3 Powerful Website Personalization Tactics to Boost Conversions

What’s your most effective marketing channel? It should be your website. In this definitive guide, we’re outlining everything you need to know about personalizing your website – including three examples of tactics that will make your customers feel as though you know each of them on a one-to-one level. [...] [more]
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discussion Emarsys Revolution 2017 Videos [VID]

Get a Glimpse of Revolution 2017. The brightest minds in marketing met in Berlin to discuss the latest strategies and tools they are using to find success. Watch their sessions below and gain invaluable insights that you can't find anywhere else. [...] [more]
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discussion How to Optimize Your Algorithms & Automation for Personalized Marketing

Having data is great, but what the machines really need is quality data. When you’re working in an automation center, you’re able to create campaigns without thinking about all of the heavy lifting and data processing that is happening in the background to make it successful. For example, our automation center offers a visual representation of how the dots of a customer journey are connected — bridging data points: events, subscribers, consumer actions, and your marketing activities. [...] [more]
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stats October 2017 Benchmark: Automated Email Campaigns Work

automated campaigns perform significantly better than their older counterparts. Compared to batch-and-blast email campaigns, campaigns sent via the Automation Center earned a 74% increase in open rates and a 244% higher click-through rate. We see a clear correlation between the size of a dispatch and the engagement rates with that campaign — essentially the more people in a segment, the lower the overall engagement rates (opens and clicks). One-to-one campaigns – the true promise of marketing – are [...] [more]
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stats June 2017 Benchmark: Key Email Marketing Trends

Each month, we like to provide you with some insights from our own customer data to help inform your marketing strategy. This month, we’re taking a look at some Y-O-Y trends, and highlighting several clients that are leveraging email to drive measurable behavior change with their customers. We’ll also take a look at some of the tools and strategies available to improve your own email marketing metrics and drive better engagement. [...] [more]
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discussion Forrester Wave: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q2 2016 [PDF]

n our 26-criteria evaluation of cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) providers, we identified the 15 most significant ones — adobe, emarsys, experian Marketing services, ibm, oracle, Pegasystems, Pitney Bowes, RedPoint global, salesforce, sas, sdl, selligent, smartFocus, teradata, and teradata Marketing applications — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. this report shows how each provider measures up and helps B2C marketing professionals make the right choice. [...] [more] 
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strategy 6 Abandoned Cart Email Tricks That Work [GFX]

6 Abandoned Cart Email Tricks That Work Shoppers abandon 76% of shopping carts, which means $18 billion of lost revenue for the retail industry. (Listrack, 2015) The ecommerce industry will grow by 10% this year (Forrester, 2014), so retail marketers find themselves sharing their digital space with more and more competition. But why focus [...] [more]
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stats From Personalisation To Customer Loyalty: Research Report [PDF]

6 Research Findings Essential For Ecommerce Marketers In 2015. This research is based on the online shopping habits of 2,000 UK Ecommerce consumers. We have identified 6 essential findings on personalisation which lead to unsurpassed customer loyalty. [...] [more] 
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discussion Three great examples of brands using offline and online data

For the past decade, traditional High Street brands have busied themselves attempting to conquer the digital world. Meanwhile, ecommerce-only brands are becoming increasingly likely to open physical stores to facilitate their growth. One example is Jeweller Astley Clarke, which experienced rapid online growth and has since opened a showroom and store at its London headquarters. [more]
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strategy Digitale Umarmungen

Kürzlich saß ich an einer Präsentation, die sich um das Thema Kundenbindung drehte. Auf der Suche nach einem Titel über das Erreichen von Kunden und Kontakten über die diversen Kanäle, die uns zur Verfügung stehen, stolperte ich über den Begriff “Kontextualisierung”, was so viel bedeutet wie Content, Kontext und situationsbedingtes Nutzerverhalten in Verbindung zu bringen. Das Konzept der Kontextualisierung wurde ursprünglich von Forrester in dem Magazin “Advance To Next-Generation Personalization” [...] [more]
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strategy Lassen Sie Ihre Abmelder gehen! Aber halten Sie die Unentschlossenen.

Um diesen Effekt messbar zu machen, verglichen wir das Abmelde-Verhalten von über 35.000 Usern bei Kunden aus unterschiedlichen Branchen und mit unterschiedlichsten Abmelde-Logiken. Dabei unterschieden wir erstens zwischen Abmeldeseiten, die einfach nur die Möglichkeit bieten, sich abzumelden. Allerdings über einen bewusst gestalteten Zwischenschritt, völlig ohne zusätzliche Optionen oder Login-Notwendigkeit. Und zweitens Seiten, die Optionen zum Interesse oder vor allem zur Abmeldung von einzelnen [...] [more]
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discussion Deliverability In China: Debunking The Myths

One of my best professors at the university once said: “The sound that I like the most is the sound of a myth being broken” Myth, according to The Oxford English Dictionary, is “a widely held but false belief or idea”. In this blog I would like to break about two widely-held ideas (or more accurately, practices), concerning email deliverability, identifying the factors that bring us all (myself included) to accept those practices, and then explain why I now believe them to be no more than myths. [...] [more]
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strategy eRFM: Wie Sie Customer Engagement richtig verstehen [PDF]

Einer von Royal Mail durchgeführten Studie zufolge hat sich die Zahl der Einzelhändler, die sich in Großbritannien allein auf den Online-Vertrieb beschränken, zwischen 2008 und 2012 verdoppelt1. Die Händler sehen sich einer immer größeren Anzahl von Mitbewerbern gegenüber, während die Konsumenten zunehmend vom Angebot überfordert sind. [...] [more] 
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