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discussion 11 Trending HTML Email Template Styles in 2018 [GFX]

Trending HTML email examples, presented here, are to help you keep up with the times and surprise your customers with catchy emails. We, as marketers, need to impress and keep our customers engaged and interested in us/our brand to make them stay with us as long as possible. [...] [more]
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discussion Image Caching in Webmails – Alarm for your Email Metrics?

Recently Yahoo! Mail announced that they have changed how they handle embedded images in emails. Similar to the bold move by Gmail in 2013 to adopt image caching, Yahoo! will now cache all the images and display them from their own proxy servers. Webmails like Gmail and Yahoo! implemented this to greatly improve email load speed and reliability, but it throws a monkey wrench into the works for email marketing. [...] [more]
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tactics Choose Right Colors to Increase Engagement

Achromatic Color Scheme: Derived from the Greek word ‘chroma’, achromatic roughly translates into ‘devoid of color’ i.e. Black and White color scheme. In this kind of color scheme, white text is used over a black background to create an artistic effect as well as clean and professional look. [...] [more]
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 discussion Email Contest – Best Email Design Hunt 2017 [GFX]

BEST ENTRIES GALLERY. The HUNT for the best email design begins here.... Here is the list of entries submitted for The Best Email Design Hunt. Please encourage the participants by voting the entries you like. Your votes will help them WIN. [...] [more]
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discussion Top 5 Brands using Humor in Email to delight subscribers [GFX]

We all love HUMOR. Yes, even the most serious looking email marketers among us. Humor has been a vital part of marketing since ages. And when it comes to email marketing, out of the dozens of emails that dive into our inbox every day, it’s that one humorous copy that puts a smile on our face. Check out how various brands are successfully using humor to build their brand and enhance email engagement: [...] [more]
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tactics Cope with Email Rendering Challenges Across Email Clients

Desktop Email Clients Gmail for Desktop This is the most convenient and most popular email client among the users. Challenges and workarounds: Message clipping Keep the email file size below 102 kb and avoid unnecessary styling. style and link not supported in the head when sent through ESP Rewrite the code by adding a color style to each and every a tag. [...] [more]
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discussion Why welcome email series is better for your business [GFX]

Attracted to your profile and what you have displayed on your website, people subscribed to your list. Now is your time to impress them. First impressions last; and a welcome email is your chance at making a good first impression on your subscribers. Welcome emails are incredibly effective.According to Wordstream, on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails. [...] [more]
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tactics Dos and Dont's of Alt text in Emails

There’s no need to disown images just because of the injustice imposed by the email clients. Use the best practices of Alt text as described and your subscribers will still love your emails regardless of the image blocking issue. [...] [more]
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discussion Kinetic Email Design- Build Engaging Emails [GFX]

Kinetic Interactive: These are emails that have additional elements that respond to user Kinetic interactive emails involve the use of the :hover, :active, :focus or :checked CSS selectors. The elements used in these emails are user-driven carousels containing navigation buttons and collapsible menus. This email from Adidas is a perfect example for kinetic interactive email. [...] [more]
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discussion Gamification in Emails [GFX]

Take a behavior-based approach if you wish to tread on the path of gamification. You are likely to get more subscriber engagement, better visits on your website, and more newsletter subscriptions by incorporating game mechanics in your email campaigns. Offer rewards to user actions to tempt the subscribers to invite their friends and make them curious to know more about you. To put it simply, determine the motivators that can drive the desired behavior from your subscribers and design a gamification [...] [more]
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tactics Email Rendering Issues in Outlook and Hacks to Save the Day

Here are the key issues for building and rendering emails for Outlook and the workarounds for them. Background images not supported There different types of backgrounds you can use in your emails. [...] [more]
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mobile Gmail Features v/s Non-Gmail ID Fallbacks

Statista has forecasted that by 2019, worldwide smartphone users will reach a massive 2.5 billion. This reaffirms the need for email marketers to focus on building responsive emails.As per statist [...] [more]
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tactics Interactive Elements- Client Support & Email Fallback Strategies

We have seen email marketing evolve over the years, but the pace at which it is accepting and implementing new technology today is remarkable. The new age emails are more fun, more vibrant and most im [...] [more]
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discussion Email Design Trends for 2017 [GFX]

It’s that time of the year when every email users’ inbox is flooded with diverse offers and greetings. Some are plain text wishes and some are extravagant pieces of art, you are proud to have received. Taking a leaf out of the fresh set of emails gracing our inbox, Monks have come forth with the Email Design Trends that are set to revolutionize the email industry in 2017. [...] [more]
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tactics How to avoid gmail clipping and why is it important?

Have you ever come across the words “Message Truncated” or “Message Clipped” or “View Entire Message”, at the end of an email you received in Gmail? Now, tell me something honestly. How many of you actually click to read the remaining part of the LOOOOOOOOONG PROMOTIONAL email? I’m sure only a few of you raised your hands or may be none! [...] [more]
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