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strategy The Complete Overview to Crisis Email Marketing and the Coronavirus

Back in stock: Customer buying behavior changes. Communicate honestly, let customers know when products are out of stock and come back in stock. Provide an back in stock alert option. Open communication builds trust. Rely more on your database: Continue to build your list, certainly now. An easy sign-up process and multiple sign up options are in place to turn web visitors into subscribers. Your database is an asset, emphasize list growth to compensate reduced ad spend / conversions. [...] [more]
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discussion The Future of email marketing 2019

Our Annual review of all email marketing trends 2019 to guide your email and marketing automation strategy. Welcome to the future of email marketing automation. [...] [more]
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 discussion The Future of email marketing

Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox, but marketers need to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing audience. Join me in a leap forward into the future of email marketing in the 6th annual review of email marketing trends, changes, predictions, and constants. [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Experts Give You Their Triggered Campaign Advice

Getting your behavioural email marketing campaigns right is a process of trial and error. One of the great things about trigger-based email campaigns is that you can test and continually optimise them until they’re permanently increasing revenue for your business. I got five of the best email marketing and conversion rate experts out there to review [...] [more]
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discussion Insights from the Email Insider summit 2011

@martinlieberman Challenge for attendees from @mostew: How do we do better than “relevant?” We need to do better than “not sucking.” +++ @MikeBloxham Relevance = lowest common denominator (via @mostew). Instead connect on customers emotions interest & expectations. Then exceed them +++ @fsubonnie original email content drives pull marketing thru social rather than push – much more effective +++ (...) [more]
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