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discussion CSA IP Reputation List

This past July, several of our clients began experiencing greater than normal spam folder placement at Microsoft Outlook. Our research shows that these issues coincide with Microsoft’s adoption of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) IP Reputation List. Initially this has mostly affected UK and Latin America Microsoft addresses, as CSA filtering was rolled out first in those regions. The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) Central Whitelist was created in 2003 by eco – Association of the Internet [...] [more]
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stats Amazon Leads Holiday Retailers Across Key Metrics of Email Marketing Activity and Performance

The following table shows an example of a top-performing email during this period for each of these brands. They’re ranked by read rate, and as usual, Amazon occupies the top of this list. Other highlights: They all appear to be somewhat or very targeted, given send-size as a percentage of estimated list size. There are product references in six of the eight subject lines shown. Four of those subject lines also contain implicit or explicit price promotion. [...] [more]
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stats Was it a Happy Halloween for you?

his year’s Halloween activity started as early as July. It’s divided between mailings about traditional Halloween merchandise, and mailings that piggyback on the Halloween event, but promote goods and services unrelated to Halloween. There’s been a lot of activity, but less than 10% of the read rates we saw exceeded 20%. There’s a strong relationship between smaller mailing quantities and higher read rates, reflecting the effectiveness of targeting. Most of the campaigns reflect direct price-off [...] [more]
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stats Amazon.com Prime Day (July 15th) A Quick Look

On 7/15, Amazon mailed several campaigns clearly and exclusively related to Prime Day. Two campaigns with circulation quantities in the millions: yielded relatively low read rates (11-15%) [...] [more]
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discussion What Really Drives Email Read Rates?

Over time, relevant email content can support an accumulating customer confidence that the next email they receive from that marketer will also be relevant — that is, focused, informative, fun, timely, persuasive, useful — then content does indeed drive read rates.The trick is being able to identify and understand the opportunity, the upside it presents, and how to achieve it. [...] [more]
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strategy Email Frequency/Revenues explained by The Laffer Curve

’m getting slightly nauseated by the opinionated grandstanding going on in this supposed “dialogue” concerning frequency vs. segmentation, as methods to maximize revenue and profit in email. I therefore propose we use commonly accepted economics models to explain it, and furthermore, perhaps start to figure out what we are really disagreeing on. [...] [more]
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 tactics Why I don’t ? Special Characters: Part 1

I have seen a steady rise in both the use and the variety of special characters in email subject lines in my inbox over the past few months. The first few times I saw a special character in a subject line, I thought, “wow, that was neat and it rendered!” During my years in the trenches running day-to-day operations for email marketing, I had run into problems rendering special characters, especially across platforms. It seemed that while most email clients supported some special characters none of [...] [more]
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