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stats Hitting the Mark email benchmark report 2018 [PDF]

Some of our findings echo last year’s report. There are still several brands out there failing to adopt simple automation programs, most notably a welcome program. Similarly, 56 of the 100 brands still aren’t utilizing cart recovery emails – crazy when you think about the massive opportunity for ROI presented by triggered campaigns. These are quick and easy wins that many companies continue to miss. However, our wider scope offers marketers some new insights too. We’ve found that B2C businesses are [...] [more] 
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stats Consumer email tracker 2017 [PDF]

The average number of email addresses they have is 2.6. Of those polled, 27 have one, up from 23% last year. 26% have one address for both personal and marketing emails from brands they trust — down from 36% last year. And 225% have different email addresses for personal and marketing. Among the respondents, 46% check their email personal addresses two or three times per day, and 10% check only their work addresses. But 50% don’t check their work email even once. [...] [more] 
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discussion 3 major popup trends to follow in 2018

Popups are already the best way to collect email addresses. As Head of Customer Success at WisePops, an intelligent popup solution, I see customers convincing as many as 1 visitor out of 5 to subscribe to their newsletter with a simple email popup. Our average subscription rate is 5.9%. In other words, out of 10,000 visitors seeing a popup, our customers collect on average 590 emails. And if you don’t believe me, there are plenty of case studies on the matter which go in the same direction. 5.9% is [...] [more]
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discussion Artificial Intelligence in email - 4 steps to your AI grand design [PDF]

1. Identifying the right audience Working out the best person or group of people to put the defined message in front of. Who should see your Facebook Ad? Which visitors to your website should see that product? Who should receive an email from you today? 2. Identifying the right message for the audience Working out what message is the best one to put in front of the defined group, and even creating the messages to put in front of them. Should they get a message about trousers or jumpers? Will they [...] [more] 
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discussion Verizon, Wanadoo etc. - Damage limitation over the death of ISPs

There’s a change afoot in the email provision sphere as the announcement that four free email domain services are shutting shop; Verizon, and the EE owned Orange, Wanadoo and Freeserve, are bidding farewell to their customers and (hopefully) advising them on their next move. We want to make sure our readers have the insight and the practical tools they need to thrive during this period of shift. [...] [more]
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discussion Bag those last-minute Halloween buyers before it’s too late. [GFX]

Whether you embrace the holiday or shrink from it in terror, have no fear – it’s not too late to design a winning email marketing campaign for Halloween. At dotmailer, we know it can sometimes be a bit scary to have to create a brand new email for a frightfully short engagement period. We’ve put together this post to highlight the tricks of designing a last-minute campaign to help your company reap the treats of the season. [...] [more]
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law What Brexit means for email marketers

While I won’t name names, I have spoken to a number of marketers who hope that a Brexit will facilitate a regulatory change in how we gain permission and what we can do with the data we collect. The reality is that this will not happen. First, all laws are driven by the concerns of voters otherwise known as consumers to you and me. Laws take so long to make however, they are already behind the times when they come into force. Consumers are getting increasingly savvy with how they manage their own [...] [more]
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law What Brexit could mean for the future of email privacy

Today is one of the most important voting days in the history of the United Kingdom - the Brexit vote. If Brexit is rejected, things will continue on as normal. If on the other hand, Brexit wins, it will be a jump into the unknown. Some will see this as a sort of black hole and a prosperous new world by others. The point is that whatever happens in the UK today, the future will be very different depending on which side wins. [...] [more]
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social Social data and email [PDF]

With over 4.3 billion email accounts and nearly 2 billion social accounts there is no doubt that both channels are highly important for today’s digital marketer. Where the value of social media is in the personal data created by consumers, email is the more natural and established channel for personalized communications. But how do email marketers access and benefit from data created and stored in another channel? From this guide: Gain insight into how to use data from social in your email marketing [...] [more] 
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strategy [Webinar] Personalization beyond just your [First_Name] [VID]

For the majority of marketers, personalizing an email is simply just using the [first_name] tag. The aim of this webinar was to show people the steps they can take to make their email campaigns much more personal and relevant and therefore successful. This webinar proved hugely popular with over 800 attendees. You can view our slideshow version of the webinar, including attendees live comments via twitter below. [...] [more]
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 strategy Wrap up your Christmas marketing 2015-16 [PDF]

Your first step before planning your email program for the holiday shopping period of November, December and January is to understand what really worked for your business over the last year and in particular over the previous holiday period. [...] [more] 
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strategy Holiday Tips #1: Giving the consumer what they want [PDF]

This whitepaper provides proven, practical, and innovative tips and examples for both foundational email marketing principles (that are never out of season) as well as those specifically for gift sales. It was written by marketing consultant and industry speaker, Sundeep Kapur, on behalf of dotmailer. [...] [more] 
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strategy Holiday Tips #2: Growing Your Reach [PDF]

The consumer we seek is looking for gift ideas. They want gift suggestions for an array of family, friends and even co-workers and they will be researching new products and merchants more than at any other time of the year. This is a critical time for the email marketer to gain new subscribers and ensure a positive and lasting relationship with the consumer. [...] [more] 
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discussion Role of Email in Multichannel Marketing [PDF]

If you haven’t had chance to read The Role of Email in Multichannel, here is one of the key takeaways from the paper: a checklist of key principles to make sure you cover all the bases: Ensure you capture data from all touch points and that you don’t build silos. Test every aspect of your strategy for customer-friendliness. Teach your staff to understand the criticality of a uniform customer experience. [...] [more] 
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discussion Lead Scoring – your 5 step checklist to success

What is lead scoring? Lead scoring lets you score your leads on their demographic data (are they the right age group, in the correct location, has a company turnover of xyz) and engagement with your brand (emails opened, web pages viewed, events attended, order history and buying patterns, social interests and most used social channels). This lets you know who’s hot and ready to convert. And who’s not so you can work on warming them up. [...] [more]
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