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discussion Investigating E-receipts - What's in It for Customers and Brands

Why do consumers like e-receipts? How can they benefit businesses too? What barriers should organisations be aware of and how can they overcome them? Experts from the DMA Email Council's Research Hub answer all these questions and more. [...] [more]
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tactics Email in Practice: Animation and Real-Time Content [PDF]

RTC, or Real-Time Content - a jewel in the crown of the modern email marketing campaign strategy, one that helps breathe new life into what was previously a relatively static medium by delivering up-to-the minute live data and moving imagery that adapts depending on anything, from user behaviour and data-sets through to something as simple as the weather outside. [...] [more] 
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law ePrivacy lobbying and the threat to B2B marketing and telemarketing

Article 16.1 of the Regulation states: “Natural or legal persons may use electronic communications services for the purposes of sending direct marketing communications to end-users who are natural persons that have given their consent.” The Article 29 Working Party, the group that represents the EU’s various data protection authorities, has clarified that they believe this means that direct marketing sent to ‘natural persons working for legal persons’ requires prior consent. For example, emailing Joe [...] [more]
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stats DMA Insight: Email benchmarking report 2016

Welcome to the DMA’s latest Email benchmarking report, sponsored by dotmailer, covering email performance data from 2015. Following consultation with members over the last year, this particular DMA report has undergone a significant transformation. This includes a reduction in the data being reported to focus on the key metrics that help to define email’s effectiveness and also a new article format that includes interactive graphs for each of these metrics. [...] [more]
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law Worst ePrivacy B2B fears averted

The European Commission today published its text for the replacement for the ePrivacy Directive, which will now be a regulation and apply equally to all member states. It softens many of the clauses that could have had a significant negative impact on many business-to-business (B2B) marketers. The DMA obtained a leaked copy of the Commission’s proposal before Christmas and was concerned about some of the proposed changes. [...] [more]
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stats DMA Insight: Consumer email tracking study 2016 [PDF]

Unfortunately, this year customers feel they have been subjected to too many emails, too many irrelevant emails, and too many emails from companies they don’t recognise. Their faith in the channel has been shaken. This is bad news for brands, for marketers using email and for the medium itself. We know that consumers like brand messages to be about them, for them and relevant to them. Fortunately, there remains residual consumer goodwill towards email. Despite potential overuse of email by brands, [...] [more] 
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stats DMA Insight: Consumer email tracking study 2015 [PDF]

The intentions of marketers and the perceptions of consumers don’t always match. As email is the backbone for so many digital and one-to-one campaigns, it’s crucial to consider what consumers think of it. Our picture this year shows consumer expectations and habits are anything but static. Of course consumers are mobile, but their mobile email relationship is complicated. They are increasingly happy to manage and sort emails on their smartphones, but they are still reluctant to buy on a smartphone, [...] [more] 
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law Safe Harbor: How to use Model Contract Clauses for EU-US data export

We have two scenarios when a EU-based company (from now termed ‘exporter’) uses a non-EU company (from now termed ‘importer’) for anything which results in personal information of individuals being transferred out of the EU for storage or processing. The exporter is the decision-maker and the importer is providing a service at the request of, or to fulfil a contract with the exporter. [...] [more]
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law Is the Safe Harbour Agreement Still Adequate?

The Safe Harbour Agreement has, once again, been thrust into the limelight with its adequacy in question. “Does it really protect EU citizen data?” is the question that Max Schrems has taken all the way to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). And he wants answers! [...] [more]
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 stats DMA National Client Email Report 2015 [PDF]

Email is the oldest digital medium still in use, growing out of the early internet. Even now, an email address is one of those things that helps define you in the digital world. It has endured because it is so useful. It also works. ROI figures alone show this, rising from £24.93 last year to £38 this year. Email is resurgent. [...] [more] 
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law DMA clarifies ICO Guidance on Direct Marketing

The DMA publishes a guide to help 1 to 1 marketers better understand the ICO Guidance on Direct Marketing and the requirements of PECR, in particular pre-ticked opt-in boxes and third-party consent. [...] [more]
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strategy Unlocking the Hidden Potential in Employee Email Communications [PDF]

According to Gleanster research, 92% of organizations use email as a primary channel for customer communications with sales and customer service. That’s tens of thousands of internal one-to-one interactions with customers that can be used to brand, up-sell, cross-sell, and generally build more intimate relationships with your organization. Every customer engagement via email represents the potential for a highly relevant, one-to-one interaction – one that, importantly, requires no opt-in. [...] [more] 
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law UK: New ICO guidance on marketing consent: a data perspective

The ICO has been working with Ofcom to look at ways to combat nuisance calls and texts. The Data Protection Act (DPA) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) contain overlapping provisions that regulate marketing consent. PECR says that prior marketing consent, given to the sender, is required for email and SMS, and the DPA says that consent must be informed. The ICO has contemplated the interplay between these two statutes and come up with a way to cut down the third-party [...] [more]
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tactics Campaigns we like: Plan to Engage

So, taking lessons from email marketers, if sales people were to focus more on the value proposition of their emails, demonstrate a little knowledge of the recipient, and thought more about the subject lines they used to help engage, then I’d like to think the (working) world would be a much better place. And this is why I loved the email I received last week, from Tamara at Plan to Engage, which I think is a great example of a B2B campaign. [...] [more]
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 discussion Email's hidden power

Email has been and continues to be a storming success for online brands in large part due to the ability to track and determine the revenue value of email. Because the revenue delivered by email is a clear and significant bottom line contributor it’s made the channel highly investable and the CFO is happy to spend more on it. It’s been a different story for bricks and mortar brands. Three challenges have existed: [...] [more]
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