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strategy How to Design Your Invoice Emails [GFX]

he invoice is a critical message in the customer experience. Beyond accuracy, what also matters is the design. A poorly designed invoice email can cause customer confusion and even frustration. This pain point then could lead to a bottleneck in your payment collection. Well-crafted invoice emails streamline the billing process, strengthening your lifecycle campaign. Plus, they keep your company top of mind with customers. [...] [more]
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tactics 9 Dunning Email Examples You'll Want to Borrow [GFX]

Payment failure contributes to churn. And you don’t want that headache. Dunning emails are an effective way to collect your payment (without nagging). These transactional emails notify users about the status of their accounts and the next steps to continue with your product. [...] [more]
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discussion Email is User Experience

People always want to believe that their creation speaks for itself. Thanks to this Field of Dreams “build it and they will come” mentality (plus an irrational fear of coming off as spammy), there’s often a startling disconnect between how much thought and investment goes into building a product?—?and how little goes into emails about it. [...] [more]
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tactics What We Learned From Analyzing 50 Post-Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are crucial. The moment after you first sign up for a service is when first impressions are made. But what happens after your initial welcome email? We’re all used to getting those chipper “Welcome!” emails from the services we sign up for. One touchpoint is easy to forget. Plus, almost everyone does a welcome email and repetitive patterns are easy to tune out. Post-welcome emails, which continue and develop a kind of conversation with your customer, can make you stand out. [...] [more]
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tactics Why You Should Use Video in Onboarding Emails

Dropbox was an incredibly novel idea — back in 2009. The concept of the cloud hadn’t quite broken into public consciousness yet and smartphones hadn’t reached its omnipresence. Explaining Dropbox to somone on the street in 2009 would’ve been met with confusion, misunderstanding, or disregard. [...] [more]
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tactics The Persuasion Playbook for Email Marketers

If you turn your Econ 101 textbook to the first page, you’ll find a definition of homo economicus: the economic man. It’s an old-school way to understand why people make the choices they do. This character is rational, self-interested, and thinks purely in terms of maximizing his utility. Nothing will persuade him except his own economic gain. [...] [more]
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tactics 3 Must-Have Triggered Lifecycle Email Campaigns [GFX]

There’s a neat arts event in my Brooklyn neighborhood one weekend every year where local artists open up their studios to the public. You get to see incredible art and talk to artists where their magic happens. This year, as I found out, there were over 300 artists participating. [...] [more]
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strategy How to Email Your Customers About a Price Increase — and Spur Sales

[...] It worked. Not one angry response or customers lost (and only 12 unsubscribes). More than that — these pricing increase emails ended up capturing 263% more sales, leading to Appcues’s best month ever. Here’s how they did it. The Email that Boosted Sales by 263% [...] [more]
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tactics 7 Emails that Keep Customers Coming Back for More [GFX]

Not checking in with people after sign-up because you think your product simply speaks for itself? You’re setting yourself up to lose customers. As Neil Patel from Kissmetrics points out, businesses often spend much more energy on optimizing conversions than on optimizing customer retention. It’s like that common mental trap of how we approach time: we always want more of it but fail to change how we spend the time we have. [...] [more]
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