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law GDPR Q&A: Third Party Data

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our GDPR Q&A series, where I'll be discussing the use of purchased or rented data under the GDPR. In previous blogs in this series, I've looked at how to decide whether to use single or double opt in and how to present privacy information on sign-up forms. [...] [more]
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law GDPR Q&A: Affiliates in Privacy Policies

This is the second edition of our GDPR Q&A, following on from discussing the communication of updates to a Privacy Policy. In this edition of the GDPR Q&A, I’ll be looking at how you can use your privacy policy to inform a user about the third parties you work with. There are various ways to present this information, and the best way for you to do so will depend on how many third parties you work with, what relationships you have with them and who those parties are. [...] [more]
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 law Re-permissioning for GDPR

Things you should do: Instead of sending an email asking people to opt-in or confirm consent, a softer approach would be an email campaign asking customers to verify their contact details and preferences. As part of the forms which allow your customers can verify and update their details, allow them to update their marketing and communication preferences too. [...] [more]
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discussion Battling Subject Line Fatigue

It’s easy for subject line fatigue to set in. When emails are as frequent as this, open rates can often take a dip. However, don’t fall into the trap of chasing opens at any cost, as this doesn't necessarily equate to more sales generated. LivingSocial are one company that I think seem to have fallen a little foul of this. In this blog I discuss how to spot the signs that subject line fatigue is creeping in. [...] [more]
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tactics Testing Strikethrough using Unicode in subject lines

A customer requested to use strikethrough in a subject line. It might sound like a simple thing to do, but as it hadn't been done before by our campaigns team, it required sufficient testing. Two things struck me with this request: 1. Will this work on most devices? 2. Will it actually add value to the Subject Line? [...] [more]
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stats Benchmark Report 2017 - Comparing stats from 2016 [Snippet]

Welcome to the latest Communicator Benchmark Report, analysing over 3 billion emails sent in 2016 across 17 sectors. Following on from last year’s report, we’ve collated the stats and created this easily digestible deck to review and pick out the key information that’s relevant for you. We’ve highlighted our key findings from last year to give you the best possible insight into your activity and to help you benchmark this against other businesses. [...] [more] 
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mobile Don't let Gmail break your emails

We’ve all heard of responsive email design, but have you heard of hybrid email design? Hopefully the answer is yes. Although hybrid coding is still quite new in the email industry, it could save you the headache when experiencing issues on email clients, such as Gmail, that don’t process media queries. Responsive design works by triggering a media query, which then makes tables and images fluid. With hybrid design, tables and images are fluid by default and then use CSS widths and Microsoft condition [...] [more]
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tactics Rise of the GIF [GFX]

A quick browse through my inbox on any given day of the week unearths at least 4-5 animated GIFs being used in varying ways. They're becoming more and more commonplace in email design and it's clear they are more than a passing trend. This blog will take a look at some practical examples of GIFs in email to provide some inspiration for your email marketing campaigns. [...] [more]
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tactics Data Capture Campaigns from the Beauty Buffs

As with all comms from Beauty Bay, the relaxed, edgy tone of voice and creative design is enticing for the subscriber. The creative is eye-catching and the message is short and sweet, leading me directly to the call-to-action which asks me to leave my date of birth for a future ‘killer gift’. Take a look [...] [more]
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discussion Top 5 email marketing trend predictions in 2017

Well well well! What a year 2016 was for email marketing. With consumers stating they are interested in receiving emails in their inbox and email sitting in the top 3 traffic drivers for Black Friday, the channel is showing no sign of slowing down. So what does 2017 have in store for email marketing? One thing is for certain, it's going to be another very exciting year for email! Here are my top 5 email marketing trend predictions for 2017: [...] [more]
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law The GDPR means opt-in consent rules are changing

In the UK, PECR* defines the legal standards for email marketing. Regulation 22(2) states that you can send email marketing where the recipient: "has given consent for the time being to such communications being sent by, or at the instigation of, the sender" The elements in there are: "for the time being" - meaning that consent is not forever [...] [more]
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law Legal Intricacies of Cart Abandonment Emails

A sales recovery programme is a great way to maximise your website's conversion rate, and it's something we work on a lot with our customers. However I’ve been asked lately by a couple of clients about the legal intricacies of basket (cart) abandonment emails. I’ve been asked it in a number of ways but in short the question is “Is basket abandonment legal?” or “who can we send basket abandonment emails to?” [...] [more]
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discussion iOS 10 – A change which could challenge your email marketing lists

The new iOS 10 software release has brought many changes to the mail app including a way for customers to unsubscribe from mailing lists much easier. [...] [more]
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discussion Could video in email be making a comeback?

Embedding HTML5 videos directly within emails went out of fashion when Apple updated its iPhone/iPad software from iOS7 to iOS8. For some reason, the update meant devices started stripping VIDEO tags out. Given the huge dominance that Apple devices have for email views, it meant using video in this way no longer seemed like the best option. But this could be about to change. [...] [more]
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stats Benchmark Report 2016: Automated emails do better [PDF]

Our benchmarking report shows that, on average, automated emails generate 75% greater open rates than manual emails. That’s a lot more people interacting with your brand! When we look a little further and assess these rates by upper and lower performance; top-performing automated emails have an average open rate of almost 55%, whereas top-performing manual emails only receive an average open rate of around 35%. The gap is even larger for the lower-performing halves; almost 30% average open rates for [...] [more] 
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