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discussion Round-up: The Future of Email

As you may already know, we have been running a series on ClickZ about the future of email marketing, featuring case studies, interviews, and insights into cutting-edge innovations taking place in the field. Here's a handy round-up of each article in the series. [...] [more]
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discussion How these 11 brands are nailing cart abandonment emails [GFX]

Cart abandonments lets many brands with a lost opportunity of engaging potential customers. Here are the best examples of successful cart abandonment emails. [...] [more]
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discussion How fashion brand Thread is delivering hyper-personalized emails at scale

Where will email be in 5 or 10 years? “I’m not sure. It’s had a resurgence in recent years – I think in part because it’s gone from being very generic to feeling very personal (if you can do it properly). Other channels like social have become so swamped with advertising and marketing, as a user you can feel like you’re just being blasted at. “Whereas a channel like email – if you can get through the noise – you can create something that someone feels engaged with. What we’re trying to do is to [...] [more]
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discussion When should you use confirmed opt-in?

As an email marketer, I would rather have 100 customers who open and engage with my messages than 10,000 who don’t. (I’ll pause a moment here while you imagine your CMO’s head exploding if you ever said that in a team meeting.) Kidding aside, we marketers have always focused our acquisition efforts on adding massive quantities of email addresses to our databases. Today, we’re finally beginning to understand that the focus must shift to quality as well. A strong database isn’t just numbers but what [...] [more]
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social LinkedIn Sponsored InMail goes self-serve

In March, LinkedIn launched Sponsored InMail, an ad solution that allows marketers to send promotional messages to the InMail inboxes of LinkedIn users. At the time, it required that marketers work through a LinkedIn account representative to execute campaigns, but last week, LinkedIn, which Microsoft is buying for $26.2 billion, opened Sponsored InMail to self-service campaigns that marketers can set up and run through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Marketers can target their Sponsored InMail [...] [more]
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stats Changing email habits and what marketers need to know

Email usage is on the rise, shifting to mobile to create an “always on” email culture. How does email marketing change? The increased use of smartphones in our daily lives made email communication direct, faster, and omnipresent. According to the “Adobe Email Survey 2016,” people are spending 17% more time on emails year over year, with the increase being even larger in work email. 45% of people use their smartphone to check for their work email, with the percentage rising to 63% for personal email. [...] [more]
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strategy How ‘Next Logical Product’ could trigger more email success

A good place to start is with a “next logical product” trigger, which combines your data with a relevant email message to your customers. “Next logical product” analysis uses data to determine what customers buy next after they make a specific purchase. Here’s an example: Your data tells you a large percentage of customers who buy washer-dryer combinations on your website often buy hoses or storage platforms within two weeks of having their new appliances installed. Your customers who don’t buy that [...] [more]
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discussion What the Verizon/Yahoo deal means for the future of email

Nobody was very surprised at the announcement that Verizon would buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion. It’s a very good deal for Verizon, even though it doesn’t include the shares of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, which account for most of Yahoo’s market cap. There’s been plenty of discussion about how Yahoo failed: It squandered cash on acquisitions like Tumblr and was unable to exploit them. Innovation lagged as the company placed too much focus on its media holdings. And investors worried that it would cash in [...] [more]
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discussion Take control of your email deliverability

For as long as I’ve been in the field of email marketing there has been a tension, to put it mildly, between marketers and mailbox providers that has led to problems with delivery. Almost without exception dealing with these problems has fallen to deliverability specialists working for email service providers. It’s understandable as many aspects of delivery are arcane and complex requiring a combination of technical expertise and very specific domain knowledge. I was rather surprised therefore when I [...] [more]
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discussion Should brands ever use ‘do not reply’ email addresses?

Why no-reply is annoying. A few reasons: It can increase spam reports. It implies a certain arrogance from the sender. We, the brand, can contact you this way, but don’t expect to reply to us on the same channel. It turns email into a one-way communication channel. People are unlikely to add such addresses to their address book. It’s bad for customer service (see below) [...] [more]
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discussion How Graze uses email marketing for customer retention [GFX]

Graze, the snack company which provides nutritious nibbles in slim cardboard subscription boxes, has become a regular fixture in offices, homes and supermarkets thanks to a range of canny marketing techniques. From maintaining a fun and interactive social media presence, to keeping an active blog with nutrition tips and recipes, to creating business partnerships and direct-mailing offers, Graze has used almost every channel available to maximum effect. [...] [more]
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strategy Email automation and (lack of) ESP innovation [MP3]

My advice to people out there is that, if you want to go down this advanced technology route to really delve into the language you use and offers which you give through the email channel, look outside of the traditional email companies. As Parry says, innovation in the email world is not happening through ESPs. This is because ESPs (and there are about 450 of them worldwide) are now a commodified resource, which produces a race to the bottom and lower prices which means less is spent on R&D. [...] [more]
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tactics Subject lines: 11 tips for best practice

If a subject line is low quality, it will achieve a poor open rate, so it’s really important to get it right. We touched upon the subject briefly in our retailer newsletter experiment, but here I am going to go into more detail about best practice, because so many retailers are still getting it wrong. The following tips are crafted from personal experience (I subscribe to A LOT of marketing emails), research by MailChimp conducted this year, and advice from the experts. [...] [more]
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 strategy How 24 retailers use email marketing to collect customer data [GFX]

I signed up to a whole bunch of UK retailer newsletters to find out how simple the subscription process is, how often each company contacts me, and quality the communications are. Here's how that went. [...] [more]
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tactics 4 tips for growing your email list with opt-in

I’ve been able to boost email list growth by up to 450 percent, which is more than five times the sign-ups generated by the control, by embedding the sign-up directly in the call-to-action and removing the need for visitors to visit a separate page to fill out the sign-up fields. ClickZ does a good job of this: [...] [more]
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