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antispam CSA Summit 2017 Recap

After giving an overview of how the CSA has developed over recent years (e.g. from 9 certification criteria in 2004 to 9 pages outlining the certification criteria in 2017), Ivanov formally handed over to the new Director of the Certified Senders Alliance, Julia Janßen-Holldiek. In a touching scene, Julia thanked Ivo for his work and leadership over the last years and presented him with a compass to symbolize his new role in the background guiding the overall direction of the CSA. The CSA team, the [...] [more]
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discussion eco/CSA: Manifest für seriöses E-Mail-Marketing [PDF]

Damit E-Mails geöffnet und angeklickt werden, müssen sie als seriös wahrgenommen werden. Versender von Serienmails an mehrere tausend Empfänger sollten die Seriosität ihrer Nachricht durch folgende Maßnahmen sicherstellen: [...] [more] 
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antispam How Spam Filters work [PDF]

In order to increase the quality of the sendings, brands often choose to work with an email service provider (ESP) instead of sending the emails on their own. The ESP then asks the brand to set up SPF, DKIM and other standards. But why is this needed? Let us have a brief overview on how a typical multi-stage spam filter works today [...] [more] 
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 law eco Directive for Permissible Email Marketing 2016 [PDF]

What is new in this edition? A series of recent judgments (e.g. the judgment of the German Federal Court of Justice on automated email responses), The extensive list of countries for which the legal basis of email marketing is explained has been supplemented, and further more [...] [more] 
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law eco Richtlinie für zulässiges E-Mail-Marketing, 6. Auflage [PDF]

Was ist neu in dieser Ausgabe? eine Reihe neuerer Urteile (z. B. das BGH-Urteil zu automatisierten E-Mail-Antworten), die umfangreiche Liste der Länder, für welche die Rechtsgrundlagen des E-Mail-Marketings erläutert werden, und vieles mehr… [more] 
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law The perfect Double-Opt-In (DOI) email [PDF]

It’s often recommended, but how does an double-opt-in email actually work in practice? And why is it recommended in the first place? Senders of commercial emails must be able to show (and prove) that they have consent to use an email address and that the consent was given by the actual owner of said address. Numerous legal decisions have shown the following: [...] [more] 
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law The legal situation for email marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland [PDF]

Increasingly, the legal experts of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) are asked at exhibitions and email marketing events, most recen tly at the DMX Austria 2016 in Vienna, how the legal conditions differ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In principle, without written consent it is not allowed to send advertising emails. Nevertheless, there are some differences which must be followed with regard to the concrete declaration of consent and existing exce ptions in the single countries. [...] [more] 
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discussion Rückblick: CSA Summit 2016 – No performance without trust

Der CSA Summit 2016 war ein großer Erfolg. Über 120 Teilnehmer aus 11 Nationen folgten den Präsentationen von 22 Gastrednern. Heben Sie den Summit 2016 verpasst oder wollen sich einfach nur daran erinnern? Werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Video-Zusammenfassung des CSA Summits 2016 und lesen den ausführlichen Bericht jeder Sitzung. [...] [more]
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law Legal notice in newsletters to Germans – what you need to know [PDF]

Everybody knows they should, but not everybody does: Include a legal notice in the newsletter! Not having one or having a partially incorrect notice may trigger high costs. In context of the legal assessment of the CSA certification process, the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) notices time and again that the legal notice in newsletters often does not conform to legal requirements. The legal notice is the information that senders, in particular companies, are required to provide in many jurisdictions [...] [more] 
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antispam New CSA Partner: Kaspersky Lab

The CSA Whitelist is used in Kaspersky anti-spam products in order to improve the false-positive rate. For users of the Kaspersky anti-spam products, this means that wanted emails arrive in the inbox, while a stronger anti-spam filter takes care of blocking spam. Kaspersky Lab is the largest private provider of cybersecurity solutions, and can look back at around 18 years of anti-malware expertise. Kaspersky Lab’s technologies protecting 400,000,000 users in more than 200 countries and territories. [...] [more]
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