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tactics Taking Your Email Preference Center to the Next Level

Email preference centers have been around for a long time, and far too many haven’t been updated since they were first published. Let’s talk through the necessities and nice-to-haves of a solid preference center and banish the boring forms of the past. Default vs. Hyper-Customized Preferences The level of complexity for most legacy preference centers tends to be low. Most, if not all, ESPs [...] [more]
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tactics Double Your Email Acquisition Rate Without Being Annoying

We all know that popups can be annoying. The sticky footer is an alternative. Does It Actually Work? We have already seen our list grow by over 10%. That’s a doubling of our normal growth rate. [...] [more]
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mobile On Mobile, Shorter is Better... Except When It’s Not

Insert yourself in this little daydream: You’re sitting at the airport and the guy next to you digs into his laptop bag to pull out his iPhone 5s. He absently browses around, checking his email one handed. The guy next to him whips out an iPhone 6 Plus—and he uses two hands to do the same compulsive checking. The dude next to him trumps them all, whipping out a ginormous Galaxy Note, ostensibly needing an extra hand to find out if he’s leading this week’s Fantasy matchup. [...] [more]
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 stats Email Agency Buyer's Guide 2015 [PDF]

The seven email marketing agencies participating in this Relevancy Ring Buyer’s Guide include four that are technology agnostic (Independent Agencies) and three that are divisions within ESPs (Email Service Providers). The four Independent Agencies Include: Alchemy Worx, BrightWave, Merkle and Trendline Interactive. The ESP Agencies Include: Acxiom Impact, Epsilon and Yes Lifecycle Marketing. These companies all serve mid-market and enterprise clients. [...] [more] 
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discussion 6 Predictions for the Apple Watch & Email

With the long-awaited Apple Watch finally making its debut, email marketers should start preparing a plan on how to incorporate the growing “wearables” category into their marketing mix. More specifically, we’re concerned with how they will affect their email programs. Below are a few quick predictions for the almighty Apple Watch: [...] [more]
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tactics Designing Emails That Look Sexy in Every Client (Really)

Email designers have new ways to push the limits. Especially as the percentage of people opening emails on their mobile devices gets larger and larger and mobile clients have the ability to properly render with HTML5 and CSS3. We’re confronted with the same problem that web designers faced not that long ago (darn, back in 2005 again): How can we deliver an amazing experience to one client that won’t break in a less compliant client? Enter a little term called progressive enhancement. [...] [more]
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