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tactics Real-Time Marketing Tactical Guide [PDF]

Data for personalization: The trade-off. The benefits of getting personalization right. What consumers think about personalization. Triggered Messaging for better engagement. Creating urgency with countdown timers [...] [more] 
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law GDPR: Seven questions about data subject rights

While the General Data Protection Regulation will bring many changes, more consistent, comprehensive protection of personal data rights is key to these reforms. Under existing laws, ‘data subjects’ (your customers) have: The right to object to processing for direct marketing, Right to be forgotten (e.g. Google’s online search results), The right to make Subject Access Requests (SARs). [...] [more]
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law GDPR: Seven questions about marketing consent

With 13 months to prepare for the changes to how all UK, EU and worldwide businesses use the personal data or EU citizens – what do you need to know about GDPR? [...] [more]
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