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tactics 5 Cool Ways We’ve Used AMP for Email [GFX]

Since AMP for Email launched, my teammates and I have been using the tech in our weekly email marketing newsletter, FWD: Thinking. In fact, anywhere from 25% to 30% of all clicks on the newsletter’s main call-to-action (CTA) come from readers viewing an AMP-enabled version. (We still send an HTML version every week, too, for people not using Gmail, Outlook, or Mail.ru.) [...] [more]
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tactics Are Plain-Text Emails More Likely to Reach the Inbox?

Did a marketing "expert" tell you plain-text emails hit the inbox more often than HTML emails? If so, they’re lying or misinformed. In this post, I’ll debunk the common myth that plain-text emails reach the inbox more than HTML emails.[...] [more]
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tactics 5 examples of interactive content [GFX]

Interactive emails are messages that your subscribers can click on to change or alter the content within the email itself — even after the message is delivered to the inbox. The content can also update each time they open the email. Interactive emails act like a webpage. Interactive content allows you to send emails that are more engaging. You can include extra content in your emails without overwhelming subscribers, and your subscribers can interact with the email to get additional information if [...] [more]
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antispam DKIM: Using Cryptography to Protect Your Brand From Fraud

Have you ever received an email that appeared to come from your bank, colleague, or company you've done business with, only to discover that it was spam? Even to the most discerning eyes, some of these fraudulent emails can look nearly identical to their genuine counterparts. For cybercriminals, masquerading as recognizable individuals and organizations is a tactic that makes profiteering from email scams a very lucrative venture. [...] [more]
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discussion Is Gmail Sabotaging Your Email Marketing?

In the new update, Gmail is integrating a side panel that allows users to easily access their Google Calendar, Tasks, and Google Keep content (Keep is an easy way to capture notes and lists.) You can also add other apps, like Asana or Trello. By dragging and dropping an email into Google Tasks, you can easily create a to-do item from an email message. [...] [more]
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tactics We Wanted to Know If Subscribers Liked Our Email Content. Here’s How We Got 1,600+ People to Tell Us.

Learn how we collected email feedback from over 1,600 people with one simple tool. The sentiment widget is a tiny, two-question survey we include at the bottom nearly every email we send. To make giving feedback easy, fast and fun, we built it to resemble the reaction bars on Facebook or in chat apps. With one click, subscribers can give us instant feedback. To make our subscriber’s choice simple, we focused on only two options – unhappy or happy. We illustrated these choices with two icons [...] [more]
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tactics 9 Inspiring Sign Up Form Ideas to Grow Your Email List [GFX]

Your sign up form is the first step to gaining new email subscribers, and it can make or break a visitor’s decision to receive your emails. So it’s important that the copy and design of your form is effective and converts. But often, it’s challenging to know what to write on your form and how to design it for conversion. To give you direction, we’ve collected some of our favorite sign up forms in this post and explained what makes them work. Take inspiration for your own form from these nine examples [...] [more]
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strategy What to Write in Re-Engagement Emails

That means almost a quarter of your list – your list of valued email subscribers – will no longer be engaged or on your list at all. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean all of those subscribers are a lost cause. With a re-engagement (or win-back) campaign, you can send targeted messages to rebuild those valuable subscriber relationships. [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Frighteningly Good Halloween Email Trends [GFX]

Ready to boost sales with Halloween email marketing? Check out these 4 Halloween emails for strategies to get your emails opened, read and clicked. [...] [more]
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tactics How to Grow Your Email List with YouTube and Contests

In this case study with photographer Jared Polin, we looked at how he grew his email list to 200K+ subscribers with his YouTube and contest strategy. [...] [more]
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tactics Your Field Guide to Animated GIFs in Email

ICYMI, we’re huge fans of using interactive content in email. Whether you’re trying to improve your campaign, tell a story, or simply add a bit of flair to the inbox, interactive content is the way to go. And one of the easiest ways to do so is by adding animated GIFs to your emails [...] [more]
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tactics 4 Ways to Grow Your Email List with YouTube

If you’re producing content for YouTube, you already know the benefits of the platform. Every day, viewers watch hundreds of millions of hours of video content on YouTube – and every year viewing stats increase at an astounding rate. While YouTube is the undeniable King of Video on the Internet, it can still be a bit of a passive experience. If you have a product or service to sell, you need engaged viewers who don’t just watch your content, but act on it as well. [...] [more]
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tactics Turn Website Visitors Into Customers With Email Marketing

After a prospect signs up to the email list, they are presented with a survey on the Thank You page so The Draw Shop can assess the client’s needs. When do they need a whiteboard video? Are they interested in voiceover services? What type of whiteboard video are they interested in? The Draw Shop uses the survey as an opportunity to delight their customers, too. Check out a sampling of their questions below. [...] [more]
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mobile How to Write AWesome Emails for the Apple Watch

Just when you thought you had a handle on mobile email marketing, the Apple Watch shows up and changes everything. We know what you’re thinking: How the heck do I make my emails stand out on a screen the size of a small potato chip? Don’t panic. Follow these tips to optimize your emails for the Apple Watch. [...] [more]
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tactics How Crazy Egg Tripled Their Email List and Increased Brand Loyalty

In 2013 when Kathryn took on this project, Crazy Egg’s daily email list had 1,908 subscribers. They had a lot of content to deliver, they just needed to do it effectively. To solve this problem, Kathryn created two email lists: one for daily emails and one for weekly emails. As soon as readers had a choice, complaints stopped and subscription rates went up. [...] [more]
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