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discussion The most surprising email marketing trends from Black Friday

The 5-day stretch between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the busiest time of year for email marketing. It’s also the best time of year to hunt for trends and see the best (and the worst) email marketing examples in your inbox. Sometimes called Cyber Week, the email marketing stakes are high this time of year. Email alone contributes up to 20% of all revenue on Black Friday. The pressure is on retailers to stand out from all the other inbox noise. [...] [more]
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discussion The Anatomy of An Email Message

Structure of The Message An email message basically consists of two parts – Header and Body. Let's take a look at both their parts in details to understand the structure. Anatomy of Header. Header is most interesting part of an email. Header includes the information we need in order to track the origin and authenticity of a message. To understand it here's an example of a message header for an email sent from [...] [more]
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