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discussion How to Develop a Profitable Customer Marketing Strategy That Transforms Your Business [VID]

A customer-first approach and a customer data platform are vital to customer strategy success. In this webinar we discuss how to utilize a customer data platform's single-customer view and data activation to drive relevant, personalized customer experiences across every single touchpoint. [...] [more]
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stats AgilOne's 3rd Annual Retail Marketing Survey [PDF]

Based on responses from 150+ leaders in the industry – we are excited to share with you what retailers are prioritizing in 2016. Comparing these results to our 2014 & 2015 surveys, we hope the insights help you with your 2016 Road-map. Feel free to share & we will see you on our next survey! Click here to Download the [...] [more]
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tactics How to Prepare Your Data For Analysis In Three Steps

When it comes to your customer database the saying “garbage in, garbage out” holds true. If you base your customer segmentation or predictive models on bad or incomplete customer data profiles, you will get the wrong recommendations for your customers. Therefore, data wrangling is a huge part of the job. Data scientists will tell you that data preparation before analysis can make up 95 percent of all the work. [...] [more]
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strategy Best practices: Predictive email marketing replaces batch and blast

1. You’re losing subscribers the more you increase your email frequency. And the less engaged your email list, the higher the unsubscribe rate and number of spam complaints. You may be saying, “but it’s working!” But while it may be working for some, can you say beyond a certainty it’s working for everyone? You’ve spent a lot of money acquiring your email base. Once they are unsubscribed, you either lose that audience for good or have to take more expensive measures to engage them (Facebook [...] [more]
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strategy 3 Wrong Ways to Segment Your Customers

1. First Acquired Product. This segmentation is based on a customers’ first acquired product. When a customer buys a certain product, selling them similar or complementary products is easy. For example, if the first thing a customer bought at Amazon were textbooks, Amazon would try to market study guides and notebooks. Makes sense, right? [...] [more]
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strategy The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics: 10 Real-World Use Cases [Infographic]

Predictive analytics can be a confusing topic for even the most experienced marketers. There are behavioral clusters, brand-based clusters, likelihood-to-buy algorithms, and many more predictive models. Luckily for us, our friends over BI Software Insight put together a helpful infographic that illustrates 10 real-world use cases of predictive analytics. [...] [more]
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 strategy Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics for Retail Marketers [PDF]

he Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics for Retail Marketers breaks down predictive models into 3 major categories: clustering, propensity models and collaborative filtering. This eBook can serve as a valuable reference for all retail marketers whether your company is already running predictive analytics models or just thinking about getting started. So what are you waiting for? [...] [more] 
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discussion Who did it best: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday [GFX]

Whew! If you’re a retail marketer we bet you’re finally getting a little breather with Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us. But don’t get too comfortable; Christmas and other holiday events are fast approaching, and as soon as those are done you’re going to begin planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2014. Crazy talk. But true talk. [...] [more]
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strategy Data-Driven Marketing Best Practices: Big Data and Customer Acquisition [VID]

You know a lot about customers who visit and abandon your website. For example, you know what keywords they typed to get there and what they looked at while on the site. You know what items they put in their shopping cart and abandoned. You may also know what the person browsing has purchased in the past and which of your emails they have read. All this information and much more can be used to remarket and retarget these browsers to try and convert them to buyers. [...] [more]
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discussion Three Predictive Analytics Pitfalls in Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is all the rage. Why shouldn’t marketers use big data to increase marketing performance? With predictive analytics it’s a triple win: your employer can see revenue liftoff 30% or more, your customers will have a better experience and as a marketer, you will gain visibility and respect within the organization. So what could go wrong? [...] [more]
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 strategy The Definitive Guide to Predictive Analytics Models for Marketing

Predictive analytics is a hot topic and we are often asked how specifically marketers can use predictions to develop more profitable relations with their customers. In this post, I’ll give you an overview of 13 predictive models you could use to increase revenues and delight your customers. [...] [more]
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discussion Top 5 holiday season warm-up emails [GFX]

With the holiday season creeping up on us at a steady pace, I’ve decided to put together the top 5 holiday season warm-up emails that I’ve seen come through my inbox in the past month or so. As a marketer, it’s not too late to get some great ideas from these emails and give them our our personal spin; right in time for the holiday season to really get in full swing. [...] [more]
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strategy Email frequency to customers - What's the sweet spot?

Fortunately, in our experience, some clients can reduce email frequency by as much as 50% without hurting immediate revenues (purchase rate) a single bit! Reduced frequency may have other benefits to you: reduced send cost and potential increase in deliverability – but these are secondary considerations only after you convince yourself that you can reduce opt-outs without reducing revenue. [...] [more]
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discussion Does higher email engagement correlate to higher email revenues?

Question: Does higher email engagement correlate to higher email revenues? Answer: Yes, customers who are more engaged with your emails are also generating more revenue! So email engagement is a good predictor of short-term buying propensity and long term customer value. Some background: [...] [more]
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tactics The top 5 most welcoming welcome emails [GFX]

A welcome email can lay the path for a customer’s lifecycle value. That said; it’s very important to – one – have a welcome email if you are a retailer of any kind, and two – to make sure it’s appealing to your audience (in many different ways). I’ve take the top 5 welcome emails that I have received in the past year and shared my thoughts on why I think they are golden and what little things can be improved to make a big impact. [...] [more]
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