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stats Top 100 umsatzstärkste Onlineshops in Deutschland - EHI Retail Institute

Studie E-Commerce-Markt Deutschland 2020 von EHI und Statista: Übersicht der Top 100 umsatzstärksten B2C-Onlineshops für physische Güter aus den Top 1.000 [...] [more]
ehi.org    Study

discussion Litmus Live Week 2020: Day 5 Highlights

What happened on day 5 of Litmus Live Week 2020? Check out our top takeaways from sessions on email deliverability, personalizing with AMPscript, and more. [more]
litmus.com    Deliverability

stats Transaktionsmail-Benchmark 2020 [PDF]

Die Datenbasis des Inxmail Transaktionsmail-Benchmark 2020 bilden circa achtzig Millionen anonymisierte E-Mails aus circa 60.000 versendeten Mailings. Die analysierten E-Mails wurden zwischen dem 1. Januar und 31. Dezember 2019 mit Inxmail Commerce, unserer spezialisierten Lösung für automatisierte E-Mails, versendet. Bei den Ergebnissen handelt es sich – wenn nicht anders angegeben – stets um den Mittelwert der untersuchten Kennzahl. Zur besseren Gegenüberstellung werden Transaktionsmails in diesem [...] [more] 
inxmail.de    Automation, Study

stats 2020 State of Email, Fall Edition [PDF]

Over 2,000 marketing professionals weighed in on what’s driving their email strategies and what they think the future of email looks like. Respondents included email and marketing specialists, team leads, managers,directors, VP-level executives, and C-level executives all in the marketing field. More than half of respondents hold leadership positions, while 44% of respondents hold positions like email designer, developer, digital strategist, and marketing analyst. [...] [more] 
litmus.com    Study

discussion Developer preview of AMP for email in Outlook.com - no longer supported

oday we are announcing that, based on the results and feedback we received, the developer preview of AMP for Email will end on October 1st. After that date, AMP for Email will be turned off in Outlook.com. Emails that used AMP will instead render using regular HTML; there is nothing extra email senders need to do for this fallback to work automatically. If email senders want to send dynamic emails to Outlook users, we encourage you to leverage Actionable Messages instead. [...] [more]
microsoft.com    Trend

antispam G Suite security updates for Gmail, Meet, Chat and Admin

Support for the BIMI standard in Gmail. While we have many defenses built into Gmail, we recognize that email functions in a large, complex, interconnected ecosystem. This is why we’re working not just to keep Gmail safe, but to help keep the entire ecosystem secure. [...] [more]
google.com    Spam, Trend

law EuGH: EU/US-Privacy Shield ist unwirksam - Was Unternehmen jetzt wissen müssen

Wir erklären, was Sie nach der EuGH-Entscheidung zum Privacy-Shield beachten müssen und welche Handlungsoptionen Ihnen zur Verfügung stehen. [...] [more]
datenschutz-generator.de    Law

tactics The Ultimate Guide to Animated Background Images

In recent years, many brands have embraced the power of animation, utilizing animated GIFs as primary design elements to show off their products and tools, or to simply add some movement and fun to their campaigns. But animations don’t always have to take the center stage in your email design. You can also use animations to spice up your background imagery, giving your email design more depth and a truly special look and feel. [...] [more]
taxiforemail.com    Design

discussion had White outlines email industry work trends and provides perspective on what to prioritize. [VID]

Expect your job to continue to change. It’s requiring more time to optimize the experience for everyone. The fragmented ESP landscape is becoming more competitive. ESPs rarely meet all your needs, and you shouldn’t expect them to. Expect more email innovation, whether it’s from ESPs, 3rd-party tool providers,or inbox providers. Small teams will continue to require versatile email marketers, while larger teams will require specialist roles. [more]

tactics Making sense of Outlook’s rendering engine

In 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone. The same year, Microsoft introduced Outlook 2007 on Windows and its brand new HTML and CSS rendering engine: Word. It makes a lot of sense from an [...] [more]
hteumeuleu.com    Design

law AOK: 1,2 Mio. Bußgeld für Werbung ohne wirksame Einwilligung

Mit Bescheid vom 25.06.20 hat die Bußgeldstelle das LfDI Baden-Württemberg gegen die AOK Baden-Württemberg ein Bußgeld in Höhe von 1.240.000,00 EUR verhängt und das, obwohl die AOK konstruktiv mit der Aufsichtsbehörde zusammenarbeitete. Dieser Artikel beleuchtet mögliche Gründe hierfür. [...] [more]
dr-datenschutz.de    Law

law Datenschutz-Aufsicht Baden-Württemberg: Bußgeld gegen AOK

Der Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit in Baden-Württemberg hat gegen die AOK Baden-Württemberg eine Geldbuße in Höhe von 1.240.000,- Euro verhängt. Der AOK wurde zur Last gelegt, Daten von Gewinnspielteilnehmern auch zu Werbezwecken genutzt zu haben. Nach Auskunft der Stuttgarter Zeitung wird die AOK keine Rechtsmittel gegen die Entscheidung einlegen. Bei der Bemessung des Bußgeldes kam das im vergangenen Jahr von den deutschen Datenschutz-Aufsichtsbehörden [...] [more]
iitr.de    Law

tactics Emojis in Email Subject Lines: Advantage or Impediment?

Our research shows that emojis in subject lines increase negative sentiment toward an email and do not increase the likelihood of an email being opened. Emojis are small visual representations of an object or a concept. They first started popping up in text messages, but it wasn’t long until they evolved into a set of mainstream and highly recognizable pictographs used across almost every digital channel, including email. [...] [more]
nngroup.com    Subjectline, Study

law The Legal Notice in Newsletters: This is What Counts!

Everyone knows it, but not everyone has it: The legal notice in a newsletter! A missing or wrong legal notice be very costly. Time and again, the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), in the course of the legal assessment part of the CSA certification process, has found that the legal notice in newsletters does not meet legal requirements. Read here how you can easily avoid mistakes and high costs. [...] [more] 
certified-senders.org    Law

law BGH-Urteil: Opt-In-Pflicht für Werbe- und Marketing-Cookies (FAQ mit Anleitung und Checkliste)

Tipps für ein rechtssicheres Opt-In, verbleibende Grauzonen und ihre Risiken, Auswirkung für Matomo, Google Analytics und das Facebook-Pixel. [...] [more]
datenschutz-generator.de    Law
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