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stats Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, 12 May 2020

Digital marketing leaders use multichannel marketing hubs to orchestrate contextually relevant experiences across complex journeys. Vendors emphasize unified customer profiles supported by predictive insights to drive personalized interactions. Use this research to evaluate suitable MMH solutions. [...] [more]
gartner.com    Study

stats The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report 2020

Get conversion intelligence insights for 16 major industries based on a machine learning analysis of millions of visits, conversions, and landing pages [...] [more]
unbounce.com    Conversionrate, Study

tactics 10 Email Preview Tools For Different Inboxes

As a marketer, we need to preview our emails before we send them. Discover HubSpot's list of free email preview tools that can help. Tools: HubSpot Free Email, SubjectLine.com, Mail Ninja, Inbox Analyzer, Putsmail. [...] [more]
hubspot.com    Design, Tool

discussion Trending in Email Design: Photography

As photography can be expensive and time consuming to produce, designers are often encouraged to leverage stock imagery. The risk here is that using imagery available to everyone, at a small price, can lead to generic and unengaging designs that are unlikely to capture your audience’s imagination and drive results. “A reliance on stock imagery can run the risk of a competing company using the same images as you, which could negatively impact trust in your product or service—and harm the unique [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design, Trend

law Bestandskunden-Werbung nach Widerruf

Bekanntlich besteht bei Einhaltung strenger Anforderungen die Möglichkeit, E-Mail-Marketing gegenüber eigenen Kunden zu betreiben, ohne dass eine entsprechende Einwilligung vorliegt. Die Ausnahme knüpft unter anderem an die Eigenschaft des Empfängers als Kunde an. Auf sie kann sich ein Unternehmen nicht berufen, wenn der Kunde dem Empfang von Werbenachrichten widersprochen hat. Dies wirft die Frage auf, ob sich ein Unternehmen gleichwohl auf die Ausnahme der Bestandskundenwerbung berufen kann, [...] [more]
absolit.de    Law

discussion Neue Trends im E-Mail-Marketing

Der Shutdown-Peak der Öffnungsraten hat Unternehmen die Augen für die Kundenkommunikation via E-Mail geöffnet. Aber es gibt noch ein paar mehr interessante Trends. Die weltweit führenden E-Mail-Marketer haben sie beim Email Innovation Summit verraten und einiges ist neu. [...] [more]
absolit.de    Trend

tactics Resending Emails: Increase Revenue With Automated Remailing

First, when resending the email campaign, use a different subject line. For example, if the original was broad, make the new one actionable. If it was text-based, use numbers. If there were no emojis, use emojis (if relevant). Just be sure to make it noticeably different.Second, we recommend resending email campaigns after 48 hours. If email recipients don’t open your [...] [more]
omnisend.com    Automation, Marketing

law BGH: Tracking-Cookies nicht ohne Einwilligung

Die Diskussion ist nicht neu. Hatte doch schon der EuGH am 01.10.2019 dazu entschieden. Aber erst die BGH-Entscheidung vom 28.05.2020 (Az. I ZR 7/16) „Einwilligung in Cookies II“ erzwingt die Einwilligung als Voraussetzung für ein Tracking-Cookie. Soweit so wenig überraschend. Unerwartet ist jedoch, dass der BGH trotz Anwendungsbeginn der DS-GVO weiterhin und entgegen der Ansicht der deutschen Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden die alte Profiling-Regelung des § 15 Abs. 3 TMG und nicht Art. 6 DS-GVO [...] [more]
marketing-boerse.de    Law

tactics Predicting the Optimal Date and Time to Send Personalized Marketing Messages to Repeat Buyers [PDF]

The proposed solution is based on a regression modeltrained with transactional data and instant messaging metadata.We describe the way such a model can be created and deployedto a scalable high-performance environment and provide pilotevaluation results that suggest a significant improvement inmarketing effectiveness. [...] [more]
researchgate.net    Intelligence

tactics Increasing Relevance & Performance Through View Time Optimization (VTO)

VTO takes the emails that consumers have subscribed to, and delivers those messages when users are actively engaging with their inbox. These are emails that users would regularly receive from trusted brands, not ads that companies pay to place. The content remains the same, and the only thing that’s adjusted is the time the email is delivered. When users access their inbox, they access our server. Now, with VTO, we can queue email messages, automatically triggering their delivery once our server is a [...] [more]
verizonmedia.com    Tool, Sendtime

law Data protection and coronavirus - what you need to know

During the pandemic, we are worried that our data protection practices might not meet our usual standard or our response to information rights requests will be longer. Will the ICO take regulatory action? No. We understand that resources, whether they are finances or people, might be diverted away from usual compliance or information governance work. We won’t penalise organisations that we know need to prioritise other areas or adapt their usual approach during this extraordinary period. We can’t [...] [more]
ico.org.uk    Law

law Datenschutz in Zeiten von Covid- 19

Auswirkungen der Pandemie auf die Datenschutzaufsicht - Bußgeldverfahren: In laufenden Bußgeldverfahren werden derzeit bis auf weiteres keine Bußgeldbescheide erlassen, um die Unternehmen und Gewerbetreibende im gegenwärtigen Anpassungsprozess an die zahlreichen Veränderungen der Corona-Krise zu entlasten. [...] [more]

discussion Microsoft Inbox Tabs for Outlook/Hotmail: Coming Soon?

Well, well, well—it is 2020, and we are finally seeing some signs of life out of Microsoft’s Outlook/Hotmail freemail system. Something we haven’t seen since it first introduced Focused Inbox back in 2016. It is no secret to anyone working in the email deliverability space that inbox placement in the Microsoft system in the last couple of years has been challenging, to say the least: [...] [more]
iterable.com    Marketing, Deliverability

tactics The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Forms in Email

“Forms in email don’t work.” “Forms are powered by JavaScript—and that’s not supported in email.” Have you heard these words before? Us too. Many marketers think that using interactive forms in email simply isn’t possible, but we’re here to bust that myth. The truth is that interactive forms are supported in many popular email clients and can be a powerful tool to make your emails more engaging and increase conversions—if you know how to do it. [...] [more]
litmus.com    Design

tactics Email in Practice: Animation and Real-Time Content [PDF]

RTC, or Real-Time Content - a jewel in the crown of the modern email marketing campaign strategy, one that helps breathe new life into what was previously a relatively static medium by delivering up-to-the minute live data and moving imagery that adapts depending on anything, from user behaviour and data-sets through to something as simple as the weather outside. [...] [more] 
dma.org.uk    Design, Video
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